Just when his hand is about to touch Xia Xue,But it was detained by lightning.,Turn the whole body,Miyan still doesn’t know what,I only feel that the pain comes from fire.。

When he reacted,The whole person has already flying out,Heavy falling on the ground。
Shooting is Thunder。
The palace is after all, it is a man.,Hold the pain,Face muscle twitching two,Under the appointment,Faced is a cold,The rib is at least two。
“what……what……Happen,You dare to hit me……I am fighting with you.……”
At this time,Ling Fei also reacted,Side scream,While madness。
As a grandmother,On weekdays, I used to make angry.,Who dares to pay attention to her,Now I was smoked by two big slaps.,It’s a shameful humiliation。
Three police officers in Wang Feng also changed color.,Immediately stop。
but,http://www.sannianjiuban.cn Still late。
Ling Fei has already rushed to Xia Xue near。
This time,Xia Xue did not continue to work,But holding shoulders,The corner of the mouth is scratched。
See her,宫凡顾不得身上的痛楚,几步走过去强行拽住凌菲。
“啊……宫凡,你还是不是男人,The old lady was hit.,你,你……你……”
“想知道我是谁?”夏雪冷笑,而后点点头,“听好了,老娘叫Summer red dress!”
“原来是Xia Miss,久仰了,不知我夫妇哪里得罪了您……”
话未说完,凌菲又开始尖叫,“宫凡,Your bastard,老娘被人打了,You still sell there……”
Montefan anger,A deep breath,Rinse look to Xia Xue,“夏小姐,Our couple also have a person with his face.,You can’t help you like this.,Is it a confidence?。”
“roll roll roll!”
Xia Xue is not given to the opponent,Slow http://www.baoshanxiuhuadian.cndown,Go to the past,Extend a finger head,Point the shoulders of the palace。
“House,Ask your mother,What happened to her??I thought secretly of the police,Dare to marry my summer family??”
Palace is shocked。
He nature understands Xia Xue’s meaning。
When Wang Feng came to do a record,Ling Fei lost control on the spot,It is said that the palace is killed by the summer.。
Although the palace is stopped on the spot,But after the matter,Ling Fei did not give up,Direct to make the bodyguard anonymous alarm,Summer。
to this end,The palace and Ling Fei have noisy。
It is because,When Wang Feng in the afternoon,Naturally, I can’t ask.。
Now……How do Xia Xue know this news?。
wrong,She just said……Summer family?
http://www.theboke.cn 夏红衣?

Gano,It was suppressed by summer life.。

For him,This is a difficult frustration。
Ancient strong,Although the road to be trapped,But for so many years,In addition to life restrictions,Regardless of the trick,Still the strength of the celloa,Let Ganan do not put the power of the world in their eyes.。
Especially in the first day,The other party is not a young man in the virtual area.。
But now it is pressed http://www.ykrtwl.cn to play everywhere.。
Once,He faces the summer with a high high gesture,At this time, there is a feeling of crazying.。
How is it。
What is the ancient power?。
Be more younger than younger,More mad,More strong。
the other side,Ji Bao bottle is equally in the fight。
But the two are not desperate。
Although the Ji Bao Bot is firmly suppressed,But it is impossible to share the winning and negative in a short time.。
Moreover,There is also a law enforcement’s identity to make her scruple。
Maybe,But if the town kills a cave deficiency,The consequences caused are unpredictable。
So what she appeared in facts is the same as the light,Stop each other,Form a new balance。
And she occupies the wind,So always http://www.shzhabeiqulvshi.cn pay attention to the situation of the other side。
Summer Summer Golden Needle,Nature is also in the eyes。
Although it is pressed at this moment,But there is no joy in the heart of the Ji Bao bottle.。
She is very clear,Golden needle,It’s too big to hurt your body.,And there is a sequelae that is difficult to eradication。
But it is a light,At this heart。
In fact, the status of this moment will surprise him.,The heart is already born with birth.。
Gan wants to defeat,Even today will die in the hands of summer。
He doesn’t want to follow。
Gano Yangzhi Chang Xiao,Tiger,Continuous collision with summer swords,At the same time, each hand feet also continuous high speed。
In a thoroughty,Two people are quickly separated。
Gano’s figure trembled,Left http://www.lyhtp.cn hand touchs your rib,Under one touch,Coldness,I have broken three ribs.。
And the right leg and the left arm also passed pain,He can even feel cracks in their bones.。
But he did not hesitate,Lift the knife and still lightning out。
Ganoi wants to crack,Sword driver。
It is also a combination of murder.,Two people shot a bloody arrow。
Then, the two sides are simultaneously。
All desperately。


First0878chapter Poor country woman
There is so much injustice in the world。
What’s wrong with Lee Dongmin?,Made her so sad。The more she doesn’t say,Xia Jian wanted to ask。He is straightforward,And like to be nosy,Not to mention something like this,How can he ignore。
“Dongmin sister!I am the boss of a group company,The company invests in Pingdu,So it has intersection with the government leadership,Also know one or two in charge,So you just have to tell the grievances in your heart,Maybe I can really help you”Xia Jian said seriously。
Suddenly,Lee Dongmin burst into tears with a wow,She cried very sad,For a while, Xia Jian was helpless。About a few minutes later,Li Dongmin gradually calmed down,She wiped off the tears twice,Chong Xia Jian said with a faint smile:“Sorry,I can’t hold it anymore,I’ll feel better when I cry”
“Ok!Nothing,As long as you feel better。You speak now!I will listen carefully,Help you make suggestions”Xia Jian said,I took out the facial tissue in my pocket and handed it to Li Dongmin。
Li Dongmin took the facial tissue in Xia Jian’s hand and tore it open on the table,Then I mentioned the porcelain altar,Pour a bowl of wine for each of her and Xia Jian。Xia Jian did not speak,But he secretly admired Li Dongmin’s drinking capacity,If you drink again,He can’t hold it anymore。
Lee Dongmin took a breath,But tells her story。
Dongwangzhuang,On the hillside,It’s about four or five miles away from where Li Dongmin’s house lives now。There are fifty or sixty families in the village,Almost all surnamed Wang。Li Dongmin’s husband Wang Hulin wanted to marry Li Dongmin,So he built a house in Dongwangzhuang。
Li Dongmin was a candidate who failed the college entrance examination in the neighboring village of Dongwangzhuang,She who does not succumb to fate,After not being admitted to university,Went out to work for five years,When I return to the village,She has become a twenty-six or seven-year-old girl。
Poor in the mountains,But children usually get married very early,About twenty years old,No later than twenty-four or five years old,A girl as old as Li Dongmin is rare in the village。
Because she is beautiful,And cultural,There are many people who come to propose,But http://www.jhyamy.cn it’s either high or low。I slowly delayed myself。One to twenty-eight years old,Many people come to harass her,It may be mentioned that the marriage is not a medical condition,Divorced or old bachelor。
Wang Hulin and Li Dongmin are about the same age,But his family has always lived in the mountains outside the village,So no girl wants to marry him,These two things have delayed the age too。Finally, he came to Lee Dongmin’s house to propose marriage,Lee Dongmin wanted to marry herself,Just mentioned a condition,Is to let Wang Donglin build a house in Dadong Wangzhuang。
For the mountain people,Is also a big deal,But in order to welcome Li Dongmin, Wang Husheng,He gritted his teeth and borrowed money,They built their wedding room in Dongwangzhuang。
When they were married for less than a year,The village needs electricity,The power http://www.shfriends.cn supply bureau has insufficient manpower,Let the village help。Village chief Wang Yonggui sent five young people including Wang Hulin。
It turned out something went wrong,Wang Hulin accidentally fell off the pole during the wiring process,Fell paralyzed。During hospitalization,It is said that all medical expenses are paid by the power supply bureau,But once the patient was discharged,No one is asking about it。
Li Dongmin went to the power supply bureau,People say all compensation is given to the village,But the village chief Wang Yonggui refused to admit it。Finally, Li Dongmin, who was helpless, embarked on the road of petition。
In a few years,Spent a lot of money,But things are either pushed over or pushed over。During this time,Husband Wang Husheng also left with hatred。Husband can’t afford to be sick,I went to my son in less than http://www.hbsmgg.cn half a year。
The mother-in-law who has always been healthy,Because of poison fire,Unexpectedly blind,I can’t even hear my ears now。Lee Dongmin came to take care of her mother-in-law,This is to avoid harassment by some men in the village,So I moved to the old house。

Before being installed in the jar,Unload the joint,I am afraid of being afraid to say,Before the Chu Deirers also bought her all the way.。

“Since we dare to ask too late,Bold is not small。”Black people disdain。
“it is good!I can’t think of you, there are some energy resistance.,Then I have to expose that God is behind……”Chu Deirers suddenly violently“it is good”。
Waiting for the Chu Deirers“It is Shenhou behind”when,Black man and Liu Sheng face clearly changed。
However, the Chu Deirent continued to say:“It is Shenhou behind……Refers to this!”
Black man and Liu Sheng are pine tones,Then I can’t help but hesitate——This person is in his nonsense,Still really want to remind them??
Think about Zhao ignorant character……
Although it is good to discuss,When I arrived, I would like to save the sky or return to the sea.,They sell a flaw, it is,As for others to save,That will kill innocent……
but,Think about the old-born personality,If he is more realistic,I’m looking for someone to find a person who is not coherent to the Renong Villa.,It is also very possible!
Maybe,Chu is old“Put on”Golden Villa?
Mother and Yun Luo did not understand Chu’s intention,After all, this kind of file,I want to know,How can I report the name of God Hou?,I scared each other?
at this time,Chu Deirers shouted:“Dafa!”
Follower“Big holy”Theft of theft,Left hand,A suction is generated!
It is indeed nine points similar to the Dafa France,After all, this is《Dafa》Integration,Just compare with God Hou,Such a weak suction。
And the target suck,Be no longer,It is hijacked Yunli County……
This sucking force,Black man can pay,But he feels more than just suction!
His meridians、End,Also shaking this suction……At this time he hesitated,Then still put it up。
His hand,Yun Luo naturally flies to the Chu Deirers,After caught Yun Luo,Chu Deirers also stopped working,But even so,Yun Luo is also weak because http://www.mamorux.cn of his internal interest.!
Then, the Chu Deiren took her to walk.。
Although it is a back、Put together one,But the Chu Deirers will launch the body,Not slow,more importantly……
Black man is hesitant to see Liu Sheng,Liu Sheng Xiaoyu:“Slowly……Chase!”Only the last word is shouting!
I only see that the two are hanging behind.,I don’t have much time to catch up.。
Be right,This is the backup plan of Chu Deirers——Once things are harmony,Use similar“Dafa”Effect,Putting up God’s pass,I suggest that the other party cooperates with yourself!
Side“Reserve plan”,It is because this trick is too dangerous.,Then I will definitely be stared by God.……
Chapter 263 Emperor
Chu Deirers took Yun Luo County,Backward,All the way gallop……
These Dongli waves also play realistic,There is a lot of chasing、Pluck,However, it http://www.aist-bj.cn also controls the extent to which Chu deer solves。
certainly,These passersby may not play,But I don’t know.,Will be Liu Sheng Master、Wu Pongner sold!
It looks smooth,But the Chu Deirers are sighing silently.——In the future, it is necessary to be careful.,And it’s still in the people who have tried to date.,One of the most difficult one!
Just just forced to the part,Chu Deirers have to let go。
Liu Sheng and Shen Hou have secretly,But the Chu Deiren flicked him,This matter even。
If the Chu Deirers are used in front《Dafa》,摆 明 车 马 取 柳 生,Perhaps it can be successful,However, the Chu Deirers will be the first person in the heart of Shenhou.——you know too much!
Therefore, the Chu Deirers said that Yunshan fog winding,Even if Liu Sheng and Shen Hou said this,You can’t be because of the words of the Chu Deirers,And http://www.feiyuehx.cn confident that he knows the true face of Shenhou。
From the Chu Dee,Thoroughly hammer only“Chu Deirers know that Shenhou is good at Qifeng Dafa”,So use this borrowing of God’s prestige,Scare the kidnapper。
As for Lenovo, Liu Sheng?That is his own misunderstanding,Chu Deirers have not said something。

Who doesn’t know,In the invitation of the rivers and lakes in the past 20 years,I went to the Lushan Wuyue Conference with the Chu Deirers.?

Even rumors say two people……Cough!In short, it is the relationship.。
So now Chu Deirers from Wuxi,Starry night to Changsha,Where is it??
Don’t know everyone、Everyone is also very curious.,Important wind,Naturally, the Chu deer arrived in Changsha.,Who will visit?。
“Chu is old!He is not afraid of being a criminal,Side people don’t dare to visit my elder generation,He must dare!”
“That may not be,He is not afraid of the sinjiang heroes,But……How do you think about people?,Will also stand on the side of the floral palace?”
“Neither,The rumors of the Jiang Bifai,Obviously the people who are being aggranted are in transmission.。”
“How can I go to see the goblin?,No matter who,Flower gongzi is also a human……younger generation?”
“Humph!You really believe in those style?That is invited to the Moon Master,how is this possible……However, I heard that Chu is too old and the flowers and flowers are true.。”
“Hiss……It’s going to be two times.,Look at Chu is so left or to the right……what?How to get over?”
“Where is it??”
Chu Deiren went to the group、Jade、hospital!
Jianghu people:???
Chu Tai,You are too big.?
This time,You actually……Besides, this big morning,You make people girls overtime,Not suitable?
Half time,Chu Debang is buff。
In addition to detecting news,Chu Deirers have tabulated——Such high-intensity,Even if it is a Chu Deire,Some dust servants。
In the group of jade,Chu Deer got a message。
The situation in the cerebeton is unknown on the night,However, it is true that Jiang Don’t be a crane in the city.,Iron unparalleled,Return to the ground, do not dare to leave。
The home servant at home in the morning,The door of a family is knocking the door,However, busy for a long time,No more。
In the evening,Jiang Bifai’s angry is rushing to find the door,Later……The Douli villa was taken by the person of the family.。
Later, everyone know,It turned out the night before one night,No shortcomings,It seems that there is any adverse evidence points to iron unparalleled。
Jiang Bifai Heyi begins with the influence of iron unparalleled in Sanxiang Wulin,So I didn’t immediately turn my face.,Instead, there is a message,Let the iron go back、But don’t leave Changsha,Waiting, rescue the flowers and say,However……
Flowerless medicinal materials,It is actually bought in advance.,Finally, I have been searched from the Tuli Zhuangzhuang.!
This has a scene of it.,Duan Hefei, the strong dragon hard pressure floor snake,Look at the door of the Lingzhuang。
certainly,Legs in the rivers and lakes,It is not bother to avoid people’s eyes.。
Just at this time, no one dares to visit the iron unparalleled,Iron is not dare“escape”,In order to avoid can’t say!
other things,Changsha Group has no detail,After all, the ability is limited,Also beware of playing grass snake。
But why the medicinal material will be in the Tuli Zhuang,Qun Yizhen is coincidentally——It is indeed the door to the Zhao Xiangling.,That guest is a few days in advance,I will buy an empty medicine.,and……Two days ago,A cool、Still after a wine,I have already known it now.!
This is why Qunyu will know……
Normally,This information should have been asked by Jiang Bifaihe and others.,Group Jade Academy does not receive special orders,It is just that the intelligence http://www.njllm.cn is,The surface is the home ordinary brothel,Will not be enemies with anyone,This“Illness”Asked by Jiangnan Heroes,Don’t confidential。
But because of the case of the relationship、Transfusion,The people here are directly,Casually banned the flowerkui and several kinds of wine,Secret this matter,Do you want to say it?,Be the Lord!
Chu Deer estimation,Now Jiang Bifai Crane should be in a wise,Why is you ready for evidence?,At this time, there is a confidentiality of the confidentiality of violation of the institution.……
However, the Chu Deiren did not pay attention to his wondering.,Since the shortage is awake、Danger,Then I will go see my old friend first.。
“stop!Here is the murderer,I am waiting for it here.……Oy!”
The family slave,Don’t take the rivers and lakes、Didn’t recognize Chu Deirers,At this time, it http://www.en10216.cn is also a high tole.,The result is a solid knife。

Anna Tasia thought that Chen Linzhi really only grows on the orphanage,Even if there is no family is willing to adopt,To be comfortable:

“everything will get better,My friends in the farm,Very good personality,Have a chance, I can introduce them to you.。When I was young, I played all day.,horse riding、Catch fish、hunt,Just like a boy,Hair is shorter than you,Go home every day, dirty。
It’s not so interesting after growing.,Several friends moving to other places,And people, parents continue to work here.,They go to the big city,I have already remembered what I like.。I took care of my Andy uncle.,Because gambling http://www.htdxkeji.cn debts come to my father to borrow money,My father did not borrow,He even took out the weapon and threaten my father.,Previously his character is very sunshine。”
In the process of growth, it is inevitable.,Can people, the longer the longer。
Chen Linzhi patted her shoulders,Tell:“That is his own problem,It doesn’t matter with you.,The heart will make people don’t wake up,Especially gamblers、Poisons,You are too kind.,I have seen many similar experiences like I have.,No need to regret for them。”
Anna Atasa saw him pick a few roses to himself,Laugh in an instant,Tell:“This is my family’s rose,Don’t you feel too sincerity??”
“But people who send it are me.,And carefully pick the most beautiful several,They are fresh,It should be kept in the vase.。”
Chen Linzhi’s face,This hand borrowed a flower,Don’t spend a decision, let her feel good.。
Anatsia holding flowers to accompany him,Go back to the car,Go to the stables and cattle circles,Pick two horses riding,Slow down on the grass。
Farmers encountered during the period,Driving machine farming soybeans,After the dust is flying behind。
She tried to ask Chen Linzhi,I don’t want to go to her at home at noon.,Chen Linzhi shook his head,Looking for an excuse to go back to the next time,It is best to prepare some gifts first.。
In fact, there is no need to be too formal.,But Anna Tasia is small to the big,I haven’t specifically introduced any male companion to my parents.,Some nervous,Snorge nor will no longer mention this。
Riding a circle。
Chen Linzhi sent Anna Tasia to go home to take things,Close up of her house,Can’t help but laugh。
Big iron gate surrounded by high walls,Go to her door,Leaping the seven or eight meters away。
Flat green grass、Tall tall pine tree、fountain、Swimming pool、tennis court,There should be,Yuanmuqi is a luxury in the Gangcheng Deep Water Bay Road,The yard even stops two Rolls Royce silver thorn,And a long version of Lincoln。
Combined with painting“h”Round symbol of letters,Chen Linzhi did not doubt,Her Lao is really able to buy a helicopter。
A middle-aged man wearing white tennis uniform,Just at this time, I will drive it with my friends.。
Seeing Chen Linzhi, one is standing next to the car,Talre、The middle-aged people who are unstopporared,Curious asked:“Who are you,I haven’t seen you before.,New driver?”
“no,Anna Atasian friends,Waiting for her here,I will go to the town to eat.。”
Chen Linzhi appeared in the bureau。
no way,He knows about this person,Since I learned that Anna Atasia and the Walton family,He deliberately。
Middle-aged people in front,It is the little son of the Walton family John·Walton,Look at the name of the name,Rich。
I learned that it is a friend of Anna Tasia.,John·Walton hits Chen Linzhi,Less http://www.zzhzyjx.cn sisters who carefully carefully carefully,Washed by the bad man。
Don’t worry and borrow tennis courts,Testify:“Asian Asian in our town is very small,Where are you from?Why didn’t I heard that Anna Atas is in love?,We need to talk about it.,Will play tennis??”
Chen Linzhi began a headache,Squeeze out a smile,Decisive shoud:
“I won’t play tennis,Growing up in San Francisco, California,Open a trading company,Come over the last time to talk to Wal-Mart,Annadasia unexpectedly。Really difficult to believe,Her family is so beautiful,So what person is she?,elder brother?”
In order not to have something to do,John did not recognize John·Walton,Unfortunately, it doesn’t work.,The other party still prevents him like a thief
NS126chapter Check up
Anna Atas is not deep,Twenty year old age,It is still in a beautiful life http://www.weizhenyifang.cn full of fantasy.。
John, 38 years old this year·Walton different。
He as a soldier,Listening to the Wal-Mart Group Headquarters,The dark corner of rich people lives almost,I have already seen this society。


Big film smoke is splashed,That position has exploded a horrible waves.。
“what is this。。。。”People who watch the war have also been impacted。
A large amount of smoke is mixed with wind,In constant invasion of them,Let them only cover their eyes with hands。
Fixed the body with Chakra,Otherwise it is likely to be blown directly。
Just what they didn’t notice is the springs that have just been standing there.,I have disappeared。
Sasuo crawled up,Looked around the ground being covered by smoke,Face http://www.szedfkqnxwimws.cn is a bit ugly。
Actually there is no action,The eyes of the last exposed,Also let him frown deeply。
“Reincarnation?How can he have a round?”Sasuke flash shock。
And the other party,He is familiar with it.,Spring will also make this move。
“Our battle is over,Hand it to Spring”Coming out from the smoke。
Skiko nodded。
Although he doesn’t really like Spring,But I have to say,Now there is only Spring to deal with this enemy.。
Da da da。。。。
A slap in the footsteps,Folded frown by the spatum surrounded by the smoke。
“You finally came out,Don’t continue to watch”Faintly said。
Can let Sasuke and the people like this kind of people will be willing to be,The strength of Quan Wei is absolutely not simple.。
“no way,You are not what they can deal with this state.”Small smoke slowly,The body of the spring is revealed out。
“Oh,Then you think you are my opponent”Laughter。
“Do not,I am still a little now.”Spring smiles。
The large smoke is finally spread slowly.,Sasuke and have also come to everyone around。
Can everyone pay attention to them at all,Instead, I don’t dare to watch this sudden big pit in front of you.。
Tago Center,Smoking is also slow,The figure of the sputum and spring is relatively。
“You’re confident,Actually dare to say that it is better http://www.taoboli.com.cn than me.”Looking at Spring。
“certainly,This is what I evaluated for a long time.”Spring said。
“so,You know all my strength.”Stri eyes。
“This can I don’t know,I just have enough confidence.,you。。。。”Springs pointed to the spot。
“Kill you can’t die”
Spotted eye。

Seeing the summer,The two immediately changed the color。

Standing next to the seat,Sitting is not,Nor,His face is trying to smile,But laughing is more ugly。
Summer did not show anything,Nothing to put stance。
Sorcting on the seat,Pick up a magazine cover your face,bunk。
So,Let this for middle-aged couples carefully。
“You go with the old Wei to change the seat。”
Men’s lower sound,“Child is too noisy。”
Talk time,The remaining light refers to the summer。
Young woman,Then take two children to back。
After a moment,A man came over,It is also one of the people who have been ridiculed in the summer.。
Middle-aged man doing a sound,Refers to the summer of the fake,Modeful to the companion。
Two people sit down,The atmosphere does not dare to breathe。
http://www.mjmp88.cn But how long is this state?,Original aircraft,I suddenly came out a shock。
Vibration is very strong,So that many passengers in the arena sent exclaimed。
More people call the flight attendant?。
“Dear traveler friends,Some small faults have occurred in this flight.,Please don’t panic,Don’t leave the seat,We are working emergency……”A crisp sound of a woman,From the middle of the electronic broadcast。
What!!Aircraft failure?
this……Everyone has changed color。
Aircraft failure,It is easy for people to think of two words——Caverness!Such a thought is in people’s minds,There is no inhibitory spread。
The radio of flight attendants not only didn’t play comfort,Instead, the whole cabin is awkward,Instantaneous confusion。
Someone is pale,Someone shouted,Some people have crying out。
The plane is increasingly dramatic。
And everyone feels itself in a fall.。
“Mom……”“I don’t want to die.……”“……”The whole cabin is more confusing。
“Dear passenger friends,Don’t panic,Here is the Wilsha Islands,We are trying to land,Please don’t panic……”The voice of the flight attendant is repeated in electronic broadcasting。
But anyone can hear,Even if your voice is also flooded with silk fear and uneasiness。
Summer is already sitting straight,Take the window。
really,The plane is falling。
But there is no failure。
And in front of the sea,A group of islands appear in the field of view。
How to land islands?
Summer frown,Face dignified。
But with getting closer,Summer,One of the islands,There is a spacious runway?
Not a runway。
But a road。
http://www.yihaoled.cn Um?
Summer is surprised。

He also said a word,“Laura did not die,I just stunged her.,And told this thing to Gilmo。”

Toned,Eye glittering a cooler,Also,“I suspect that Laura has a problem.,I hope that Williams will not let me down.。”
……At the same time。
On the rooftop of a building。
At this moment, there is a person。
He has a single hand behind,Looking at the crowd below。
Those police are maintaining public security,Many injured people were carried out ambulance,There are more reporters in taking pictures and reports。
This person with a strange copper mask,A pair of eyes is similar to the sea。
He did not send,Quietly look at the scene of the chaos。
For a long time。
He only sink,“Chu Shanhe,I know you are following me.,Come out。”
Fall into the voice,One of the air came from the air。
Turn on a http://www.qlyflower.cn body shape,Standing on copper mask men。
This person also took a slate mask.,Wear a black robes,Give people a subordinate icy。
“Liuhe Mountain,You are alert。”
The man named the Chu Mountain river is surprised.,“You have long you know that I am following you??”
The bronze coil mask, known as Liuhe Mountain, immediately cold,“After the last battle,I was noticeable.。
You also know,People like you, I have a person who can be seen,Sensitive to some unknown dangers。
But I am not sure is you。”
Toned,The scorpion that passes through the mask flashes cold light。
“Chu Shanhe,You and the cattle nose,I am not your opponent.,But now a person,I really thought that I couldn’t you??
You can master my whereabouts,Last time fight,You should take the opportunity to give me a tare.,And it is a thousand miles,Wrong。
http://www.lvgenhai.cn Otherwise,How can you track my whereabouts?。”
Extremely special beep,Human body is harmless,But there is a magical role。
As long as it is under,Can feel in a thousand miles。
If the armored mask is really a Chushan River,He will have this rare pepper,That’s not a surprise。
After all, he was the leader of the Creator Alliance, Huizhen District, forty years ago.。
At that year, the founding of the founding is even large.。
Not only research on various genetic liquids,It is also the serum of special ethnic countries around the world.,And the Tan Medicine Secrets, Ancient Wamese, http://www.cwj-dj.cn etc.。

If some of the previous performance,They are more inclined to Shen Xuan。

After all, what is http://www.jdbjm.cn just now,Shen Xuan performance has a pair of eyes。
As long as they are slightly hard,Come out,Sterile capacity of Shenxuan。
but,Shen Xuan but put his hand:“fine,Don’t use it so much。”
When Shen Xuan finished,Others nodded,Give Shen Xuan to open a road。
Zhao Chi and Sun Jiang looked at Shen Xuan,Obviously, it is more harmonious.。
In fact, they look at them.,Want to solve Shen Xuan,It’s even more thing.。
at this time,Zhao Chi’s expression with a silk,I said to Shen Xuan.。
“It’s a pity.,Originally, you can still have this opportunity。”
“But a pity,You give up yourself.,Then I can’t blame me.。”
Zhao Chi’s words finished,The whole person is suddenly accelerated,Directly from。
Sun Jiang is onside,Preparation of Shen Xuan shot at any time。
Both people together from two aspects,Put the road from Shen Xuan to death,Don’t give Shen Xuan’s opportunity。
Xinya sees here,Darkness is not good。
“not good,Shen Da Ge,He is dangerous。”
Aside,Fan Qingyang shook his head:“Do not,Mr. Shen won’t have something。”
Fan Qingyang’s words,Take a person around you,All stunned。
they do not know,Why is Fan Qingyang?。
But this time,Just as their sight falls in front of you,Unfolded,Zhao Chi in front of me,Suddenly took a knife,Tsing the Shenxuan’s abdomen。
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If this knife is directly stamped,Then,The consequences could be disastrous。
But here,Zhao Chi hasn’t been to do so。
But at this time,Body,Directly avoid this hit。
After these,Shen Xuan shrugged:“This extent?”
When Shen Xuan’s words say,obviously,It is even more mistaken for Zhao Chi in front of you.。
Just now,It’s even 10 tether.。
But here,Shen Xuan is very calm。
obviously,See here,Shen Xuan is not to say,Suddenly start shooting。
“Humph,This way you also want to compete with my competition.,You feel,Is it too ridiculous??”
Shen Xuan said,Directly to Zhao Chi is a knife。
Zhao Chi’s face is full of compliance, I can’t believe it.。