Non-medical massage is risky and requires caution

Non-medical massage is risky and requires caution

Recently, when inspecting the county’s health massage establishments, the Yixian County Health Supervision Institute in Anhui found that many commercial massage massages like to play the “medical” brand, exaggerating the effects of the treatment.

  ”Most of the commercial massage massage shops on the streets do not have medical qualifications, but in order to attract business, they have been playing the banner of traditional Chinese medicine and physiotherapy.

“Feng Lizhong, head of the Information Office of the Anhui Provincial Department of Health, said.

  Jiang Tao, director of the Department of Massage and Chief Physician of the Acupuncture Hospital affiliated to Anhui College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, introduced that some people who have not undergone distance training can have a variety of hidden dangers if they massage randomly.

“Some patients with osteoporosis simply cannot afford a Thai massage with strong pressure.

Jiang Tao said that massage by massage is not simply massage, taking, kneading, or pinching. It not only pays attention to distance, but also varies from person to person.

  Jiang Tao introduced that medical devices such as scraping plates and cupping are strictly sterilized, and acupuncture needles are used only once, but commercial massage shops are difficult to ensure health and safety, especially pedicures, acupuncture and other behaviors, and they are easily contagious.
  ”Many hairdressers like to massage the cervical spine when washing their hair-commonly known as the neck.

As everyone knows, this is very dangerous.

Jiang Tao said that the street shops often take carelessly when doing massage massage, causing some customers to be “very injured”.

  The reporter learned that in recent years, due to the rapid growth of commercial massage massage organizations, many people choose the nearest massage shop near the community. First, it is convenient to eliminate the need to queue up for registration and diagnosis; second, to save the cost of alternatives such as diagnosis.

  However, medical experts remind that when visiting a traditional Chinese medical institution, a diagnosis is usually made before the massage, and some of them require a variety of modern medical methods such as laboratory tests and nuclear magnetic resonance examinations.

This aspect is to eliminate contraindications, but also to have a more objective and detailed understanding of the patient’s condition, which is helpful to the choice of massage and massage techniques.

  Jiang Tao told reporters that TCM massage is definitely not simple manual push or pinch.

The commonly used methods are rolling method, friction method, pushing method, squeezing method, shaking method, compound method, etc., and methods vary from person to person, because of disease, and from time to time. Therefore, patients with treatment needs should choose a medically qualified “distance army””Do not blindly go to the street shop and massage at will.