First0878chapter Poor country woman
There is so much injustice in the world。
What’s wrong with Lee Dongmin?,Made her so sad。The more she doesn’t say,Xia Jian wanted to ask。He is straightforward,And like to be nosy,Not to mention something like this,How can he ignore。
“Dongmin sister!I am the boss of a group company,The company invests in Pingdu,So it has intersection with the government leadership,Also know one or two in charge,So you just have to tell the grievances in your heart,Maybe I can really help you”Xia Jian said seriously。
Suddenly,Lee Dongmin burst into tears with a wow,She cried very sad,For a while, Xia Jian was helpless。About a few minutes later,Li Dongmin gradually calmed down,She wiped off the tears twice,Chong Xia Jian said with a faint smile:“Sorry,I can’t hold it anymore,I’ll feel better when I cry”
“Ok!Nothing,As long as you feel better。You speak now!I will listen carefully,Help you make suggestions”Xia Jian said,I took out the facial tissue in my pocket and handed it to Li Dongmin。
Li Dongmin took the facial tissue in Xia Jian’s hand and tore it open on the table,Then I mentioned the porcelain altar,Pour a bowl of wine for each of her and Xia Jian。Xia Jian did not speak,But he secretly admired Li Dongmin’s drinking capacity,If you drink again,He can’t hold it anymore。
Lee Dongmin took a breath,But tells her story。
Dongwangzhuang,On the hillside,It’s about four or five miles away from where Li Dongmin’s house lives now。There are fifty or sixty families in the village,Almost all surnamed Wang。Li Dongmin’s husband Wang Hulin wanted to marry Li Dongmin,So he built a house in Dongwangzhuang。
Li Dongmin was a candidate who failed the college entrance examination in the neighboring village of Dongwangzhuang,She who does not succumb to fate,After not being admitted to university,Went out to work for five years,When I return to the village,She has become a twenty-six or seven-year-old girl。
Poor in the mountains,But children usually get married very early,About twenty years old,No later than twenty-four or five years old,A girl as old as Li Dongmin is rare in the village。
Because she is beautiful,And cultural,There are many people who come to propose,But http://www.jhyamy.cn it’s either high or low。I slowly delayed myself。One to twenty-eight years old,Many people come to harass her,It may be mentioned that the marriage is not a medical condition,Divorced or old bachelor。
Wang Hulin and Li Dongmin are about the same age,But his family has always lived in the mountains outside the village,So no girl wants to marry him,These two things have delayed the age too。Finally, he came to Lee Dongmin’s house to propose marriage,Lee Dongmin wanted to marry herself,Just mentioned a condition,Is to let Wang Donglin build a house in Dadong Wangzhuang。
For the mountain people,Is also a big deal,But in order to welcome Li Dongmin, Wang Husheng,He gritted his teeth and borrowed money,They built their wedding room in Dongwangzhuang。
When they were married for less than a year,The village needs electricity,The power http://www.shfriends.cn supply bureau has insufficient manpower,Let the village help。Village chief Wang Yonggui sent five young people including Wang Hulin。
It turned out something went wrong,Wang Hulin accidentally fell off the pole during the wiring process,Fell paralyzed。During hospitalization,It is said that all medical expenses are paid by the power supply bureau,But once the patient was discharged,No one is asking about it。
Li Dongmin went to the power supply bureau,People say all compensation is given to the village,But the village chief Wang Yonggui refused to admit it。Finally, Li Dongmin, who was helpless, embarked on the road of petition。
In a few years,Spent a lot of money,But things are either pushed over or pushed over。During this time,Husband Wang Husheng also left with hatred。Husband can’t afford to be sick,I went to my son in less than http://www.hbsmgg.cn half a year。
The mother-in-law who has always been healthy,Because of poison fire,Unexpectedly blind,I can’t even hear my ears now。Lee Dongmin came to take care of her mother-in-law,This is to avoid harassment by some men in the village,So I moved to the old house。