Big film smoke is splashed,That position has exploded a horrible waves.。
“what is this。。。。”People who watch the war have also been impacted。
A large amount of smoke is mixed with wind,In constant invasion of them,Let them only cover their eyes with hands。
Fixed the body with Chakra,Otherwise it is likely to be blown directly。
Just what they didn’t notice is the springs that have just been standing there.,I have disappeared。
Sasuo crawled up,Looked around the ground being covered by smoke,Face is a bit ugly。
Actually there is no action,The eyes of the last exposed,Also let him frown deeply。
“Reincarnation?How can he have a round?”Sasuke flash shock。
And the other party,He is familiar with it.,Spring will also make this move。
“Our battle is over,Hand it to Spring”Coming out from the smoke。
Skiko nodded。
Although he doesn’t really like Spring,But I have to say,Now there is only Spring to deal with this enemy.。
Da da da。。。。
A slap in the footsteps,Folded frown by the spatum surrounded by the smoke。
“You finally came out,Don’t continue to watch”Faintly said。
Can let Sasuke and the people like this kind of people will be willing to be,The strength of Quan Wei is absolutely not simple.。
“no way,You are not what they can deal with this state.”Small smoke slowly,The body of the spring is revealed out。
“Oh,Then you think you are my opponent”Laughter。
“Do not,I am still a little now.”Spring smiles。
The large smoke is finally spread slowly.,Sasuke and have also come to everyone around。
Can everyone pay attention to them at all,Instead, I don’t dare to watch this sudden big pit in front of you.。
Tago Center,Smoking is also slow,The figure of the sputum and spring is relatively。
“You’re confident,Actually dare to say that it is better than me.”Looking at Spring。
“certainly,This is what I evaluated for a long time.”Spring said。
“so,You know all my strength.”Stri eyes。
“This can I don’t know,I just have enough confidence.,you。。。。”Springs pointed to the spot。
“Kill you can’t die”
Spotted eye。