When Chen Xiu got out of the car, the reporters squatting on both sides were shooting wildly,The flash was so flashing that he couldn’t open his eyes。

He Shouheng, who came with sunglasses, handed over a pair of sunglasses:“Bring it。”
Chen Xiu took it and put on helplessly:“I finally know why all the stars on the red carpet wear sunglasses,This light is really unbearable!”
Gambling King He Rongsheng finally got out of the car and said to the two:“go in。”
“it is good!”
The two followed He Rongsheng and walked into the venue together,The camera in the reporter’s hand flashed desperately,The reporters squeezed in front even passed the microphone through the cordon and smelled various problems.。
“Gambler,Are you here at the dragon head this time??”
“He Sheng,I heard that your old partner http://www.myiran.cn Lin Han will also be there this time,I don’t know what you have to say when you meet him?”
“He Sheng……”
At this time, He Shouheng, like the assistant next to the gambling king, is leading the way,One after another said to reporters:“No comment!”
Although Chen Xiu’s glasses are protected by sunglasses,But I got tinnitus by various noisy problems,Shook his head helplessly。
He Rongsheng patted Chen Xiu on the shoulder and said:“Xiao Chen,Are you not used to facing reporters?。”
“It turns out that being a celebrity is so troublesome,I will be as rich as you in the future,I must be an invisible rich man。If the reporter is filmed like this every day,I won’t be annoying!”
He Rongsheng burst into laughter,I took Chen Xiu’s shoulder and walked in,While saying:“It’s hard to be a celebrity,It’s harder to be a rich celebrity,You know my pain http://www.yabela.cn now!”
Chen Xiu didn’t know that he was slapped on the shoulder by the king of gambling, talking and http://www.dfoexpress.cn laughing to enter the venue,All filmed by reporters。