China has three special sectors,Nine sections,Nine,Nine。

The three departments have also cooperated with each other.,But there is a certain change,Jiu Di off,Become now。
Among the three departments,In addition to the special personnel on the surface,Also have their own combat teams。
The identity of these group members is very mysterious,And the confidential level is very high。
Young people remember very clear,When he was become a shadow battle group,I have been to a mysterious place,Training for half a year。
That place,It is all the people who know the people.。
And the dragon step and the nine refining knife have been passed out later.,And becoming the killer of major battles。
And that year, the person taught,It’s a legendary……King!
At that time, he took a mask.,But the unique temperament of the other party is too special.,Even for so many years,Youth can’t forget。
Think about the move of the door to the wall of the valley just now,And the temperament of him……Youth’s expression gradually transform。
First confused,And then shocked,Turn over,Last……Excited and awesome。
Is he just all the members of the fighting group……King?
In many members of a member,The king is a living war,Country’s blade,It is the goal they catch up and yearn.。
“I think of it.。”
Summer is also playing your youth,The show is a sudden,“I said you have a bit more familiar.,You call……What egg?I remember that there is an egg in the name.。”
Youth mouth,But because this sentence has changed color。
He shocked the summer,Full face is not credible。
Really him。
Really that person!
The other five people next to it are also confused.。
Although they are members of the Shadow Battle,But did not go through the tiara,I haven’t seen the summer。
I heard him now.,The captain is so express……Is there a member of other combat group??
Mission conflict?
Even if so, don’t use this excitement.。
However, let them be more shocked.,Flaw,I saw the youth right foot,Waist is very straightforward,A sudden experience,“Head of the report……”
Summer interrupted him,Turn away,“Come with me。”
The remaining five members have grown up their eyes.,A ghost expression。
It is their body.,Calm,I can’t understand this scene。
The first battle team of the Dark Shadow Department is not saying,Now, if a guard is followed by the summer.,Halfway does not dare to pass over。
Can anyone tell me what happened??
“What are you doing?,Still not!”
Everyone is staying,But I saw a young tiger and a face called his head.,Footsteps,Fast more than a few sign language movements。