Shen Xuan knows the meaning of these guys,Earth is already plaguged,Nature should also be rewarded!

I immediately walked home,Take a few pounds of meat,Throw on the ground,Big black bear and river small yellow,All are all from a little meat!
Shen Xuan took the lens,Sweeping a few animals such as big black bear,Eat these guys,All exposed to the front of the audience。
“This eats,Really special!”
“Fortunately, I am eating afternoon tea.,Otherwise it is dead.!”
“wrong,How do this black bear have a lot of wounds??”
The audience in the live broadcast talked,Several careful audience,I also noticed the hair of the black bear,There are several scars!
Get a reminder,Shen Xuan also looked carefully before.,Be careful to make hair,It is indeed the scar of hidden in it.,It seems to be scratches。
I touched Shen Xuan.,The big black bear is very wronged.,It seems still very painful。
Shen Xuan also looked at another big black bear,There are also a lot of scars。
“What is your way??”
Shen Xuan asked busy。
Heard inquiry,The two big black bear is screaming,Starting up。
“You said,This is the tiger.?”
Shen Xuan is a surprised,Asked directly。
Both big black bear nodded,Emotion is very low。
Good guy!
The tiger did not eat Shen Xuan before,Now I started to find the black bear.!
“Always drive away you?”
“Don’t let you live in the forest?”
Next,The black bear cry and crying with Shen Xuan.。
Since the two black bear back Shen Xuan back from the mountain,The tiger starts revenge.,Keep against black bear!
Tiger is the king of the beast!
in the forest,Sinted tiger,It certainly didn’t have a good day.!
Black bear is large,On the fight,There is no tiger so strong,Fight in animals,There is no tiger.!
Squeezed by the tiger,That black bear life in the forest,Can imagine,That is difficult to walk.!