Wu Fang is on guard at this moment,Did not dare to turn on the lights,Just a tentative search slowly in the dark。The furnishings of the furniture in the house are faintly visible,A lot of dumped or destroyed,There are scattered pieces of porcelain and other invisible objects on the ground。Obviously there has been a fierce fight here,Cold sweat oozes from his forehead,I’m afraid to see a scene I never want to see。

The smell of blood comes from the back of the hall and the first wing to the east,Wu Fang’s sense of smell is extremely sensitive and his night vision ability is not weak,Soon I found two big blood stains in the predicted place,It’s quite dazzling even in the dark。He quickly observed the surroundings,After confirming that there is no body, I feel relieved,Squatting beside a pool of black blood。
He first sniffed with his nose,Feel the intensity of the fishy smell,I stretched out my finger and stuck it on the blood,No temperature,Not very sticky,It is preliminary judged that less than an hour has passed since the fight that took place here。The same situation on the other beach,But where did everyone go?
Wu Fang quickly searched the entire small building,I also stood in Li Tianchou’s hut for a while,Make http://www.okyixin.cn sure there is no one,Even the straight middle-aged aunt he was impressed doesn’t know where he is.。
Can’t care much,Wu Fang took out his cell phone again and dialed Zhu Lei’s number,But the same as before,No one heard。He was shocked,He immediately left the courtyard and went straight to the style bar。
As expected,Something happened to the bar too,You can see the lights flashing from a distance,At least one ambulance and three police cars lined up at the junction,Crowded with people watching the excitement。
Wu Fang’s mood at this time was like bursting out flames, he was on the verge of an explosion.,He squeezed into the crowd with two very rude hands.。Immediately caused dissatisfaction with people around,The angry one only cursed a few words and knocked down Wu Fang’s cold eyes like a knife,I was so scared that I shut up immediately。
It http://www.zsocms.cn is five meters square around the entrance of the bar,The police have pulled up a long cordon。The ground is full of broken glass,A few mottled blood stains can be seen through the dim light,There is even a machete with blood。Dim lights in the bar,Police officers come and go from time to time,Stared for a long time,Wu Fang finally saw Liu Qiang who had just left the door,So I pulled the plastic strip and got into the alert circle。
“stop!”A police officer stepped in front of Wu Fang。
“I am looking for an acquaintance。”Wu Fang ignored the wary police officer,Quickly bypass the opponent and continue to push in。
“stop,Did you hear!?”Wu Fang’s behavior clearly angered the other party,Police officer stepped after one,Reach out and grab his shoulder。Wu Fang’s back seems to have eyes,A short shoulder and avoiding a ferocious scratch,People have moved in quickly and out of a distance of more than two meters。
The small friction between the two immediately attracted the attention of the surrounding police,Liu Qiang frowned and made a safe gesture to a few colleagues before stepping up to Wu Fang.,Lower your voice,“Your nose is very good。”
“What’s inside?No casualties?”Wu Fang’s questioning was unnecessary,Because through the glass door he saw a waiter in a black vest lying motionless on the ground,A black blood stain under the armpit。There is no emergency doctor nearby,Only two police officers constantly changing angles to take pictures。
“Talk aside。”Liu Qiang look at his colleagues around,I walked to the right door of the bar with my arms folded shoulders,Stop by a tall hemlock tree,“One dead and five wounded,One of them is seriously injured,Still rescued。”
Wu Fang took a breath,Confirm that the waiter I just saw is dead,“What about the people in Yuxing?”
Liu Qiang slapped his face,Seriously corrected:“What Yuxing people?I’m familiar with them。In my opinion, there are only murderers and victims.。”
“Less tugging,When is this?I have no time to joke with you,hurry up。”Wu Fang sneered,And I became irritable and uncontrollable。
Liu Qiang is unmoved,Looking at Wu Fang coldly,“The shortlist is out?”