[How to make Korean turnip pickles?

]_ Production method _ home practice

[How to make Korean turnip pickles?
]_ Production method _ home practice

For various reasons, some people will have a poor appetite and do n’t want to eat anything. At this time, you can eat foods that regulate appetite, such as radish and pickles, and there are other benefits to eating radish and pickles.The anti-cancer effect can also help to treat scalp itching and coughing. There are many types of pickled radish. Korean pickled radish is very famous in many places. The following teaches you how to make this pickle.

The practice of Korean radish and pickles: Koreans like to eat their own pickled radish and pickles. If you do n’t see it at the table one day, you will feel weird!

In particular, they are essential when eating fried noodles and drinking oxtail soup!

Do you also want to try an authentic Korean cuisine?

1. Soak dried radishes in water and wait for foaming; 2. Peel apples, pears, and ginger and cut into foam for later use; 3. Put paprika in a container and add boiling water, and gently mix;Then add the chopped accessories, sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, and stir well; 5. Cover the plastic wrap and place 2-5 angels for fermentation (this process is the practice of sweet and spicy sauce) 6. Put the spicy sauce into the foamOn the radish strips, stir well.

Is not it simple?

Is it the taste that can be recognized as radish pickles that are beautiful in Korea?

The nutritional value of Korean radish pickles The nutritional value of radish has been widely affirmed since ancient times. It contains a variety of nutrients that can enhance the body’s immunity.

Radish contains a variety of trace elements that can induce human body to produce interferon, which is of great significance for anti-cancer and anti-cancer.

In addition, mustard oil and precipitated fibers in radish can promote degradation and peristalsis, and promote the excretion of waste in the body.

Eating radish often can reduce blood lipids, soften blood vessels, stabilize blood pressure, prevent coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, gallstone disease and other diseases.

Therefore, kimchi, a fermented food, has high nutritional value, can enhance human immunity, and has a certain lipid-lowering and anti-cancer effect.

The taboos of Korean turnip pickles are best matched with every food and have their own “natural enemies”. The Korean turnip pickles fed this way is no exception.

Radishes should not be eaten with snake meat, ginseng, ginseng fruit, grilled fish, roasted meat, and oranges, because their combination can cause diarrhea, or even worse.

There are also radish main diarrhea and carrots as supplements, so it is best not to eat the two together, that is, carrots and white radish cannot be cooked together.