Can music still be healthy?

Different physical constitutions have corresponding music conditioning methods

Can music still be healthy?
Different physical constitutions have corresponding music conditioning methods

1[qi deficiency constitution]Qi deficiency refers to this pathological change and syndrome caused by lack of vitality.

The so-called gas is the most basic substance of the human body. It is composed of the essence of the kidney, the spleen and stomach absorb the gas of the water valley and the gas of the lungs.

Qi deficiency refers to the weakness of the body, pale, shortness of breath, fatigue of the limbs, dizziness, sweating, and low voice.

Including the vitality, the qi, the deficiencies of the qi, as well as the promotion of the qi, the decline of warmth, defense, fixation and gasification, which leads to the decline or decrease of certain functional activities of the body, and the decline of disease resistance.

Music conditioning: suitable for listening to the sound of the palace, business, and sound.

Because the palace sound into the spleen, the business voice into the lungs, the voice into the heart.

The main air of the lungs, the spleen and stomach are the foundation of the day after tomorrow, and the blood and blood need the promotion of the heart.

You can listen to the “Flowing Water”, “Yangchun”, “Changqing”, “Heming Jiuyi” and “Wen Wang Cao” in Guqin.

2[qi qi physique]Human qi is the fundamental and driving force of human life movement.

The maintenance of life activities must be tempered.

The body’s qi is not only related to congenital endowment, acquired environment and diet, but also closely related to the physiological functions of kidney, spleen, stomach and lung.

Therefore, the various physiological activities of the body, unless it is a concrete manifestation of the movement of gas in the human body.

When the gas can’t reach out and accumulate inside, it will form a gas stagnation.

Chinese medicine believes that qi stagnation is caused by depression and depression, and the mood is not comfortable.

Long-term qi stagnation can lead to poor blood circulation and seriously affect health.

Music conditioning: more listening and accent.

The horn sound enters the liver, which can soothe the liver and regulate the qi;

Guqin Qu has “fishing song” and “mountain”.

3[Yang deficiency constitution]Yang deficiency refers to the pathological phenomenon of yang deficiency.

Yang has a warm limb, the role of the viscera, such as yang deficiency, the body function is reduced.

Yang deficiency physical characteristics and cold physical fitness are close, lack of yang, cold, cold and cold, limbs cold, pale lips, less gas lazy, sleepiness, male nocturnal emission, female vaginal discharge, easy diarrhea,The number of urination increases, especially the nocturia, and the loss of sexual desire.

Music conditioning: listening to the angular sound, signing the sound, invigorating the yang, increasing the vitality of the human body.

Guqin Qu “Flowing Water”, “Liquor Mania”, “欸乃” and so on.

4[Yin deficiency constitution]Yin deficiency constitution refers to the dysfunction of the viscera when it is dysfunctional, it is easy to appear in the body, the symptoms of yin deficiency and internal heat, often manifested as body weight loss, two flushes, hands and feet, hot flashes, night sweats, upsetIrritability, dry mouth, hair, dry skin, dry tongue, little moss, even smooth and no moss, mostly due to the evil of heat and dryness, overeating the product of warmth and dryness, over-concerned, unreasonable, after a long illnessAnd the onset.

Music conditioning: listen to the feathers, business sounds.

The feathers enter the kidneys, which are the source of water, and the commercial sounds into the lungs as the source of water.

The feather tune Guqin has “Wu Xia” and “Xiao Chao Fei”.

The commercial-style Guqin Qu has “Changqing”, “Heming Jiuyi”, “White Snow”, “Xiangxiang Water Cloud” and so on.

5[damp heat constitution]Wet has the distinction between external wetness and internal wetness.

External humidity is caused by climate change or wading rain or part of the room, which causes wet water to invade the human body; internal humidity is a pathological product, often related to digestive function.

Chinese medicine believes that the spleen has the function of transporting water and dampness. If the body is indigestion or overeating, eating too much greasy, sweet food, the spleen can not be normalized and the water will stop inside; and the spleen is easy to recruit outside the wet.The invasion, external wetness is also often trapped in the spleen and stomach to make the wet from the endogenous, so the two are independent and related.

Damp heat or heat and humidity due to summer and autumn, wet and heat combined with invading the human body, or heat due to long-term wetness, or wet heat from yang, so wet and heat are common at the same time.

Music conditioning: Gongyin, feathery, Gongyin into the spleen, spleen and dampness; feather into the kidney, nourishing yin and clearing heat, Guqin Qu has “Mountains in the autumn”, “Remembering the old man” and so on.

6[痰湿质质]痰 体 是 是 是 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当 当Plump, chest tightness, sputum, easy to sleep, heavy weight, like to eat fat and alcohol, tongue fat, greasy tongue, mostly due to cold and wet invasion, diet, congenital endowment, old and chronic illness, lack of exerciseOnset, often with different symptoms of phlegm and dampness.

Music conditioning: more listening to the sound.

Guqin Qu “Yangchun” “Mountain” and so on.These songs can enhance yang, make people happy and healthy.

7[Blood physique]Blood sputum refers to the body’s dysfunction when the body is dysfunctional, it is prone to poor blood flow in the body or internal bleeding can not dissipate the body’s internal resistance. It often shows dull complexion, rough skin brown, pigmentation, orThere are purple spots, lips are dull, the tongue is blue or purple, and the veins are fine.

Due to the lack of seven emotions, cold invasion, old and physical, long-term illness and other causes of the disease, often accompanied by blood stasis, different organs and meridians and different symptoms.

Music conditioning: should listen to the angular sound, the sound, the sound of the heart, the main blood, the Chinese face, the horn into the liver, the liver main vent.

Guqin Qu “Yangchun”, “Mountain”, “Mountains” and so on.

8[Special physique]Special physique is also called special sputum type physiological defect, allergy.

Special endowment refers to the special state of the body due to genetic factors and congenital factors, including allergies, genetic diseases, and fetal body constitution.

Music conditioning: listen to the palace sounds, business sounds.

Gongyin into the spleen, business voice into the lungs, spleen main limb muscles, lung main fur, both internal and external considerations, improve the body’s adaptability, the representative of the Guqin Qu “Hanshan monks” “Guan Shanyue” and so on.

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