Just when his hand is about to touch Xia Xue,But it was detained by lightning.,Turn the whole body,Miyan still doesn’t know what,I only feel that the pain comes from fire.。

When he reacted,The whole person has already flying out,Heavy falling on the ground。
Shooting is Thunder。
The palace is after all, it is a man.,Hold the pain,Face muscle twitching two,Under the appointment,Faced is a cold,The rib is at least two。
“what……what……Happen,You dare to hit me……I am fighting with you.……”
At this time,Ling Fei also reacted,Side scream,While madness。
As a grandmother,On weekdays, I used to make angry.,Who dares to pay attention to her,Now I was smoked by two big slaps.,It’s a shameful humiliation。
Three police officers in Wang Feng also changed color.,Immediately stop。
but,http://www.sannianjiuban.cn Still late。
Ling Fei has already rushed to Xia Xue near。
This time,Xia Xue did not continue to work,But holding shoulders,The corner of the mouth is scratched。
See her,宫凡顾不得身上的痛楚,几步走过去强行拽住凌菲。
“啊……宫凡,你还是不是男人,The old lady was hit.,你,你……你……”
“想知道我是谁?”夏雪冷笑,而后点点头,“听好了,老娘叫Summer red dress!”
“原来是Xia Miss,久仰了,不知我夫妇哪里得罪了您……”
话未说完,凌菲又开始尖叫,“宫凡,Your bastard,老娘被人打了,You still sell there……”
Montefan anger,A deep breath,Rinse look to Xia Xue,“夏小姐,Our couple also have a person with his face.,You can’t help you like this.,Is it a confidence?。”
“roll roll roll!”
Xia Xue is not given to the opponent,Slow http://www.baoshanxiuhuadian.cndown,Go to the past,Extend a finger head,Point the shoulders of the palace。
“House,Ask your mother,What happened to her??I thought secretly of the police,Dare to marry my summer family??”
Palace is shocked。
He nature understands Xia Xue’s meaning。
When Wang Feng came to do a record,Ling Fei lost control on the spot,It is said that the palace is killed by the summer.。
Although the palace is stopped on the spot,But after the matter,Ling Fei did not give up,Direct to make the bodyguard anonymous alarm,Summer。
to this end,The palace and Ling Fei have noisy。
It is because,When Wang Feng in the afternoon,Naturally, I can’t ask.。
Now……How do Xia Xue know this news?。
wrong,She just said……Summer family?
http://www.theboke.cn 夏红衣?