Hemox oxygen concentration If you continue to fall,It will reach the dangerous value,At that time, Zhao Xiaoying may have a danger of illness.。

If you have a respiratory mask auxiliary breathing,Still can’t play significant role,Can only explain that Zhao Xiaoying’s breathing problem is very serious,Therefore, it is very helpful to change the strategy to keep up with the ventilator.。
The current situation is already obvious.,Zhou Ye doubted the acute respiratory distress syndrome has been identified.,Pancreatitis has soon damaged to the patient’s lungs,Respiratory function is hit。
For Zhao Xiaoying,Self-breathing is very difficult,Various respiratory aids must keep up with timely。
It is surprising that,Even the ventilator,Zhao Xiaoying’s blood oxygen saturation is only upgraded.4about,Effect is very limited。Zhao Xiaoying’s face is still not very good,The ventilator can only be temporarily maintained in this frequency。
In general,The ventilator is very fast,It is impossible to reach now.,Is the patient’s lung damage is very serious,Can you perform conventional lungs loop??
This is not conforming to the common sense,There are two lungs,Even damage,On the other side, I will adhere to work.,There is no other strike together,What’s more, Zhao Xiaoying does not appear seriously.。
Zhao Xiaoying’s condition is not caused by the lungs,It is impossible to develop so。
“Is it another problem??Where is the problem??”Nurse preparations when the trachea can,Zhou Ye went back and forth,He always feels that there must be no strength。
Zhao Xiaoying’s breathing is still very urgent,The ventilator did not play a respirator,She is now difficult to breathe now,Under the huge difficulties,It is very worried。
Now,Task, it is necessary to find out the cause as soon as possible.!
Zhao Xiaoying’s body can’t support it too long.!
“Does the patient have a pneumothorax”Zhou Ye thinks about some breathing difficulties before you have http://www.wchats.cn seen,Thoughts become marriage。
But it is said,I don’t agree,He shook his head himself:“Lung?“
Looklied,Zhao Xiaoying’s performance is indeed similar to the pneumothorax.,But the same symptoms are different from the causes of different symptoms.。
Pneumothorax or lung,There will be a state in which the lungs cannot be ventilated.,Patients will severe hypoxia,Hard to breathe。
Really pneumothorax,Continue with a ventilator, instead of the patient,Because breathing opportunities make patients withstand huge pressure,Make the situation worse。
Pneumothorax must be placed using a closed drainage,Let the lung ventilation,Continue to apply stress, there will be bleeding risks。
As far as people are fried,You still get angry,Isn’t it accelerating the explosion time??
Zhou Ye,I listened to a few lower lungs with http://www.518mo.cn a stethoscope.,Medley:“It sounds unlike the sound of pneumothorax and the lungs.。“
Why can’t breathe?,He is very confused。
Soon the nurse is almost the same.。
“I have found Li Tianci Director?”
“Um,Have notified,Come over now,He just went to copy patient information。”
Zhao Xiaoying’s disease appeared that the doctors in the non-room were studying the data of Zhao Xiaoying or therefore.。
She has the history of gallbladder,No pregnancy,CTCheck that the pancreatic edema can be seen,At present, the new blood test results have also come out.,Amylase index and fat enzyme indicator are normal。
It can only be said to show the tendency of pancreatitis.。
Can Zhao Xiaoying has been determined by pancreatitis.,The issue is,How do you do it in the next step??
The current treatment method should be symptomatic,Even if you can’t solve the problem of Zhao Xiaoying immediately,It is impossible to make the situation worse。
But if everyone is seen,Zhao Xiaoying has fallen into a breathing embarrassment,It’s hard to breathe,The blood oxygen concentration has been dropping,The situation is very critical。
Facing this bad situation。
Everything becomes more。
Zhou Ye I smiled:“Ghost。”
Facing this bad situation。