Said that the girls like this are the names of the village.。

“Hey-hey,Scull,Xiaoya sister is not a big age than I,The sister should also be.,And I didn’t think of the young sister, I didn’t think young sister.?
If I call my nephew again,Do you say that there is a kind of forced people to recognize Xiaoya sister??
Those who know this,In the future, you don’t let me do it.。”
Li Hui’s meaning in this words, letting each other are also a glimpse,She knew that Li Hui Feng was changing and said that she made her less sinner.,I want to work on Li Hui’s hand.,She is also a little reluctant to go back.。
“You are smart,It is clear that you want to eat meat.。”
Facing each other mutter,Qin Su Ya is not more red。
Li Hui also heard this,If it is before, he will definitely have not heard it.。
But since the inheritance,What do he do is pay attention to。
“Scull,You can say something that you said this.,I just like Xiaoya sister, I think everyone is also opposed.?
And my little sister is so beautiful, I think many people like it.,I like it just how I want to eat meat in my mouth.?”
“alright, alright,Surrounded by you,Still quickly sag。”
Although she said like this,But my heart is very disdainful.。
Everyone in the scene also understands what the other party’s so-called meat is meaning.。
Especially in the scene, it is a woman who married.,The so-called meat, everyone, everyone knows the same thing.。
But I saw that Li Hui Feng did not understand.,Everyone has not broken。
Seeing the other party no longer arguing,Li Hui also started to make money immediately,Also let Qin Su Yaji account,As long as men have enough days, it is two hundred,The woman hesitated in the afternoon,Everyone is seventy-five。
There are a few of them to get more than 30 dollars.,If this is to get thirty dollars in weekdays, it will not laugh.。
But everything is afraid of a contrast,A comparison of people around them,The more than 30 dollars have become the least。
Women who have also chewing the tongue to see 30 dollars in their hands,Let’s see more than 70 people.,He is even more than chewing my tongue.,Go home directly to sleep early,Go to work early tomorrow。
After all people have left,Qin Su Yai is awkward, I just remember to pay for Li Hui。
“breeze,Your salary of your day is more than 3,000.,Do you have so much money like this??”
“Hey-hey,Little Ya,Do not worry,Forgot to have 100,000 yuan in my hand??”
Said that Li Hui took out two hundred pieces to Qin Su Ya Road:“Little Ya,This is your money,I am going to give you supervision from the work in the beginning of tomorrow.,What is the four hundred wages??”
It’s too much.,And you bought me so much clothes.,I can’t want your money.。”
“Hey-hey,You will hold it.,Buy some delicious,What is your weakness??
Not willing to eat,Don’t help but drink,If you really have sick, I don’t spend more money to treat you.?”
Qin Su is listening to Li Hui, which is unbelievable.。
Her pair has tears in the beautiful。
“breeze,Are you really sincere??”
“Yup,This is not a false?”