one stone two bird,Poor is a good calculation。

Wang Flow,Not talking,Quiet look at the three people,Have a little bit of taste。
Huang Wei and Zhang Kun were a little guilty,I know that my little thought is broken.,The expression is slightly awkward。
Zhang Kun laughed:“certainly,What happened in my site,I also have a responsibility,I have already asked,Wang, your big brother, has lost 40,000 in the casino.,Above the 60,000 borrowed,A total of 100,000,I will give you a whole……”
Said the box that has been carrying in his hand,Continue:“This is 200,000,Significant to you,I hope you can eliminate gas.。”
Duan Qi took over the box,Open the eye,I nodded slightly to the king.。
It seems to be 20,000……Four thousand eight,Pay back to 200,000,It is also a bit sincere.……Wang traffic face ease,No mind, just now,Faint:
“A little bit,Let it go in the past.。”
“Yes Yes Yes,Still Wang Maguity,Then listen to you,Let it go。”Zhang Kun joked in an instant,Say the conversation,Invite:
“We will not fight.,I have been admiring for Wang.,I don’t know if you have time at night.,I invite you to drink a cup.。”
“Idea,But I am busy recently.,Can’t take a time,Waiting for another day。”The king is not salty。
Zhang Kun flashed on a face,But can be with the king,This trip is also achieved.,No longer,Laugh:
“That line,Waiting for the next day, I have the opportunity, please ask you again.,You are busy first,I will not bother.。”
“I also left forever.,In the future, there is a matter of the king.,I am on call.。”Huang Wei followed,I’m walking with Zhang Kun.。
The middle-aged man is also compensated again with the king.,Then hurriedly。
Outside the door,Three people have long tone。
Zhang Kun said:“Is a person?,Aged,People are very old spicy,Just watching my eyes,I feel that he looks like I look around.,It is estimated that we are careful.,He has already seen it.。”
“I am very sure of that,Otherwise I can fight over.?”Huang Wei also has a little bit of affection,However, there is no time in Zhang Kun.,If you have something to see him:
“That is, your attitude is still good.,Wang is estimated to be lazy to follow you,Otherwise your end,I am afraid it is not much better than him.。”
Think about the Fang Shun, who has already jail,Zhang Kun suddenly played a snoring,He is also mixed,The size is also a character,But with a hundred,That’s a bad。
King can pull down him,Package,It is estimated that there is nothing difference with the ants on the dead.?
Zhang Kun wants to see Huang Wei,Seriously thank you:“This time, I thank my brother to remind it.,People remember,There is something you ordered in the future.,I am absolutely not frowning.。”
Huang Wei patted his shoulders,I flash in my eyes and gratifying and gratifying:Waiting for you this sentence,Don’t die, you have a white.。
Fang Baush,He completely got it.,No need to give people a gun in the future,Can start to fight for yourself。
Zhang Kun’s site is not as good as him,But it is also a small strength,Can take such a younger brother,Extension,This sale is not lost。
in the room。
Duan Qi is ackless:“boss,They actively invite you to drink,Obviously I want to show you,Why are you don’t agree??Can open into casinos,It should be a bit power on the road.,Received him with Huang Wei,I will not walk in the province.?”
“Why promise?I received them now is very prestige.,But in the future, he will plant them.,The same headache,and……”
Wang is glanced at him,Faint:“I want to walk horizontally,Do you still need to rely on them??”
NS322chapter He is going to do it.
If you do not have a foundation,The king may still consider the relationship with him.,Borrow a force from them。