“earthquake!BOSS!Alliance earthquake!”
After defeating the Orlando Magic,The Lakers return to Los Angeles to rest,One day off。
Kobe still and Xiaoyu on the rest day,Bowen,Big Ben,Tyrese in the arena,And some veterans of the team such as Horry,Eddie Jones also began to join Kobe’s training。
Motorola’s huge bell alarmed Kobe who was practicing shooting。
“what happened?Rob?”
“Sun Mavericks Houston three-way transaction!”
“Three-way transaction?”and many more,Kobe remembers,Only trade between Mavericks and Sun,There is no Houston Mosaic team。
“Mavericks pay Jason Kidd,Jim Jackson,Sam Cassell,Michael Finley,Matt Maloney,Houston first round。
The sun pays Sam Cassell,Michael Finley,ACGreen gets Jason Kidd,Kevin Willis,Sammark。
Houston pays98First round of the year,Matt Maloney,Sammark,Kevin Willis gets Jim Jackson,ACGreen。”
History changed?Kobe had predicted that his arrival would change history,But I didn’t expect it would be so fast。
Mavericks sell off3Jcombination,Get two high-quality young players Sam Cassell and Michael Finley in one fell swoop。Also have a veteran like Matt Maloney,Replace Kidd as the team’s starting point guard,Lead the team’s youth to grow。At the same time they also left Jamal-Marshburn averaged this last season23.4Minute5.4Backboard2.8Top striker with assists。
The sun is being remodeled under Danny Anji’s drastic measures,Angie is looking for a player to replace the elderly Kevin Johnson,Jason Kidd is the answer he wants!Cedric the Suns traded from the Lakers on the front line-Ceballos performed brilliantly,Since there is no room for Michael Finley to grow,Then replace him!ACGreen wants a championship team,Then replace him!