Not afraid of pores invisible in the gloss T zone

Not afraid of pores invisible in the gloss T zone

Just after the weather warmed up, I felt that the T area was faintly shiny, small acne, and pore problems were coming together, which seriously affected the beauty plan.

Sisters, do n’t worry, understand the oil problem in T zone, take appropriate measures to care, and work together to make the pores in T zone invisible in spring.

  Many people are very nervous as soon as they see the shine on their foreheads and nose. They use oil-absorbing paper, deep cleansing milk, control oil condensation, powder puff .

In fact, it is quite normal for the “T” area to have a certain amount of shine, which is originally the part that needs highlighting when applying makeup.

In addition, the skin’s oil secretion has a self-regulating function. When you over clean and your skin feels lack of moisture and oil, it will automatically secrete more oil to supplement, which is why many people “The more you wash, the more oil, the more oil you absorb. ”

  For special parts, we need special care!

T zone oil is determined by the distribution of sebaceous glands in our facial skin.

On the forehead, the nose, the sides of the nose and the chin and other sebum secretion sites, the pores are also relatively obvious.

When the sebum secreted is solidified at the exit of the pores and cannot be dissolved, cleared and eliminated in time, whiteheads or blackheads that are commonly referred to as pores are formed at the pores.

If inflammation or bacterial infection occurs, more annoying acne gradually develops.

  1, pay attention to hydration: so there are many mixed skin should pay more attention to hydration, not only to give the dry double viscosity and enough moisture around the eye area, for the “T” zone, to ensure that too much water is also to inhibit excessive oil secretionOne of the effective means.

  2, clean thoroughly: In addition to using face cleansing soap or cleanser to wash the face, it is best to use a cleansing brush to completely remove the dirt on the nose.

  3, steaming face is effective: 1-2 times a week can do steaming face, each time about 5 minutes, after washing the face.

By steaming the face, the pores in the nose can be enlarged, and the dirt hidden in the pores will automatically change.

However, after steaming the face, be sure to rinse it with cool cold water, and at the same time gently pat the face with both hands to achieve the effect of shrinking the skin.

  4. Refreshing lotion: apply the refreshing lotion. When rubbing the lotion, wipe it from the dry tip and around the eye circles, and finally rub it to the nose, forehead and other parts, so as not to cause nasal oil and acne.