Don’t throw expired beer and these unexpected uses

Don’t throw expired beer and these unexpected uses

Everyone should know that expired food cannot be eaten.

Disposal of expired food is basically thrown away as garbage.

In fact, there are many outdated things that can’t even be eaten, and there are other uses.

For example, beer has a shelf life of 2 months, 4 months for premium beer, and only a few days for bulk beer.

  Expired beer, of course, can not be drunk. Expired beer can easily cause diarrhea and poisoning.

But it’s a pity to throw out expired beers, because they still have these unexpected uses.

  The purpose of expired beer is to cultivate flowers and protect flowers. The beer is slightly acidic, which can adjust the pH of the soil, and can make the flowers that like acid grow more lush.

Use two-thirds of the water in the rich beer, and wipe the leaves of the flowers gently with a soft cloth soaked with the liquid beer. One can wipe off the dust, and the other can fertilize the leaves, such as clivia.The leaves are very shiny and add a little ornamental value. This is mainly because the nutrients in beer are dissolved on the surface of the leaves.

Pour the remaining beer directly into the flower pot, it is still an excellent fertilizer, because the enzymes in the beer selectively grow flowers, which makes the flowers more vivid and moving.

  Second, shampoo, hair care beer contains barley and hops, shampoo with beer can make the hair soft, shiny, but also anti-dandruff.

After washing the hair with shampoo, add expired beer to the water and use it to soak or rinse the hair. The barley and hops contained in the beer will bring certain nutrients to the hair and make the dried hair shiny.

  Third, wash silk fabrics. Washing silk clothes with beer can make the clothes smooth, bright in color, and restore the original appearance.

Silk fabrics are often worn out due to excessive washing or improper washing.

First pour the beer into cold water, then soak the cleaned clothes in, soak for about 15 minutes, remove it, rinse it, and dry it.

The original bright color will return to its original appearance.

  Fourth, wipe the refrigerator to remove the odor. Wiping the refrigerator with a cloth stained with beer can decontaminate, sterilize, and remove the odor in the refrigerator.

After wringing the towels stained with beer, wipe the surface of the refrigerator, not only the refrigerator will be extremely bright, clean and refreshing, but also sterilizing, sterilizing.

  Fifth, clean glass beer is a colloid solution, wipe the glass with beer and wipe the glass. Once the glass is replaced, it will become extremely bright, and the fiber of the rag will not be left after finishing the glass.

If the window glass is dirty, you can dip the towel in some beer, wring it dry, wipe it, and then wipe it with a clean rag, the glass will be extremely bright.

This is because after rubbing the glass with beer, the alcohol content in the beer is scattered, so the glass is crystal clear.

  Sixth, let the clothes add color Soak the dark clothes with beer-added water to soften the clothes and restore the original color.

It is not easy to discolor the new clothes after soaking.

When we wash clothes, add some beer, soak the clothes for 15 minutes, and then wash them. It can wear and become softer, and it will restore some faded dark cotton clothing to its original color.

  Seventh, fresh beer for fresh flowers can also be used in this way, adding a little beer to the container where the flowers are inserted can extend the freshness period of the flowers.

Keep flowers fresh because beer contains ethanol, sugar and other nutrients.

  Therefore, when there is leftover beer or expired beer in the house, don’t pour into the sewer, it will be too wasteful.