Beware of 12 common mental viruses

Beware of 12 common mental viruses

All or no thinking: You see things as black and white.

If your performance is not perfect, you consider yourself a total failure.

  Overgeneralization: You take a small negative event as evidence of endless failure.

  Psychological filtering: You pick out a small negative detail and think too much about it, making your view of the entire reality gloomy, like a drop of ink discoloring the entire spray.

  Eradicate positive experiences: For one reason or another, you insist on “experienced” and refuse to actively experience them.

This way you can maintain a negative belief that contradicts your daily experience.

  Sloppy samples: Even if there are no clear facts to support your example, you assume negative interpretations.

  Mind reading: You arbitrarily say that someone underground is reacting negatively to you, and you don’t check it at all.

  Misprediction: You expect things to turn out bad, and then treat your predictions as a fact that has been transformed.

  Exaggerate (catastrophic) or shrink: You exaggerate the nature of things (such as your own mistakes or the achievements of others) or inappropriately reduce things to very small (your own qualities of appreciation).

This is a “telescope game”: you look at positive things from one end and negative things from the other.

  Emotional reasoning: You predict that your negative perception must reflect the truth of things.

For example, automatically infer that you must be guilty because you feel guilty; or more generally: “I feel so, so this must be true.

“Must” and “should”: You use these words to turn everything into an emergency.

Instead of doing it when it is really necessary.

  Labeling: Instead of simply admitting that you made a specific mistake, you label yourself the whole thing, such as “I am a loser.”

Those who see things differently from you are labelled as “idiots”.

  Too much responsibility: You consider yourself to be the cause of some external negative event, when in fact it is mainly your responsibility.