Heaven and man are united, and the old man said that spring and autumn and autumn makes sense. This is the health experience for thousands of years!


Heaven and man are united, and the old man said that “spring and autumn and autumn” makes sense. This is the health experience for thousands of years!

The old people often say that “spring and autumn and autumn” is the health experience that people have summarized over the past 100 years based on natural climate change, and it has certain scientific rationale.

What is spring 鎹?

Spring is referring to the fact that the spring temperature has just turned warmer. We must keep warm and squat, don’t take off the cotton coat too early, because half of the spring is winter.

Every spring in early spring, “Spring hits sixty-nine heads”, we still feel very cold in February, even if it is still cold in the first half of March, until the spring breeze in late March, the feeling of spring blossoms, thisOnly then began to really enter the spring of meteorological significance.

From the winter to the early spring, the warmth is still cold, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and the cotton coat is taken off prematurely. Once the time falls, it is often difficult to adapt, especially the elderly and children.

“Admission News” “Chunyang is rising, everything is sprouting, positive, hot and cold in February. The weather is different, so you can’t go to the cotton coat.

The old man is weak, the bones are sparse, the wind is cold and easy to hurt, and the time is ready for the clothes. When it is warm and easy, one can gradually lose one weight and cannot be violent.

“Prematurely take off the cotton coat and get cold, resulting in decreased body resistance. The cold weather is full of various viral germs. It is easy to cause various colds, flu, acute bronchitis, pneumonia and other respiratory diseases.

Therefore, in the spring before the arrival of the spring blossoms, it is necessary to keep the spring warm.

What is autumn freezing?

The autumn freeze means that the temperature in the autumn has just turned cold. You should wear less clothes and freeze it. Don’t put on thick clothes too early.

Half of the autumn is summer, and the beginning of August is the beginning of autumn. It is still a three-day sky. In the end of August, the situation is still the time when the department is hot. The autumn sun is blazing and it is called the autumn tiger. At this time, you can wear thick clothes.

After the end of September, the weather has just had a cool feeling. At this time, the temperature difference between morning and evening increases, and the young adults are still in summer. The elderly and children need to add clothes in the morning and evening to prevent cold.

Entering the last two solar terms in the late autumn of October, the cold dew and frost, really ushered in the temperature drop, when it began to thicken clothes to keep warm.

Therefore, in the autumn, it is suitable for high-temperature clothes, appropriate autumn and autumn, autumn cotton coat should be worn late, and gradually gradually intensify, people gradually adapt to the gradually decreasing temperature, so that the body stimulates the cold air, so that the cold-proof ability is enhanced and adapted.Long cold winter.

Heaven and man are united, and people living in nature must be affected. People must adapt to changes in the temperature environment.

Everything must be done, and “spring and autumn and autumn” should also increase or decrease clothing according to temperature changes.

“In February and August, it is said that in the February and August of the lunar calendar, the two periods in the solar calendar are also the winter and spring seasons and the summer and autumn seasons when the temperature changes season, the elderly and children with weak constitution will wear more andThick, strong young clothes will wear less, and it is appropriate to feel cold.

However, this spring and autumn freezing is also different from person to person. The autumn freezing is to provide people with the adaptation to the gradual cooling environment, but if the elderly and children, or those with weak constitution, it is better to increase the clothing according to the temperature and body feeling.
Of course, for the physically strong people, this “autumn freeze” can not be overtaken, and everything is based on its own health foundation.