Increase fat experience: a pack of peanuts every day


Increase fat experience: a pack of peanuts every day

I know that many people want to gain fat and long meat, and this outstanding is not less than weight loss.

銆€銆€My original girlfriend was extremely thin, and I had tried to feed her fat.

Helpless, her appetite is not good, every time I bought a ribs back, I ate two, and pushed to the side: “Oh, it’s greasy!”

“Well, I said this ribs, and even the dinner was saved.”

You see, can this be fat?

銆€銆€Of course there are also successful examples.

銆€銆€For example, my classmate’s lover, it is said that 106 pt / 175cm when graduated from graduate school, this is not, now has been asked to lose weight.

Then there are my brothers and sisters, brothers and sisters, these people have become fat in the past six months.

My sister refused to say that her lover had no pants to wear.

The other is my boss.

At that time, he yelled: “If I go to 125 pounds, is it fat?”

“I am so angry that I am half dead.”

What now?

Oh, although there is no need to lose weight, it must have reached the point where he can’t walk.

These people are eating out without exception: my classmate’s lover is more likely to go out to eat after work; the few people who went abroad noticed that they are very adaptable to foreign food; my boss must be the boss’s wife.Good craftsmanship!

銆€銆€So, if you want to gain weight, you have to eat!

I said this, the next one said, but I ate a little bit, as you said, I should have been fat.

Yes, you are eating too much, that is what you think so; if you still feel that you are thin, you are eating too little and not spending enough.

As the saying goes, it is good to say that “a bite can’t eat a fat man”. Fat people can only eat it after eating for many years. It is not an occasional meal that can solve the problem.

銆€銆€Then the man asked again, then how do we eat?

That’s not easy?

Look at what people who lose weight don’t dare to look at what they eat.

If you don’t believe that you are playing this time, come to it a pack of peanuts every day, two dollars and half a catty or four or two, I seal it as the cheapest long meat.

You should be a small mouth, put it on the side of nothing, grab a hand and chew it.

But then you have to say it, you can eat this, don’t delay eating, if you can’t eat it after eating, it’s useless.

You just try it, if you can’t get fat after a month, hehe!

I don’t believe this evil!

銆€銆€But to be honest, most people who are thin are also difficult to eat a pack of peanuts a day. They are still a bit weak, and they have to pay attention to conditioning.

What to eat stomach, eat a bottle of yogurt every day, or come to the bowl of eight-treasure porridge or something, anyway, raise a little bit of it.

Then there is less snacks. As the saying goes, “the heart is wide and fat,” the fat man seems to have no care.

銆€銆€If you don’t, you will change your nickname!

Change “fat endless”!


銆€銆€I have thought of the signature file for you: “The weight is growing, the day is not long, the day does not stop; the first ten pounds, and then ten pounds, symbolizes the endless rotation of the runners, the long-distance runners have such perseverance.