Anna Tasia thought that Chen Linzhi really only grows on the orphanage,Even if there is no family is willing to adopt,To be comfortable:

“everything will get better,My friends in the farm,Very good personality,Have a chance, I can introduce them to you.。When I was young, I played all day.,horse riding、Catch fish、hunt,Just like a boy,Hair is shorter than you,Go home every day, dirty。
It’s not so interesting after growing.,Several friends moving to other places,And people, parents continue to work here.,They go to the big city,I have already remembered what I like.。I took care of my Andy uncle.,Because gambling debts come to my father to borrow money,My father did not borrow,He even took out the weapon and threaten my father.,Previously his character is very sunshine。”
In the process of growth, it is inevitable.,Can people, the longer the longer。
Chen Linzhi patted her shoulders,Tell:“That is his own problem,It doesn’t matter with you.,The heart will make people don’t wake up,Especially gamblers、Poisons,You are too kind.,I have seen many similar experiences like I have.,No need to regret for them。”
Anna Atasa saw him pick a few roses to himself,Laugh in an instant,Tell:“This is my family’s rose,Don’t you feel too sincerity??”
“But people who send it are me.,And carefully pick the most beautiful several,They are fresh,It should be kept in the vase.。”
Chen Linzhi’s face,This hand borrowed a flower,Don’t spend a decision, let her feel good.。
Anatsia holding flowers to accompany him,Go back to the car,Go to the stables and cattle circles,Pick two horses riding,Slow down on the grass。
Farmers encountered during the period,Driving machine farming soybeans,After the dust is flying behind。
She tried to ask Chen Linzhi,I don’t want to go to her at home at noon.,Chen Linzhi shook his head,Looking for an excuse to go back to the next time,It is best to prepare some gifts first.。
In fact, there is no need to be too formal.,But Anna Tasia is small to the big,I haven’t specifically introduced any male companion to my parents.,Some nervous,Snorge nor will no longer mention this。
Riding a circle。
Chen Linzhi sent Anna Tasia to go home to take things,Close up of her house,Can’t help but laugh。
Big iron gate surrounded by high walls,Go to her door,Leaping the seven or eight meters away。
Flat green grass、Tall tall pine tree、fountain、Swimming pool、tennis court,There should be,Yuanmuqi is a luxury in the Gangcheng Deep Water Bay Road,The yard even stops two Rolls Royce silver thorn,And a long version of Lincoln。
Combined with painting“h”Round symbol of letters,Chen Linzhi did not doubt,Her Lao is really able to buy a helicopter。
A middle-aged man wearing white tennis uniform,Just at this time, I will drive it with my friends.。
Seeing Chen Linzhi, one is standing next to the car,Talre、The middle-aged people who are unstopporared,Curious asked:“Who are you,I haven’t seen you before.,New driver?”
“no,Anna Atasian friends,Waiting for her here,I will go to the town to eat.。”
Chen Linzhi appeared in the bureau。
no way,He knows about this person,Since I learned that Anna Atasia and the Walton family,He deliberately。
Middle-aged people in front,It is the little son of the Walton family John·Walton,Look at the name of the name,Rich。
I learned that it is a friend of Anna Tasia.,John·Walton hits Chen Linzhi,Less sisters who carefully carefully carefully,Washed by the bad man。
Don’t worry and borrow tennis courts,Testify:“Asian Asian in our town is very small,Where are you from?Why didn’t I heard that Anna Atas is in love?,We need to talk about it.,Will play tennis??”
Chen Linzhi began a headache,Squeeze out a smile,Decisive shoud:
“I won’t play tennis,Growing up in San Francisco, California,Open a trading company,Come over the last time to talk to Wal-Mart,Annadasia unexpectedly。Really difficult to believe,Her family is so beautiful,So what person is she?,elder brother?”
In order not to have something to do,John did not recognize John·Walton,Unfortunately, it doesn’t work.,The other party still prevents him like a thief
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Anna Atas is not deep,Twenty year old age,It is still in a beautiful life full of fantasy.。
John, 38 years old this year·Walton different。
He as a soldier,Listening to the Wal-Mart Group Headquarters,The dark corner of rich people lives almost,I have already seen this society。