He also said a word,“Laura did not die,I just stunged her.,And told this thing to Gilmo。”

Toned,Eye glittering a cooler,Also,“I suspect that Laura has a problem.,I hope that Williams will not let me down.。”
……At the same time。
On the rooftop of a building。
At this moment, there is a person。
He has a single hand behind,Looking at the crowd below。
Those police are maintaining public security,Many injured people were carried out ambulance,There are more reporters in taking pictures and reports。
This person with a strange copper mask,A pair of eyes is similar to the sea。
He did not send,Quietly look at the scene of the chaos。
For a long time。
He only sink,“Chu Shanhe,I know you are following me.,Come out。”
Fall into the voice,One of the air came from the air。
Turn on a http://www.qlyflower.cn body shape,Standing on copper mask men。
This person also took a slate mask.,Wear a black robes,Give people a subordinate icy。
“Liuhe Mountain,You are alert。”
The man named the Chu Mountain river is surprised.,“You have long you know that I am following you??”
The bronze coil mask, known as Liuhe Mountain, immediately cold,“After the last battle,I was noticeable.。
You also know,People like you, I have a person who can be seen,Sensitive to some unknown dangers。
But I am not sure is you。”
Toned,The scorpion that passes through the mask flashes cold light。
“Chu Shanhe,You and the cattle nose,I am not your opponent.,But now a person,I really thought that I couldn’t you??
You can master my whereabouts,Last time fight,You should take the opportunity to give me a tare.,And it is a thousand miles,Wrong。
http://www.lvgenhai.cn Otherwise,How can you track my whereabouts?。”
Extremely special beep,Human body is harmless,But there is a magical role。
As long as it is under,Can feel in a thousand miles。
If the armored mask is really a Chushan River,He will have this rare pepper,That’s not a surprise。
After all, he was the leader of the Creator Alliance, Huizhen District, forty years ago.。
At that year, the founding of the founding is even large.。
Not only research on various genetic liquids,It is also the serum of special ethnic countries around the world.,And the Tan Medicine Secrets, Ancient Wamese, http://www.cwj-dj.cn etc.。