Wu Xiuxiu this,Still。

She has now many spectators now.,All is because of Xuan Ge。
If you still come to the http://www.dingchengsm.cn audience at this time,Then I can’t say it.。
She wants to use Xuan brother to drainage,But absolutely can’t morality!
Finish,Turn off live broadcast,Follow Xue Qing to prepare for breakfast。
Waiting for Shen Xuan to wash,Xue Qing is busy a morning,Breakfast is also almost。
“These are what you did.?”
Shen Xuan is a surprised,Egg cookies on the table,Peanut rice,pickle,And a pot of porridge!
Xue Qing nodded,“Nothing else is nothing else at home.,Vegetables are still in place,I didn’t get it.,Cook a pot of porridge,hope you do not mind!”
“I have anything to eat.!”
Shen Xuan swayed,I shouted Lin Wei again.,Four people sat down together。
“Today, this meal is Xue Qing’s credit.,Croissant is really good!”
Shen Xuan said the initiative to praise。
“Pupil,Your cooking is really good!”
Lin Wei also praised it,“I will learn from you later.!”
“OK,As long as you don’t discard,I am willing to be willing.!”
Xue Qing is also a poor child.,Natural cooking, no problem,Lin Wei is a friend of Shen Xuan,In the http://www.art0393.cn future, it is a neighbor.,Teaching cooking nature is no problem。
“This relationship is with Xuan Ge,What we teach?!”
Wu Xiuxiu said a sense of consciousness。
Lin Wei’s face is stiff!
I suddenly didn’t know what to say.!
“Be right,Just get married,Please take us to eat sugar。”
Xue Qing’s beads turn,Suddenly I didn’t say one sentence.。
Lin Wei brows wrinkled,She faintly heard another story in Xue Qing.。
NS59Chapter there is an opportunity
As a woman,Lin Wei still can listen,Xue Qing seems to be a relationship between her and Shenxuan!
From that moment,She can look out,Xue Qing’s Shen Xuan,It is so point-to-point!
But you appear,She is also very clear。