It is necessary to start waiting for the report.,In order to further improve the relevant inspections and treatment programs。
NS23chapter Incidents of urination
This night,Zhou Ye’s first time because night shifts sleep in the duty room of the respiratory department。
The doctor’s duty room is a place to take a lunch break and night shift in the next day.。
When I http://www.3dzixun.cn am afraid of Wusian, I usually take a rest in the suite that I will rent it.。
It’s true here to come here.!
Doctor is very simple,Take four beds in a narrow room。
Most of the rest of this rest at noon is the main rule of the Rock。
Shu Dehe and Weekvel I don’t like to stay in the doctor’s duty room.,Because both male compatriots,Strange!
It’s also tired, but sleep in the nurse duty room.。
So the whole room has a breath of men’s stinky socks.!
Don’t let the aunt swept sweeping!
This taste is a Rouge!
Zhou Ye is in the heart of the heart.。
“sleep early,There is something wrong at night.,You get up。”Chen Riyuan lying on the bed opposite Zhou Ye, suddenly said。
Zhou Ye,Heart is seven on the top eight。
Let me handle?
I have not been tested in the qualification certificate of the practicing http://www.seatonhouse.cn physician.……Is this illegal practice??
This can be a bit virtual.!
What should I do?!
But he still nodded,“OK,director,Do you safely?。”
Chen Riyuan settled the heart to cultivate Zhou Ye。
I can’t let him down.!
And it is not in force……
wrong!Handling patients,Then contact Chen Riyuan is fine.!
What is easy?!
Zhou Jixu is so thinking,Gradually, it is not afraid.。
Chen Riyuan did not turn off the light。
This is his habit of duty,Because once the light is closed,He is very easy to fall asleep。
If you really get a rescue in the middle of the night,Will be mentally。
“If you can’t http://www.nygwwl.cn process,You will call me.,I will get up,Do not be afraid,Let go。”Chen Riyuan is not worried,Put all the powers to Yes Ye。
In this way, Chen Riyuan is ready to sleep in bed.。
It is23point00Minute!
Hope to be safe tonight!
Don’t let me do any rescue!
Zhou Ye prayed in my heart。
He sat on the bed and brush it for a while.,Tired,Slide to bed,I am also ready to sleep.。
Close your eyes2minute,Suddenly, the phone voice sounded.!