Just even expressed the pessimistic opinion and Zhang Yaoping,I just laughed.,There is no http://www.ctigaojie.cn speech。

Only Wu Qingdong eyes bright,I feel caught in the opportunity to find a game.,Hornyunda:“Sure enough, it is optimistic.,Lee is not enough,Also far more than the disadvantage,Wang is always a bit too optimistic.?
According to your statement,The risk of access to the world can be ignored,There is only one opportunity.?How can this be?
Don’t say anything else,What kind of challenges you just discussed??
How to overcome the future potentially unpredictable risks?
Nothing,Just say that Level is more than the disadvantage,Wang is always too blindly confident.?”
Wang Xi smiled and asked:“What is the way to deal with just a few teachers??I still need to say more.?Or……Wu Tuan is on the position of the expert,What is deep insight??”
Wu Qingdong’s face,Instant dumb,He also participated in the summary.,Several strategies have also been contributed,Now overthrow now,Isn’t it my own face??
I don’t know who I suddenly smiled.,Then drive the whole game to laugh together。
Wu Qingdong’s face,Feeling a bursting on the face。
The host is also a bit rigorous,At the same time, there is a little speechless,Heartway:“I have passed for you.,Why do you have to pick up the head??it’s good now,Pay with yourself?”
Tucao,As a host, he did not forget his responsibilities.,Round field:“The way to deal with it has just been discussed.,I believe that it should still be very known.。
Now is an interactive link,Don’t do specific discussion,Let’s continue the question and answer.,Who else does I ask if I want to ask??
The lady in the fifth row in the middle of white clothes,Do you have any questions??”
NS340chapter It is a high professor’s consciousness.
The king did not put it.,Smile,No more words。
Forum back to the right track,Continue to start the question and answer link,What unexpected appearances,The host has some viewers in a row.,Successfully interact,The forum is also close to the end。
Moderator:“I don’t know if I have passed for two hours.,Good time is so fast,Today’s forum is here to end.,Thanks to several teachers to come over.,Also thank all the audience to come to join,thank you all,Let’s see you next time。”
At the stage, everyone will get up,Ready to leave。
Wang Flow is also ready to leave,Just get up,The high cold sister of the neighbor is suddenly standing.,Dragonfly,Almost a cold face is also rare to bring a smile,Pull out a business card,Paid:
“Hello Wang,Long-lasting,I didn’t expect to touch you here.,this is my name card,I hope you can accept it.。”
Help……Also thought you have more indifference?,I didn’t expect it to understand the world.……Wang Flow,I pleaded with my business card.,Looking down at the eye name:Ling Xue……
Still quite a person name,White like snow,Recently, a few points。
Ritual,Wang Flow also took a business card,Hand over:“this is mine,Nice to meet you,Miss Ling。”
Lingxue is equally pleased,May be,It may also be the purpose of getting awareness.,I haven’t said more after the time is exchanged.,Simple and cold,It is agreed to have a chance to eat together.,I will tell the first。
Wang http://www.jianyue-ad.cn Liu is also ready to go,Suddenly a group of people came over。
“Hello, you are good.,Nice to meet you。”
“this is my name card,Be sure to receive。”
“Total Wang……”
Sound here,A circle of people held a famous film,The attitude can be more enthusiastic than Ling Xue。
The king suddenly regretted,I know that I just didn’t have more effort with Wu Qingdong.,Come now,Identity exposure,People are also surrounded,Lost, Qiqi and Ma Jiaming are not good,Be blocked in front of him,Otherwise, I am afraid that I will be difficult to get out.。
I want to receive a business card one by one.,Then arched:“Thank you for lifting,I have received my business card.,But very sorry,My business card has no enough,I can’t send it to everyone.,Next time,Next time I will give you everyone.,Sorry, I am sorry.。”
Everyone is a little http://www.jiyinjiancewang.cn disappointed,But the king said so.,Not too much to say anything else,Everyone laughs,Then I saw it.。
Zhou Zhixion has gone from the stage.,Wait next to laughing, huh,After waiting for the people, he will welcome it.:“Wang has always been very popular.,Come and participate in a forum,There are so many people take the initiative to make。”
Wang traffic white:“Not all you are trouble。”
Zhou Zhixiong laughed:“I also want to help you.,See you is questioned,I can’t always be indifferent.,As for this situation,I didn’t expect it.。”
Wang Liu naturally knows that he is so good,Don’t say more,Faint:“okay,No explanation,I understand,Time is not early,Let go。”
“Eh,it is good。”Zhou Zhixiong,Walk outside the door with the king。