Express opinions about interpersonal relationships

Express opinions about interpersonal relationships

From your attitude towards third parties, you can judge your relationships.

  When your friend is wearing a new shirt, you don’t think it is consistent.

If he asks for your opinion: “What do you think of this shirt?

“What would you answer.


Whatever you say, take into consideration the mood of the other person and merge the prefixes.


Silently silent.


Say what you really think.


Think about it in your heart first. Why did he wear this dress?

Tenderly express your opinion.

  Answer: Choice A: Simple testimonials.

When thinking about things, focus on the other party.

It is a type that does not conflict with others.

Although maintaining a good relationship, it is impossible to penetrate into each other’s heart.

  Option B: the so-called “inward-facing”.

Doing everything is horrible, and it is difficult to interact with people smoothly.

  Choice C: No matter what, the “activists” who will speak immediately.

Don’t lie, likes and dislikes are written in the union, so sometimes it offends others.

Such people should pay special attention to their daily interactions.

  Choice D: It belongs to the comparative subject and looks at the type of people calmly.

Be able to look at others without prejudice.