Apply deodorant before men’s fitness!


Apply deodorant before men’s fitness!

Men go to the gym mainly to build muscles and make themselves stronger and more popular with women.

However, during the exercise, some men ignored the presence of women.

Feel free to be shirtless and take off your shoes and socks.
These habits really make women unhappy.

No favor, but boredom increases.

So, how should men dress in the gym!

Some people think that it is enough to wear comfortably, and the problem of more fitness for men is body odor.

Many women support this view, thinking: Men must take a bottle of body lotion for fitness!

  Strong muscles, wide plaster, and body maintenance are no longer women’s patents. Regular guests in the gym equipment area throughout the year are the trendy men who focus on body.

But what puzzles many women is that too many men who are worthy of appearance don’t pay much attention to many details of civilization, and repeatedly notice that it doesn’t work. The gym leader even classifies them as “difficult households”.

  Fitness is not the same as “showing” more and more fashionable men and women stepping into the gym. A healthy and healthy attitude towards life is worthy of praise. However, by gradually increasing the temperature, fashionable men in the gym also begin to change in timeDressing up and practicing the equipment naked toplessly made the ladies unhappy.

  ”At first I felt embarrassed. After all, I was a stranger, and it was very uncomfortable to appear naked in front of others.

“Some people may think that exercising is your own business. What you wear as long as you feel comfortable, but the gym is a public place after all. The lady also said:” Fitness is a very healthy thing and it requires civilized behavior.Maybe some men are just for the figure, then it loses the meaning of fitness.

“Suggestion: During exercise, the body will emit a lot of sweat. Shirtless fitness will recover the sweat and contact the fitness equipment, which may easily cause the equipment to slip and cause injury.

The scientific fitness method should be wearing a top, and preferably a cotton top that absorbs sweat.

  Personal hygiene is worrying. Do n’t think that perfume is the favorite of mature women. If the fashionable man ‘s bag does not have a bottle of perfume, he will be despised. There is no perfume, and he should also prepare a bottle after sweating happily.Antiperspirant fragrance.

  But some well-dressed men, even going in and out of high-end fitness clubs, have to challenge your olfactory nerves.

Ms. Wang’s grades are bitter. “Some men have a strong body odor and even affect the normal movement of others, making people want to escape immediately.

  Maybe he didn’t pay attention, but using some antiperspirant fragrance is also the basic etiquette.

“”, What puzzled Ms. Wang is that some men will take off their shoes or even deodorant socks immediately after finishing fitness, and put on a straightforward look, it is easy to associate with “man who can not take care of himself”, and fashionable menThe appearance is very different.

  Recommendation: Men in the gym use antiperspirant fragrance before starting fitness. This is not only to give people a healthy and easy feeling, but also to bring a good mood to their fitness.