Gano,It was suppressed by summer life.。

For him,This is a difficult frustration。
Ancient strong,Although the road to be trapped,But for so many years,In addition to life restrictions,Regardless of the trick,Still the strength of the celloa,Let Ganan do not put the power of the world in their eyes.。
Especially in the first day,The other party is not a young man in the virtual area.。
But now it is pressed to play everywhere.。
Once,He faces the summer with a high high gesture,At this time, there is a feeling of crazying.。
How is it。
What is the ancient power?。
Be more younger than younger,More mad,More strong。
the other side,Ji Bao bottle is equally in the fight。
But the two are not desperate。
Although the Ji Bao Bot is firmly suppressed,But it is impossible to share the winning and negative in a short time.。
Moreover,There is also a law enforcement’s identity to make her scruple。
Maybe,But if the town kills a cave deficiency,The consequences caused are unpredictable。
So what she appeared in facts is the same as the light,Stop each other,Form a new balance。
And she occupies the wind,So always pay attention to the situation of the other side。
Summer Summer Golden Needle,Nature is also in the eyes。
Although it is pressed at this moment,But there is no joy in the heart of the Ji Bao bottle.。
She is very clear,Golden needle,It’s too big to hurt your body.,And there is a sequelae that is difficult to eradication。
But it is a light,At this heart。
In fact, the status of this moment will surprise him.,The heart is already born with birth.。
Gan wants to defeat,Even today will die in the hands of summer。
He doesn’t want to follow。
Gano Yangzhi Chang Xiao,Tiger,Continuous collision with summer swords,At the same time, each hand feet also continuous high speed。
In a thoroughty,Two people are quickly separated。
Gano’s figure trembled,Left hand touchs your rib,Under one touch,Coldness,I have broken three ribs.。
And the right leg and the left arm also passed pain,He can even feel cracks in their bones.。
But he did not hesitate,Lift the knife and still lightning out。
Ganoi wants to crack,Sword driver。
It is also a combination of murder.,Two people shot a bloody arrow。
Then, the two sides are simultaneously。
All desperately。