Lu Hao Cheng:“”This stinky,Really wants to live。

“I have not jealous,You eat your chicken。”
Lu Hao Cheng also picked up a piece of eating。
Blue Xinmouwei,Small piece of small pieces of tearing to eat。
“what”Lu Haocheng also makes it over,Zhang mouth to eat。
Blue Xin looked at him laughing,Take a piece of chicken and feed it in his mouth.。
Lu Haocheng took a smile,“My wife is feeding is delicious.。”
“Ouch!True meat。”
Blue son can’t stand it。
Lu Haocheng smiled,“Waiting for you to grow up later,With a lover,You know this kind of feelings.。”
Blue and blue stars flashed:“dad,You said you,Waiting for my mother for so many years,How did you stick to it??”
Dad’s insistence,Let him feel very moving,A person,Worried about another person,Can you wait for so long?,Never give up,Can be written into one。
Lu Haocheng looked at Blue Xin,Think about waiting for these years,Everything is worth。
“Ran Ran,Waiting for a person, very happy,Also lonely。
I am still a person when I wake up at night.,very lonely,When you look at the sun from the east every morning from the east,I feel very happy,Maybe I am waiting for the person,Just by my side,It can be encountered by turning,I feel more than a day every day.。
I have encountered this with your mother like this.。
and,In a few days,Just find that your mother is what I have been waiting.,Because I have all my thoughts,All in her body,Even if only a little hope,I have never given up.。”
“I first saw your mother’s mom.,I feel very familiar with her eyes.,Just because this is familiarity,A little investigation,turn out to be,Your mother is really what I want, etc.。”
Blue Xin smiled at him.,“thank you,Always paying attention to me。”
Lu Haochi smiled:“After the blue blue, I will remember to love me.。”
“Cough”Blue son can’t stand it,He is waiting for Dad,Just like being robbed。
“dad,You are really a meat.,I still have one in the middle of you.。”
Blue sorrow refers to himself。
He wants to enjoy my mother today.,Don’t need Dad,Dad only meat。
Lu Hao Cheng:“Stinky boy,I want to date your mother.,Your mother is going to see you.,I am still not happy now.,You give me now a good eating now.,After you finish, send you back.,I and your mother will then date。”
Blue and blue:“”He suddenly reached out and holding his mother’s arm,Oath of a face,“do not want,My mother belongs to me today.,Don’t want to grab your mother with me.。”
“hehe”Blue Xin looked at their father and son.,Can’t help but laugh。
“All right,Today, I will stay with your father and son.,I want to eat anything.,This is okay.?”
Lu Haozheng is still a little or willing。
Blue sodes, but I have some points.,“Mother,We went to night tonight.,Golden splendid night city,Beautiful scenery,We can enjoy spectacular ancient buildings,Can eat snacks there,I listen to the assistant saying it is very beautiful.,I haven’t had a chance.。”
Blue Xinyi, no night city,Also excited to nod,“well,Where did I have a small time when I am small?,I haven’t been to it later.,Is there a very red net red snack street??
Go see,The scenery in the evening is very romantic。”
NS1023chapter:You are really stupid
Lu Haocheng saw she wanted to go,Also said:“Blue,Then let’s go for a while。”
“Uh-huh!”Blue Xin clear eyes looked at him smile,More laughing happiness。
Blue sneak looks at the mother’s happiness,For Dad, vertical thumb。
“dad,Can make my mother so happy,thank you!”Blueness is sincere,Mom like this happiness is before I have never seen it.。
Seven years,Mom is very busy,She is afraid of being free.,The family must be hungry。
Lu Haocheng listened to his son, thank you.,The bottom is very warm,“Dad will also make your brothers and sisters happily。”