A look at the situation on the court,Even if Xu Feifei did it together,They have little chance of winning。Xia Jian immediately decided,As the saying goes:“Catch the thieves first,As long as the long hair is subdued,Don’t worry if you don’t listen to him“

Thought of this,Xia Jian rushed forward,Fist left,Right hand one hook,He hooked on Long Mao’s neck。Long hair may not have thought,People must find a soft place to fight first,I didn’t expect this Xia Jian to come straight to him,Really a strange person。
Long hair can hold so many people,Nature is not weak。He shakes,People have taken a half step away,Xia Jian’s catch naturally failed。At this time, Xu Feifei saw Xia Jian’s intention,She suddenly attacked from the side,Also take long hair straight http://www.eiviy.cn away。
Such a pinch,Long hair can’t handle it for a while,He shrank suddenly,Want to sneak out of Xia Jian and Xu Feifei,But because he tried too hard,A long hair actually flew。
How can Xia Jian, who is sharp-eyed, let go of such a good opportunity,He grabbed it,Just caught on the long hair。Xia Jian took the opportunity to move forward,Roll your hand along the tip of the long hair,Grabbed the long hair。
Long Mao panicked now,He just wanted to fight back,Xu Feifei is behind him,A cold thing hit his waist:“be honest!Be careful of fire“
Long hair,Face pale,He murmured:“You really are a policeman?Hey!Slow start“Who are the hairy men,All surrounded,But when I saw that the boss was under control,They dare not act rashly。
“All the people who told you back off,Otherwise some people feel better“Xia Jian said,Lift is a kick。This kick hits the hairy knee,This guy has a crooked mouth,Kneeling on one knee。
Xia Jian didn’t use his foot lightly,I saw hairy pain and my mouth cracked,But Xia Jianneng could see,A hundred dissatisfaction in this person’s heart,He will definitely resist。
“Bros!Leave me alone,Made a few of them,Run quickly!“Shao Mao said harshly。
Xia Jianyi listen,Shouted:“You dare to step forward,I killed him on the spot,Don’t believe it, let’s try“Xia Jian said,Another kick。Shaggy kneeling on the ground with this kick。
“Leave me alone,Or do them,Or run away ,Time is too late“Roar loudly。
suddenly,Among these people,I don’t know who yelled:“We fight!“His voice,Undoubtedly*。The scene suddenly got out http://www.oppjo.cn of control,These guys all show the guys on them,Pounced towards Xia Jian and Xu Feifei。Seeing a battle of life and death is about to happen。