Even now is now,He http://www.tjb-art.cn didn’t feel more in the summer.,At most, it is the same as yourself.。

The other party will force himself,But it is an advantage of the first hand.。
People have not arrived。
The air is like a sound of the general tear。
Summer mouth is unique。
He still does not have any complicated action,There is no flourishing move,Still a punch。
Two people exchange a punch,All bombarded the elbow above the opponent block。
But the result is different。
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Do not move,Youth retreat again。
Summer is like shaped,Second boxing。
Every punch,The youth is not only,Hourly overflowing blood。
When the third box falls,Catch a crisp,The youth’s right arm is soft and http://www.pkei8s.cn sloppy。
He sent a boring,Stomach,But how can he take him away?,The figure has a very amazing arc,Direct appearance on the left side of the youth,Another punch。
Squeaky,Youth only feels a series of harassing,The left arm is also interrupted by a punch.。
His face is white,But there is no shouting,But quickly moving the body,Want to retreat。
But the summer does not give him a chance,Sticky,Still,The sound sounds in the air again,Finally, picking to pick up the sputum。
Youth finally issued a scream,Hemorrhagic blood in the mouth。
When he quits five steps。
The body is like a scarecrow that lost support.,A planted land。
Body twitching,即 动 动 动,I don’t know if it is dead.。
Point in the eyes,I saw youth’s chest collapsed.,And his two legs,Also distorted in an anti-joint posture。
All this http://www.czshunhao.cn happens very fast。
More than ten seconds before and after。
People who are nearly have no time to avoid。