Summer eyes catch up。

Chin,God means deep。
Who is summer?。
If you say it is welcome.,Eye eyelashes are empty。
What is going on?,What I have never seen。
This man named Guo Xing,No reason to run,Let him save the farm……This means of incoming flow,Too much。
He never meditation with the biggest malicious speculation.。
Just think,Can be reversed to launch dozens of recruitment。
His mouth hooked a curvature,Stare at each other,Do not speak。
The expression on Guo Xing face gradually solidified,Leaching a layer of fine cold sweat forehead。
The heart is not from accelerating。
He is sent to people。
Time,It is repeatedly in the dark.,Be sure to put the summer。
Many things don’t know,Guo Xing is a dog leg,It has fallen about some of them.。
Nothing to find someone to kick the farm,Let the summer are ugly。
“Xia Master,The coming people are the four-product Treatment of the Shenhai Chamber of Commerce.,Very arrogant,Just a few questions, Li Lao and Zhang are unable to live.,I can only ask you to take a look.……”Summer standing,Pick up the identification of the secret treasure,Walk to the left wall,Put the secret boar into the dark。
Push in the inside。
Grid close,Slimming light。
Summer voice came over,“It’s not my business。”
“Uh……”Guo Xingyi。
He rushed to show excitement,“Xia Master,The other party is challenged our Dongfeng Will no one.,On this moment,Extremely humiliated us,You are the five-product refinery masters of our Chamber of Commerce.,Also related to your dignity……”Summer is not awkward,Go to the other side,From an open lattice,Pick up a long knife。
Turn back。
Sound,Still repeat the previous sentence,“It’s not my business。”
Guo Xing God is wrong,“You are the masters of our respect,Another one of the Dongfeng Bank,Rate……”“Ah。”
Summer smiling,“When did I become a copy of the Dongfeng??
Who told you that?”
Guo Xing is big,“difficult,Isn’t it??”
Summary,Low eyebrows and long swords in their hands。
“I am just working with Dongfeng Darow.,You are challenged by people,Let me solve?
What is this。”
He waves hands,“go out,Don’t bother me。”
Guo Xing Zhang Zhangzhao,Speak without saying。
He has a deep breath,The fist is cleared and released.,Turn away。
“and many more。”
Just walk to the door,Summer sound。