Dao Zun and Ghost Valley Choose Hidden World,And open up the road of Changsheng,It was because there was a powerful enemy.,Or powerful forces。

But two people are hard to imagine,I can’t understand。
More than two thousand years ago,The era of hundreds of homing Huang old school,What is the powerful enemy?。
Is Dao Zun Laozi not strong enough??
Is the ghost valley not strong enough??
What is the existence?,Let these two powerful characters choose hidden world,Open up the road of Changsheng。
Even the Ear Junhao also speculate,The ghost valley teaches so many disciples,Since the Qinhuang,Help him all the six countries。
Many of them are good at fighting,For example, many vertical,And soldiers, etc.。
But they all choose to help Qinhuang unified,Who wants to play。
Even for two thousand years,So far is still a mystery。
That so-called powerful enemy,Orgascent force,I have no slightness since I since I。
And the mysterious man’s words,Instantly let summer solve。
The earth is like a big room,Connect many small suite,Those small suite,A small world。
This is to play with the majority of the world.。
“Two thousand years,Your world has always been stable,in this case,Those hidden dangers are really solved by their teachers.。”
Mysterious man sighs,I don’t know if I am regret.,Still,“I will listen to it.,I am not the people of your world.,This small world in the Changsheng Road,Is my hometown。”
Even if you speculate,Summer heart is still awkward。
He asked,“You are chapsed?”
Mysterious man laughs up,Self-department and helpless,More is the tragicity of silk,“My hometown is broken,Many people died,I have led the ethnic group http://www.guanyinhong.cn to come to your world.,Ushered,Nature is a killing。”
He shook his head,“This is no wonder you,After all, we are outsiders.,We only want to live,And you are worried about the world’s pattern and turmoil,So I made a transaction with the ghost valley.。”
Summer vertical ear,Quiet, etc.。
Mysterious man,“Master of all gold tower above the hometown,All are killed by me personally,Ghost Valley and apprentice promised to find a perched on the rest of the people,And I am the only ivered realm.,Then need to give him the road to the Changsheng,Until death。”
Summer heart picking waves。
Lomé used to talk to him,After the sacred realm,Self-strength can’t be converted in realm。
It is divided into three kinds。
Gold tower、legend、Unique。
Golda master,As the name suggestion,It is a master standing at the http://www.chousx.cn top of the pyramid.。
Certainty,The so-called gold tower master is more inclined to the existence of one party,Can sit in the town。
As for the legendary master,It is stronger than the gold tower master,But the definition of the legendary-class itself is very blurred.。
Summer can be considered leid,Luomi、Ear family、Liuhe Mountain、Jun Lin、Even those half of the West,Belong to the legendary level。
Even the rush of the cave deficiency,Also belong to the legendary master。
Different,It is a rocking distance 凡 仅 仅 差。
So this kind of master has‘See God’Title。