Does this bite off the arm of a different monster?,It even blows up this strange monster!
The different monster flew out,Pools of rotten meat fell from its fat body。
It’s unusually angry,The umbrella-shaped pleated neck opens up again,Became an outside mouth,Countless fangs grew out of the cortex of the neck fold,Densely packed like needles,Each is sharp and highly toxic!
Just when it bites the black dragon,A bunch of bright lights fell obliquely in the sky,They are like spears,Pierced the earth fiercely,There is no skin defense on the alien lizard,When the light feather spear stabbed,Almost pierced it through。
The different monster made a painful and sharp cry,Its other three claws keep flapping http://www.cwyp8888.cn and tumbling,The silt underneath rolled over,Turned into two turbulent mud floods and headed towards the black tornado of refining embers。
Refining the black dragon raised his head and roared,The predator’s breath turned into a black storm,Wash away these mud floods。
Scream,Cangluan and Qinglong don’t know when his feathers are about to burn,Dazzling,In this dark night it’s like a rising cyan sun,And swooped down with the majestic destruction light!
The night is illuminated like the day,People on the wall can see this shocking scene from a distance。
At first the old officials thought that only some lizards were attacking the town this time.,Occasionally there will be a few demons,But when the blue light tears through the thick darkness,He caught a glimpse of the four thousand year old monster lizard,Creeping outside the city like a swamp http://www.hongye663.cn death……
The living people in a city seem to be dissatisfied with the extremely fat stomach of this alien lizard,Not to mention that it also leads many red-necked lizards!
And at the moment,Cangluan, the green dragon and the black dragon of refining cinders jointly display the power,Is destroying this terrible marsh monster,In the dazzling light, he saw the body of the alien lizard torn apart,Turned to pieces by the extremely powerful light!
Subsequently,The newly evolved Cinder Black Dragon opened its mouth even more,Where is the dragon’s breath it spit out,It is clearly a black volcano erupting without warning,Lava and ashes poured together,Let those pieces of debris quickly burn to ashes!!
The glory lasted for a long time,The black flame also remains on the ground outside the city。
The bare outside of the city http://www.banyn.cn turned into scorched earth,The marsh wetland further away was also evaporated to hard soil。
All the lizards have been wiped out。