“Someone,Someone rushed out suddenly!”

Lao Man is also a little shocked,I didn’t know what happened just now,A figure suddenly appeared in front of the car,He subconsciously slammed the brakes。
Waiting for him to see that it is Empress Mo Xiaosheng running ahead,He opened his mouth wide in surprise,Wasn’t this kid still behind??
The speed of 80 miles,How did he catch up?!
“How is this melon baby?!”President Luo was shocked after seeing Mo Xiaosheng。
“I do not know,Appeared suddenly,So fucking weird,Will he be a long-distance runner?!”Old man wondered,Is the best long-distance runner,Can’t be so fast,He remembers that Bolt’s fastest is only 37-78 km/h。
“whatever,Quickly let him go,Don’t delay our business!”Mr. Luo rubbed his head and said angrily。
The driver honked his horn vigorously,But Mo Xiaosheng seemed to have heard nothing,Running freely ahead。
“Kid,Step aside,Block Laozi!”Lao Man rolled down the car window,Leaning out and shouting at Mo Xiaosheng。
But Mo Xiaosheng didn’t react at all,Still running slowly。
“Believe it or not, I killed you!Fuck you mom of!”
Lao Man also saw that Mo Xiaosheng did it on purpose,Suddenly raged。
Mo Xiaosheng still ignored him,Always run in the middle of the road。