Beware of Sunday depression threatening you

Beware of Sunday depression threatening you

On Sundays and other holidays, do you feel lonely, restless and restless?

Psychologists call this phenomenon “Sunday depression.”

  Solitary men and women: Beware of Sunday depression threatening you. “Sunday depression” is both a mental illness and a social illness.

The most important thing is that the psychological conflict of “what I want to do and what I should do” can not be resolved on Sunday. The long-term life between couples and single life are the direct causes of depression.

  For example, overseas workers, migrant workers, and businessmen from different places, one to Sunday, seeing the reunion of people around them on holidays, sharing the joy of family, anxiety will be particularly prominent, and often hostile.

  Similar phenomena occur from time to time in some special occupations, such as seafarers, geological surveys, drilling workers, police officers, etc. Due to the different nature of work, Sundays and holidays are irregular, couples often cannot be together, and the working environment is not stable.As satisfactory as possible, there was nowhere to vent his dissatisfaction, and finally a psychological stress was formed.

  ”Sunday depression” solution: First, get up early, write a letter or call a distant partner.

  Second, develop personal hobbies.

  Third, travel or participate in some social activities.

  Fourth, talk to friends and relatives.

  Fifth, do some housework within your ability.

  6. See a psychologist if necessary.