Baby is bitten by mosquito

Baby is bitten by mosquito

Since the beginning of May, the number of children with skin allergies caused by mosquito bites that have been received by the dermatology department has gradually increased. The majority of children are infants under 2 years old.

Ordinary parents of mosquito bites do not need to pay much attention, but if the baby is allergic, they will become highly swollen after being bitten.

Biting in loose areas of the skin such as the arms, eyes, etc., will swell especially.

Babies like this should be sent to the hospital for injection of anti-allergic drugs, otherwise, once the skin is scratched, it will easily cause infection.

Once your baby has scratched the wound, do not use wind oil, as its alcohol content can burn the wound.

In addition, such things as toilet water and gardenia powder can only relieve itching and cannot inhibit the anti-allergic effect.