Who doesn’t know,In the invitation of the rivers and lakes in the past 20 years,I went to the Lushan Wuyue Conference with the Chu Deirers.?

Even rumors say two people……Cough!In short, it is the relationship.。
So now Chu Deirers from Wuxi,Starry night to Changsha,Where is it??
Don’t know everyone、Everyone is also very curious.,Important wind,Naturally, the Chu deer arrived in Changsha.,Who will visit?。
“Chu is old!He is not afraid of being a criminal,Side people don’t dare to visit my elder generation,He must dare!”
“That may not be,He is not afraid of the sinjiang heroes,But……How do you think about people?,Will also stand on the side of the floral palace?”
“Neither,The rumors of the Jiang Bifai,Obviously the people who are being aggranted are in transmission.。”
“How can I go to see the goblin?,No matter who,Flower gongzi is also a human……younger generation?”
“Humph!You really believe in those style?That is invited to the Moon Master,how is this possible……However, I heard that Chu is too old and the flowers and flowers are true.。”
“Hiss……It’s going to be two times.,Look at Chu is so left or to the right……what?How to get over?”
“Where is it??”
Chu Deiren went to the group、Jade、hospital!
Jianghu people:???
Chu Tai,You are too big.?
This time,You actually……Besides, this big morning,You make people girls overtime,Not suitable?
Half time,Chu Debang is buff。
In addition to detecting news,Chu Deirers have tabulated——Such high-intensity,Even if it is a Chu Deire,Some dust servants。
In the group of jade,Chu Deer got a message。
The situation in the cerebeton is unknown on the night,However, it is true that Jiang Don’t be a crane in the city.,Iron unparalleled,Return to the ground, do not dare to leave。
The home servant at home in the morning,The door of a family is knocking the door,However, busy for a long time,No more。
In the evening,Jiang Bifai’s angry is rushing to find the door,Later……The Douli villa was taken by the person of the family.。
Later, everyone know,It turned out the night before one night,No shortcomings,It seems that there is any adverse evidence points to iron unparalleled。
Jiang Bifai Heyi begins with the influence of iron unparalleled in Sanxiang Wulin,So I didn’t immediately turn my face.,Instead, there is a message,Let the iron go back、But don’t leave Changsha,Waiting, rescue the flowers and say,However……
Flowerless medicinal materials,It is actually bought in advance.,Finally, I have been searched from the Tuli Zhuangzhuang.!
This has a scene of it.,Duan Hefei, the strong dragon hard pressure floor snake,Look at the door of the Lingzhuang。
certainly,Legs in the rivers and lakes,It is not bother to avoid people’s eyes.。
Just at this time, no one dares to visit the iron unparalleled,Iron is not dare“escape”,In order to avoid can’t say!
other things,Changsha Group has no detail,After all, the ability is limited,Also beware of playing grass snake。
But why the medicinal material will be in the Tuli Zhuang,Qun Yizhen is coincidentally——It is indeed the door to the Zhao Xiangling.,That guest is a few days in advance,I will buy an empty medicine.,and……Two days ago,A cool、Still after a wine,I have already known it now.!
This is why Qunyu will know……
Normally,This information should have been asked by Jiang Bifaihe and others.,Group Jade Academy does not receive special orders,It is just that the intelligence http://www.njllm.cn is,The surface is the home ordinary brothel,Will not be enemies with anyone,This“Illness”Asked by Jiangnan Heroes,Don’t confidential。
But because of the case of the relationship、Transfusion,The people here are directly,Casually banned the flowerkui and several kinds of wine,Secret this matter,Do you want to say it?,Be the Lord!
Chu Deer estimation,Now Jiang Bifai Crane should be in a wise,Why is you ready for evidence?,At this time, there is a confidentiality of the confidentiality of violation of the institution.……
However, the Chu Deiren did not pay attention to his wondering.,Since the shortage is awake、Danger,Then I will go see my old friend first.。
“stop!Here is the murderer,I am waiting for it here.……Oy!”
The family slave,Don’t take the rivers and lakes、Didn’t recognize Chu Deirers,At this time, it http://www.en10216.cn is also a high tole.,The result is a solid knife。