Seeing the summer,The two immediately changed the color。

Standing next to the seat,Sitting is not,Nor,His face is trying to smile,But laughing is more ugly。
Summer did not show anything,Nothing to put stance。
Sorcting on the seat,Pick up a magazine cover your face,bunk。
So,Let this for middle-aged couples carefully。
“You go with the old Wei to change the seat。”
Men’s lower sound,“Child is too noisy。”
Talk time,The remaining light refers to the summer。
Young woman,Then take two children to back。
After a moment,A man came over,It is also one of the people who have been ridiculed in the summer.。
Middle-aged man doing a sound,Refers to the summer of the fake,Modeful to the companion。
Two people sit down,The atmosphere does not dare to breathe。 But how long is this state?,Original aircraft,I suddenly came out a shock。
Vibration is very strong,So that many passengers in the arena sent exclaimed。
More people call the flight attendant?。
“Dear traveler friends,Some small faults have occurred in this flight.,Please don’t panic,Don’t leave the seat,We are working emergency……”A crisp sound of a woman,From the middle of the electronic broadcast。
What!!Aircraft failure?
this……Everyone has changed color。
Aircraft failure,It is easy for people to think of two words——Caverness!Such a thought is in people’s minds,There is no inhibitory spread。
The radio of flight attendants not only didn’t play comfort,Instead, the whole cabin is awkward,Instantaneous confusion。
Someone is pale,Someone shouted,Some people have crying out。
The plane is increasingly dramatic。
And everyone feels itself in a fall.。
“Mom……”“I don’t want to die.……”“……”The whole cabin is more confusing。
“Dear passenger friends,Don’t panic,Here is the Wilsha Islands,We are trying to land,Please don’t panic……”The voice of the flight attendant is repeated in electronic broadcasting。
But anyone can hear,Even if your voice is also flooded with silk fear and uneasiness。
Summer is already sitting straight,Take the window。
really,The plane is falling。
But there is no failure。
And in front of the sea,A group of islands appear in the field of view。
How to land islands?
Summer frown,Face dignified。
But with getting closer,Summer,One of the islands,There is a spacious runway?
Not a runway。
But a road。 Um?
Summer is surprised。