Three people are exclaimed。

Sound,That middle-aged,Same,“Grandeur……Stop him!”
The Western baldness suddenly felt nothing,I don’t want to pull my leg.。
But at the next moment,His body is like a sudden brake.,Gearing two eye beads,Summer looking at the door standing at the door of the coffee house。
He swallowed his mouth,Directly violent,The face is squeezed out of the grunge smile,Running towards the summer,“grown ups……Save me……”
Voice is just,Hong Tian, who was originally prepared to intercept, stopped his body。
Why,His heart gives an unknown sign。
“Big,grown ups……I didn’t expect to meet you here.。”
Western fathers come soon come to the summer,Wipe a sweating of a forehead,“grown ups,I,I really have no bad things.,Please,Please forgive me……”
Summer squint,Obliquely,“Then what do you come to China??”
Not finished,Summer waving,“Come in。”
Say,Turning into coffee house,And Western fathers are also careful,Squeeze the smile on your face,Just laughing is more ugly。
“Finish,How to meet this comet。”Fatty wants to cry without tears,Funeral test。
NS848chapter how much money you have
“Grandeur,Why don’t you stop him?。”
Just after the summer and Western fatigans entered the coffee house,The middle-aged middle-aged middle-aged year before.,Some angry look at Hong Tian。
During his question,There is a relationship between the left side of the street.。
These people are very fast,Short time,More than 20 people gathered behind the middle age。
Obvious,They are together with middle age,Just there is no middle-aged speed。
In other words,They are also three people。
In the face of the left-length old question,Hong Tian did not answer,But asked,“Left,What is the foreigner?,It turned out to make the left geldeo。”
“He is not foreigners。”
Left long face is gloomy,Although it is dissatisfied,But still smashing the sound says a sentence,“His called Sabr,Nun。”
Hong Tian is first,Carefully think,Antenitable,“The traitor in the allies?”
Hong Tian three years ago,But due to power,Have a few highlighted contributions,Finally, I became one of the elders of the three collars.。
so,He knew that the three teachings had an traitor,It is said that it has made a few pieces of evil spirits.,Later, I escaped.。
However, the three-education people have never given up the challenge to him.。
The left long man is the three law enforcement,Not long ago learned Sabr news,Take people secretly arrest。
This time, I’m easy to catch his tail.,Also arrested the most successful one。
“Grandeur,Trouble you brought a few people in the outside,This time you must grab him.。”
Say,Left long and one waved,Square meteor walking to the coffee house。
Just got two steps,Hong Tian’s voice came,Left long old brow,Turn around,Doubt。
I saw Hong Tian finger a coffee house.,“That person entered。”
“Yes,I saw it.。”Left long and old,Vision,“what happened?”
Hong Tian has a deep breath,Watch more than 20 people around,Pumping a lot of mouth,“Left,How much do you have now??”