When I finished Tang Wanxin silently swept a meeting。

Everyone is in a hurry,Know that this is letting them express,The heart is secretly called,The departmental director is at least 10,000 shares.,They are members of these boards,You must buy more。
And the company’s six listed companies,There are more than a dozen parts of the share price.,It is necessary to buy tens of thousands of shares.,Less to do hundreds of thousands,It is also very painful.。
But the boss sent a word,It is the pain of the pain, they also have to buy it.,Everyone has hard score,Have a state。
“I bought 100,000 shares。”
“I also buy 100,000。”
“I bought eight thousand shares。”
Tang Wan Xin Face Soothing,Faint:“It is to make money,Now let you pay attention to buy stocks,I know that this is a bit strong.。
But the company now knows everyone knows,The situation is very critical,We must work together to work hard to have a difficult relationship.。
Everyone has followed me.,I also know everyone.,I am placing here.,As long as the company can get this time,I will never have everyone in the future.。”
Everyone is determined,Get along so long,They are very understanding Tang Wanxin,Although many people have a pit,But for oneself,He has always been very good、Empress,Have him this sentence,The people have the end of the people.。
“What is the words of Tang,The company is also our common cause,You don’t say you don’t say,We will also work hard to help companies have passed this.。”
“Correct,You can rest assured,We must work together,Help the company’s difficulties。”
Everyone has。
Tang Wanxin nodded:“That’s good,The case of the guard is so fixed.,Let’s talk about another thing。
Now that the financial fake is being smashed out by Ming.,The company’s capital chain is not afraid that you can’t hold it.,Be the worst plan,Unintended the company and the creditors of all financial institutions,After listening to the news, collective to the company to pay debts,Redemption crisis,How should we deal with?”
The stock was sold, it is really critical,One response is not good,The stock price of six listed companies in the company is likely to collapse all lines.,The money they are in,The countless heart blood will also be treated with a black,The loss will be very huge。
But compared with the possible redemption crisis,That is not enough.。
Even if the stock price of six listed companies collapsed,They are just a lot of money.,But there is a redemption crisis,That is really a life.。
These years in order to expand,Industrial integration,They borrow too much debt,Too much money,http://www.zbxfgc.cnIf the creditor collects to find the door to debut,It’s still can’t afford him.。
And if you still can’t afford,He uses financial institutions that have been crazy throughout these years.、Division of the east window of misappropriation,More than so many companies will collapse for so many years.,He also has to go in。
And the bias is still very likely to appear,He must prepare in the rain,Carefully try to solve the policy in advance。
Everyone also knows the seriousness of the problem.,Pensive moment,Since the beginning of the prison。
“Don’t pay still,Otherwise, if you have a group event,That question is big。It is a matter of urgent to raise money as soon as possible.,I have to contact the bank.,Reproducing pen money to solve the crisis that may arise。”
“The company’s debt size is not small,Light against bank loans is not enough,I have to think about it from other http://www.wffsj.cn aspects.,I recommend contacting the investment institution.,Some company shares,Introduce external investment,Use this money to block the remaining gap。”
NS520chapter Collapse
“You can’t make all debts,Otherwise it is raising to money,The pressure is too big.,For debts that have not expired,We must be in strict accordance with the contract,Come to ease the pressure to the company。
I suggest a comprehensive investigation of the company’s asset liabilities.,How many debts have been,What need to be as soon as possible?,Which can be temporarily delayed,We have to do it in your heart.。
in addition,The company’s industrial structure has also succeeded,If you really have to get it,Take the machine,Sell some of the assets,To relieve the company’s pressure。”
Tang Wanxin nodded,The company’s various industries have taken a lot of money.,Although it’s a pity,But it is really formous.,Also don’t care so much。
Thermist is broken,Get a strong man。