And when the Ninja in the fog hidden village is not right,The label has been dead in the forest outside the village.。

Dead near the sauce,There is also a ten hidden,And the three ends of the four generations of water shadows are not true.。
Death of the four generations of water and shadow,Directly let the misty village that has been stable,Rethinking in turmoil again。
To say that the fog hidden village is also more difficult,Because of the reason for the night,The fog hidden village is over in advance.“Blood fog”period,But want steady development,It seems like a luxurious,Trouble and continuous。
Savage,The fog hidden village is naturally caught in a chaos,After all, this is a village.。
The same is true when the three generations of water is in the vortex.,The village flooded directly into a mess,Until the powerful streak, the powerful streak is suppressed,It’s just that it is a replay.。
As a lot of villages of the blood,Although there is a rich advantage,But the relative drawback is also very big.。
Because once you encounter this kind of thing,Those bloody families have become uneasy.。
There are all kinds of interest entanglement in the village.,The situation of the use of the rigid shadow of the wooden leaf is different.,Fog hidden village wants to be on the water,You must talk to strength by your wrist.。
That is to say, no matter what you are,Whether it is a big family、Small family and even civilians,As long as your fist is hard enough,You can serve as the place of the water。
And now there is such a chance,Those bloody family in the village,Naturally, I don’t want to give up this opportunity.。
As long as the family can be“Glow”,Then this family will undoubtedly become the first family in the foggy village.。
At this time, the water in the water is in the hall.,A long hair with black black,The beautiful woman is sitting in the top position,Face is full of impatient。
And her head position,It is full of two old ages.,At this time, the old family of hair is white.,Phase hard。
“Quiet,I know that your brothers have a good relationship with the four generations of water shadows.,But now the four generations of water are dead.。
It is a matter of urgent to select a new spray as soon as possible.,Stable situation in the village,Otherwise, the village will be chaotic at the morning and evening.。”
Beautiful woman sitting on the top position,Naturally, the sister of the night, the sister, no month, quiet。
At this time, she is impatient in her face.,Because these days of the old family, the ethnicity of the month,It hasn’t been mentioned more than once.。
At this time, the old guys sitting next,Part is the old man of the water,Part of the family of the forady of the fungus。
Obvious,The idea they at this time is also the same as the old man.,I hope that the water is not to fight for the position.。
Because the water is quiet, it feels this qualification with strength.,As long as she is willing to grab,Hope is not a general big。
In terms of strength,Water is not a month, but is known as the strongest generation“Tacklers seven people”,Plus her grasps of water without month,Whole misty village,Almost can’t find a few opponents。
As for the identity,Water is not a moon, quiet sister, as a third-generation spray disciple,This is exposed before the four generations of water,What is not secret in the village?。
Water is not a moonlight, the identity is the three generations of spots disciples,Strength is also a number of in the village.,Plus before“Blood fog”when,The night saved a lot of groups,Even finally let the four generations of water recovers normal,This also makes her a very high reputation in the village.。
In the long-term people who are in the water,As long as the water is quiet, there is the idea,Plus, the water of the water is helping,This location is completely ten tether。
But what is the place to be a sputum of others,The landscaping of the landscape of the water without the moonlight。
Water is a little bit a little bit,I didn’t know how many times before the water didn’t have a long night.,But the water is not a month.“Water shadow”No interest in the location。
Isn’t this a joke?,She didn’t want to do it.,It belongs completely to the rack of the duck,I still want her to go.“Water shadow”,There is no door!
Chapter 811 There is another genius in the no-life
“Four generations of water,We should not investigate who is dry,Think about how to revenge for him??
Now the water is just dead,You are anxious to think about how to compete for the right in the village.。
I don’t want to fall to such a day.,Anyway, the water shadow, I am not dry.,Who are you want to fight?,You can get yourself,Don’t pull me down。”
I heard the words of the night.,The people who are in the scene are also helpless.。
They want to fight for the place of the water.,But they have their own understanding,Whether it is strength or reputation in the village,It’s far away from the water in front of the water.。