White mini knife sword,Wago,And a large water curtain intertwined,Actually, there is a scene like the end of the world.。

“Rumble”Unable to describe continuous succession。
Twisted waves,The transpirated white fog makes a transparent diaphragm to crack out a taracota-like crack,Rapid hea。
Winter Oste is smashed,Continuous sprint,Horn angle spilled blood。
Although he cared into his body,But the heart and spirit have suffered。
In addition, the two are not strong.。
Even with the most powerful abilities,Even if I finally collapsed the hidden sword,But let them wolf。
The clothes on the body become broken,And leave a wound。
“Summer!Small hybrid!I want to kill you.!”
Three people were shocked and angry,Red neck,Anger to the extreme。
They really didn’t think,This youth never placed in their eyes,It is so powerful。
Such difficult。
To know,The strength of them,Dot a half-level,Even already touched the edge of God。
But even if so,Three people have kill one person,It’s still not going to take the other side now.。
Instead, the wolf of the other party。
A moment of the crash sword rain screen,Fasbind and Pass will not take care of the front。
And Winteos is more concentrated and mental power,Control this space firmly,Increase the force of tearing。
But next second,The three people have changed the color at the same time.。
A striped long ellipse,Just slow rotation,Inside black and white http://www.szladpxerxnolv.cn two-color continuous flow,Set with stars。
Sudden down pressure!Two people come forward,And the rear Winter Os,All feel the danger of death。
No otherwise,Convenience,Red Waves and transparent water curtains,Go down。
Unfortunately, they underestimate the power of this hit.。
I don’t understand this is the top card used to be desperate in summer.。
Silent,Water from the sky and fire,Slowly collapse。
The down-pressed star map is like rushing everything,Crush all power。
Next second。
Short calm,Star map acceleration,Like the star fall。
“Rumble”Just a moment,Wente Os’ s space is broken。
But I didn’t stop。
The gorgeous light is like a huge waves of the sky.,A unable to describe the power of pounds broke out。
dust、Gravel、Flare、Water beads are mixed together,Inconstitution,Just http://www.cuofj.cn like rolling the waves,Sizely swept around all sides。