Everyone is first,Then change color。
Da da da。
They are backward。
There is no one who dares to stand up and face the summer.。
One of the light flashes,Inner, starting a stormy waves,It is more convincing looks in the eyes.。
He wants to kill people。
To kill everyone!This is all messages that present people’s dangerous sensory feedback.!The atmosphere in the field will come to the freezing point,Quietly arrived。
“Mr. Xia,Why is it anger?。”
at this time,A voice。
Da da da。
The foot walks sound at the same time。
Everyone is looking forward to。
Two people outside。
It is Junhong and Xuantong real person。
NS2415Chapter Play
Seeing they appear,More than a dozen people in the field are secretly tone。
And Jinfei light outside the field,Then light flashes,in silence。
Two people go to the field,Gaze。
Junhong face color,Look at the money forever,“Money master,Can you tell me what is going on?。”
Qian Yong is laughing,Some embarrassment,“Actually, not something big.,Let’s come here to recreate,And Mr. Ning has a conflict in the language.,So I can’t help but practice.,http://www.honghaibo.cnAm I right?”
“Right,Pair,This is the case。”
“The money is correct.,Just a small conflict,But I didn’t expect this summer to kill the old horse.。”
“Yes,This person is too poisonous.。”
“……”Everyone has attached,At the same time, a righteous language surrounded by summer。
“You,You……”Ning Yuan is an energetic risk,Face is awkward。
These guys actually reverse the black and white nuts to the horse,Simple……A group of mix!What makes him angry is,After listening, the Junhong’s face suddenly became gloomy.。
“Mr. Xia,You are too never given me a face.,I am so kindly invited to participate in the funeral.,You are killing people here.,How do you let me??
Even if you are an overlord,Even if you don’t live in your eyes,But here is domestic,Not abroad。”
Junhong Daxie,Full of righteousness,“Today you have to give me an account。”
Summer laughing。
No reason。
Turn the eye to the Ning Yuan,Faint,“Why do they have to work??”