One listening is Li Hui,Liu Sihai is not angry with it.,Although it is a few times, he will make Li Hui Feng,But in fact, he has a lot of money.。 After all, he is really trying to take it.,The result is not to take it.。
“Humph,I have already reported.,Waiting for the police to find you.,I can’t help this.。”
Liu Sihai said that this is totally testing,If you can fool Li Hui,Then he will take a minimum of hundreds of thousands of compensation.,I will give Zhao Yong at the time.,Also let Zhao Yong feel scorless。
“Hey-hey,uncle,You can’t do this.,In case my person, the people under the hand goes in and say something should not be said.,But there is no semi-cuisine relationship with me.,But the grandfa is not there, I don’t know.。”
Finish,Li Hui has done directly to the phone.。
He is also gambling,Gambling Liu Sihai does not dare to call the police。
Although he didn’t know what Liu Sihai did something hurtful.,But it is obvious that Jin Xijie knows something.,Is these things,He feels absolutely not simple。
Liu Sihai also did not expect Li Hui Rong without a reaction time.,Directly hang up the phone。
This makes him some speech for a while.,Even some hesitation, don’t give Li Hui Rong.。
If you have,Then he caught the passive,But don’t play,The other party really can take the initiative,Once you have exploded those things, he feels badly explained.。
Especially before, he also will transfer to Jin Xijie.,Also let Jin Xi Jie helps to have a lot of things。
Hesitated for a long time,He still called the phone to Li Hui。
After all, my business is tight.。
“Hey-hey,Xiao Li,I have just revoked the alarm.,You said that the people under the hand know what things.?”
So, grandfather, I really have something to see.?
I just just swindle you.,I didn’t expect it to have it.,The uncle, let’s talk about this thing.,My people have made mistakes, I will definitely recognize,But your people also played me.,You can’t admit this thing.?”
I heard the words of Li Hui,Liu Sihai almost gas vomiting。
He didn’t expect that he was actually passed by Li.。
“Your people smashed me,This should be a big event.?
Compensation 100,000 to me,Don’t appear in front of my engineering team in the future,Let’s take a soke,It is best not to appear in the county.,Otherwise, this is not finished with you.。”
I heard Liu Sihai.,Li Hui is also laughing.。
“uncle,Some of this matter is not right.,Money can compensate,But 是 是 干,Why, you can do it.,I can’t do it.?
I mean fair competition,Of course, uncle, if you are ready to use the evil road,Be careful, I am alarm,I should also know the relationship with the police station.,Take it,I don’t believe that you are dry.,After all, you are tens of millions of people.。”
Said that Li Hui Hui hangs again.。
Liu Sihai heard that Li Hui’s final,The eyes are also flashing。
Originally, he still wants to stay a line.,But Li Hui actually really want to hard to hard.,Then he decided to let the other person know what it regret.。
Li Hui’s call to Liu Sihai is to determine if Jin Xijie is a problem.。
Or there is no danger of life,By the way, from the other integration。
Obviously, he wants the answer.,Since the other party does not have a danger of life,He is also a breather。
At least prove Jin Xijie is saving,As for the problem of compensation,He didn’t think about him。
The other party bully his people,It’s also a self-take.,Because the other party is also a weapon according to Jin Xijie。
Finish,Li Hui Feng with Zhao Xiaoling.,Then busy back。
Zhao Xiaoling looked at Li Hui Feng’s back of a hurry,I am also a little flourishing in my heart.,She can clearly feel that Li Hui has a time with her. It seems to be in the same way.。
A faint, sigh, the endless complaint。
Chapter 650
When I returned to Liu Tian Town,It’s already afternoon.。