Early next morning,I’m going to go to class,Shen Mange got up and called everyone,Then six people went to class together。

A week later,Shen Mange works at the company this day,But I met an uninvited guest,Baiyucheng。
“Yucheng,Why are you in the Shen Group??”Shen Mange looked at Bai Yucheng in surprise。
“Song,I came to find you,this is?”Bai Yucheng looked at Ai Chen behind Shen Mange。
“Ai Chen,You have seen,my colleague。”Shen Mange turned his head and nodded to Ai Chen to let Ai Chen go down first。
“Oh okay,I have something to find you,Can you help me。”Bai Yucheng looked at Shen Mange anxiously。
“Yucheng,You tell me what’s wrong,Speak slowly,Not in a hurry。”Shen Mange faintly feels something is wrong。
“Song,How many boys are in the school,Have to say,I provoke his girlfriend,but,My girlfriend is you,How could I provoke others?Few of them don’t let go,Have to come over to find something。”Bai Yucheng says。
“and so,Do you want me to explain to them for you?Ok,wait for me,I’ll tell Ai Chen,Let’s go now。”Shen Mange stand up,Came next to Ai Chen,Handed the file to Ai Chen,Then I followed Bai Yucheng out。
“Yucheng,Tell me about the specific situation。”Shen Mange stretched out his hand and spread his hair,Then take off his earrings,Wipe off lipstick,Except clothes,Everything else looks like a school girl。
“Song,I do not know either,Just a few days ago,Your roommate Wen Xin came to see me,Just happened to be seen by them,They just said,What’s the matter between me and Wen Xin,You have to quickly explain it to me,I do not know either,Why does Wenxin provoke those people?。”Bai Yucheng has never heard Wen Xin say these things before。
“Then you asked Wen Xin?Why on earth?We can’t just be wronged in vain。”Shen Mange also pretended to be very scared and said。
“Not yet,Warm call,Can’t get through,I do not know why either。”Bai Yucheng frowned。
“OK then,Let’s go over and solve your problem,Then go find Wenxin。”Shen Mange said calmly。
Two people explained what happened to Bai Yucheng,Not long after coming out of the bar,I saw Wen Xin came here too。
“Song,Baiyucheng,Why are you here?”Wen Xin asked with surprise。