Li Bingbing: Essential Oil Bath Makes Me New


Li Bingbing: Essential Oil Bath Makes Me New

Li Bingbing announced in Beijing a high-profile renewal of the old Huayi brothers on Tuesday. Although he had done confidential work beforehand, the previous night when Li Bingbing attended an endorsement event for a mainland clothing brand in Shanghai, people with “Huayi” were tightPerseverance, it will no longer be a secret to fracture and polish its renewal Huayi.

  The dress also seeks environmental protection. Li Bingbing has not been accepting endorsement activities since his debut. It can be seen that the remuneration paid by businesses this time has greatly moved people’s hearts.

Li Bingbing was also in a good mood that night, not only FashionShow, but also talked about fashion issues with reporters.

Every time in public, Li Bingbing, who is quite pearly, prefers simple, casual dressing.

“I’m usually very casual, and I care about fabrics. I especially like environmentally friendly clothing fabrics.

Because we only have one planet, we need to take care of our homeland.

I just finished recording in Singapore in March, and then returned to Hengdian to prepare for “Kung Fu King”. I mainly practiced horseback riding, so I needed to wear some comfortable fabric clothes.

I myself like clothes that are comfortable to wear.

This time the brand owner knew that I had this preference and gave me a lot of these clothes so that I usually wear them more casually.

“In addition to clothing fabrics that require environmental protection and comfort, Li Bingbing also strives for simplicity in the design of clothing.

“I don’t like the kind of clothes that are very annoying. They are too complicated to look good, and healthy style is what I like.

In terms of color, I also only love black and white and red.

I think black and white are the basic colors, and they match well with clothes. They look good in any way. They are the safest.

And red is a color that is not common in all clothing, it makes people look very spiritual.

“I don’t know if I can help myself,” Li Bingbing, like a white-collar worker, suffers from urban diseases and has a little discomfort in the cervical spine.

In this way, she figured out a set of “self-help” methods, that is, playing badminton and swimming.

“Everyone faces the computer every day, and the cervical spine is more or less uncomfortable.

I find playing badminton is a good treatment, because the eyes have been staring at the ball, you can exercise the cervical spine, and swimming is very helpful for the cervical spine, lumbar spine, I believe you can try it.

“Li Bingbing I saw that night had a very good skin condition. Li Bingbing also had experience in maintaining the skin.

“When your skin is in poor condition, try to put less or no makeup on.

If your skin is getting acne, use sweating to remove dirt from your skin and keep it under pressure.

For night skin care, cleanse and apply a lotion and moisturizing lotion. Take an appropriate amount of sleep mask and apply it on the face. After about 20 minutes, let the mask dry and go to bed.

After getting up, wash with cleanser.

“Of course it is important to pamper yourself with the external care of a bath, and the internal diet cannot be ignored.

“I drink two large cups of warm water every morning. Don’t drink cold or hot, because warm water can wash away bad things that I ate the day before, like those oils, and what I eat now.There will be residual pesticides in things, and many bad things will be taken away by warm water.

And no matter how much I drink, I will definitely eat breakfast, and I will definitely eat high-fiber grain porridge for breakfast, which will help detoxify and I will naturally look better.

“Li Bingbing is actually a very enjoyable person. This Pisces girl thinks that bathing is a good opportunity for a woman to pamper herself.

“Light up the essential oil candles, bathe with milk powder, put on your favorite music, and apply hair while conditioning your face. After the whole ceremony, I have a new look.

People are more comfortable, and their charm is even more divided.

When bathing, I sometimes add Japanese shochu to the hot water and rub my body constantly until I sweat, which promotes blood circulation and metabolism, and shortens the role of the body.