White mini knife sword,Wago,And a large water curtain intertwined,Actually, there is a scene like the end of the world.。

“Rumble”Unable to describe continuous succession。
Twisted waves,The transpirated white fog makes a transparent diaphragm to crack out a taracota-like crack,Rapid hea。
Winter Oste is smashed,Continuous sprint,Horn angle spilled blood。
Although he cared into his body,But the heart and spirit have suffered。
In addition, the two are not strong.。
Even with the most powerful abilities,Even if I finally collapsed the hidden sword,But let them wolf。
The clothes on the body become broken,And leave a wound。
“Summer!Small hybrid!I want to kill you.!”
Three people were shocked and angry,Red neck,Anger to the extreme。
They really didn’t think,This youth never placed in their eyes,It is so powerful。
Such difficult。
To know,The strength of them,Dot a half-level,Even already touched the edge of God。
But even if so,Three people have kill one person,It’s still not going to take the other side now.。
Instead, the wolf of the other party。
A moment of the crash sword rain screen,Fasbind and Pass will not take care of the front。
And Winteos is more concentrated and mental power,Control this space firmly,Increase the force of tearing。
But next second,The three people have changed the color at the same time.。
A striped long ellipse,Just slow rotation,Inside black and white http://www.szladpxerxnolv.cn two-color continuous flow,Set with stars。
Sudden down pressure!Two people come forward,And the rear Winter Os,All feel the danger of death。
No otherwise,Convenience,Red Waves and transparent water curtains,Go down。
Unfortunately, they underestimate the power of this hit.。
I don’t understand this is the top card used to be desperate in summer.。
Silent,Water from the sky and fire,Slowly collapse。
The down-pressed star map is like rushing everything,Crush all power。
Next second。
Short calm,Star map acceleration,Like the star fall。
“Rumble”Just a moment,Wente Os’ s space is broken。
But I didn’t stop。
The gorgeous light is like a huge waves of the sky.,A unable to describe the power of pounds broke out。
dust、Gravel、Flare、Water beads are mixed together,Inconstitution,Just http://www.cuofj.cn like rolling the waves,Sizely swept around all sides。

Summer eyes catch up。

Chin,God means deep。
Who is summer?。
If you say it is welcome.,Eye eyelashes are empty。
What is going on?,What I have never seen。
This man named Guo Xing,No reason to run,Let him save the farm……This means of incoming flow,Too much。
He never meditation with the biggest malicious speculation.。
Just think,Can be reversed to launch dozens of recruitment。
His mouth hooked a curvature,Stare at each other,Do not speak。
The expression on Guo Xing face gradually solidified,Leaching a layer of fine cold sweat forehead。
The http://www.hxzdc.cn heart is not from accelerating。
He is sent to people。
Time,It is repeatedly in the dark.,Be sure to put the summer。
Many things don’t know,Guo Xing is a dog leg,It has fallen about some of them.。
Nothing to find someone to kick the farm,Let the summer are ugly。
“Xia Master,The coming people are the four-product Treatment of the Shenhai Chamber of Commerce.,Very arrogant,Just a few questions, Li Lao and Zhang are unable to live.,I can only ask you to take a look.……”Summer standing,Pick up the identification of the secret treasure,Walk to the left wall,Put the secret boar into the dark。
Push in the inside。
Grid close,Slimming light。
Summer voice came over,“It’s not my business。”
“Uh……”Guo Xingyi。
He rushed to show excitement,“Xia Master,The other party is challenged our http://www.c-silk.cn Dongfeng Will no one.,On this moment,Extremely humiliated us,You are the five-product refinery masters of our Chamber of Commerce.,Also related to your dignity……”Summer is not awkward,Go to the other side,From an open lattice,Pick up a long knife。
Turn back。
Sound,Still repeat the previous sentence,“It’s not my business。”
Guo Xing God is wrong,“You are the masters of our respect,Another one of the Dongfeng Bank,Rate……”“Ah。”
Summer smiling,“When did I become a copy of the Dongfeng??
Who told you that?”
Guo Xing is big,“difficult,Isn’t it??”
Summary,Low eyebrows and long swords in their hands。
“I am just working with Dongfeng Darow.,You are challenged by people,Let me solve?
What is this。”
He waves hands,“go out,Don’t bother me。”
Guo Xing Zhang Zhangzhao,Speak without saying。
He has a http://www.tok-bearing.cn deep breath,The fist is cleared and released.,Turn away。
“and many more。”
Just walk to the door,Summer sound。

Said that the girls like this are the names of the village.。

“Hey-hey,Scull,Xiaoya sister is not a big age than I,The sister should also be.,And I didn’t think of the young sister, I didn’t think young sister.?
If I call my nephew again,Do you say that there is a kind of forced people to recognize Xiaoya sister??
Those who know this,In the future, you don’t let me do it.。”
Li Hui’s meaning in this words, letting each other are also a glimpse,She knew that Li Hui Feng was changing and said that she made her less sinner.,I want to work on Li Hui’s hand.,She is also a little reluctant to go back.。
“You are smart,It is clear that you want to eat meat.。”
Facing each other mutter,Qin Su Ya is not more red。
Li Hui also heard this,If it is before, he will definitely have not heard it.。
But since the inheritance,What do he do is pay attention to。
“Scull,You can say something that you said this.,I just like Xiaoya sister, I think everyone is also opposed.?
And my little sister is so beautiful, I think many people like it.,I like it just how I want to eat meat in my mouth.?”
“alright, alright,Surrounded by you,Still quickly sag。”
Although she said like this,But my heart is very disdainful.。
Everyone in the scene also understands what the other party’s so-called meat is meaning.。
Especially in the scene, it is http://www.guangcaizhixing.cn a woman who married.,The so-called meat, everyone, everyone knows the same thing.。
But I saw that Li Hui Feng did not understand.,Everyone has not broken。
Seeing the other party no longer arguing,Li Hui also started to make money immediately,Also let Qin Su Yaji account,As long as men have enough days, it is two hundred,The woman hesitated in the afternoon,Everyone is seventy-five。
There are a few of them to get more than 30 dollars.,If this is to get thirty dollars in weekdays, it will not laugh.。
But everything is afraid of a contrast,A comparison of people around them,The more than 30 dollars have become the least。
Women who have also chewing the tongue to see 30 dollars in their hands,Let’s see more than 70 people.,He is even more than chewing my tongue.,Go home directly to sleep early,Go to work early http://www.wanwan998.cn tomorrow。
After all people have left,Qin Su Yai is awkward, I just remember to pay for Li Hui。
“breeze,Your salary of your day is more than 3,000.,Do you have so much money like this??”
“Hey-hey,Little Ya,Do not worry,Forgot to have 100,000 yuan in my hand??”
Said that Li Hui took out two hundred pieces to Qin Su Ya Road:“Little Ya,This is your money,I am going to give you supervision from the work in the beginning of tomorrow.,What is the four hundred wages??”
It’s too much.,And you bought me so much clothes.,I can’t want your money.。”
“Hey-hey,You will hold it.,Buy some delicious,What is your weakness??
Not willing to eat,Don’t help but drink,If you really have sick, I don’t spend more money to treat you.?”
Qin Su is listening to Li Hui, which is unbelievable.。
Her pair has tears in http://www.changzhibao.cn the beautiful。
“breeze,Are you really sincere??”
“Yup,This is not a false?”

“Tang Dynasty,Tell you by truth,I am looking for someone.,Surnamed seedlings,Is there a surnamed seedlings in your house??”

“That brings it out, let me see。”
“Grandmaster,Don’t worry,You give me a mother first.,I am helping you find someone.。”
“Your mother?”
“Go out。”
Waited for half an hour,Tang Dynasty’s mother is late。
Old lady in the old but legs,No need to help,Radial walking into the hall。
“I heard that you invited the master.,where?”
“mother,it’s him。”
The old lady looked at the forest.,Shake your head:
“You will get me,While there is a hair kid as a master。”
“Real master,Mother, you try it.,I don’t want to make him go out.。”
“Try try。”
The old lady walked to the forest,Take out your own birth eight characters,ask:
“I gave me a bronze mirror twenty http://www.bjbc-sh.cn years ago.,How can you find it?,Can you find it??I want to die into the coffin.。”
Chapter 16 Hulus Mountain
“Old man,If I can’t find it,Don’t think that others can find it.。”
Sometimes bragging can enhance customer confidence,Especially for the elderly。
Old people’s emotional excitement,Say:
“As long as you help me find,My son, I promise you.。”
Tang Dynasty wants to add a few can promise conditions,But I was glad by the old mother.,I am sitting there,Worried look at the forest,I am afraid that he is impossible to complete the conditions。
It’s a pair of wonderful mother and son。
Lin rang picks up the birth of the old lady,ask:
“Is there any special mark??”
“No marker,wrong,have,Marker,Have old man to love full of love。”
Tang Dynasty people happen。
“mother,I am uncomfortable.。”
http://www.58fishing.cn “The old man is don’t bother,I will find you.。”
Lin ring out of the turtle shell,Devotional start shaking。

Shen Xuan knows the meaning of these guys,Earth is already plaguged,Nature should also be rewarded!

I immediately walked home,Take a few pounds of meat,Throw on the ground,Big black bear and river small yellow,All are all from a little meat!
Shen Xuan took the lens,Sweeping a few animals such as big black bear,Eat these guys,All exposed to the front of the audience。
“This eats,Really special!”
“Fortunately, I am eating afternoon tea.,Otherwise it is dead.!”
“wrong,How do this black bear have a lot of wounds??”
The audience in the live broadcast talked,Several http://www.sshack.cn careful audience,I also noticed the hair of the black bear,There are several scars!
Get a reminder,Shen Xuan also looked carefully before.,Be careful to make hair,It is indeed the scar of hidden in it.,It seems to be scratches。
I touched Shen Xuan.,The big black bear is very wronged.,It seems still very painful。
Shen Xuan also looked at another big black bear,There are also a lot of scars。
“What is your way??”
Shen Xuan asked busy。
Heard inquiry,The two big black bear is screaming,Starting up。
“You said,This is the tiger.?”
Shen Xuan is a surprised,Asked directly。
Both big black bear nodded,Emotion is very low。
Good guy!
The tiger did not eat Shen Xuan before,Now I started to find the black bear.!
“Always drive away you?”
“Don’t let you live in the forest?”
Next,The black bear cry and crying with Shen Xuan.。
Since the two black bear back Shen Xuan back from the mountain,The tiger starts revenge.,Keep against black bear!
Tiger is the king of the beast!
in the forest,Sinted http://www.newbienews.cn tiger,It certainly didn’t have a good day.!
Black bear is large,On the fight,There is no tiger so strong,Fight in animals,There is no tiger.!
Squeezed by the tiger,That black bear life in the forest,Can imagine,That is difficult to walk.!

one stone two bird,Poor is a good calculation。

Wang Flow,Not talking,Quiet look at the three people,Have a little bit of taste。
Huang Wei and Zhang Kun were a little guilty,I know that my little thought is broken.,The expression is slightly awkward。
Zhang Kun laughed:“certainly,What happened in my site,I also have a responsibility,I have already asked,Wang, your big brother, has lost http://www.zowdoors.cn 40,000 in the casino.,Above the 60,000 borrowed,A total of 100,000,I will give you a whole……”
Said the box that has been carrying in his hand,Continue:“This is 200,000,Significant to you,I hope you can eliminate gas.。”
Duan Qi took over the box,Open the eye,I nodded slightly to the king.。
It seems to be 20,000……Four thousand eight,Pay back to 200,000,It is also a bit sincere.……Wang traffic face ease,No mind, just now,Faint:
“A little bit,Let it go in the past.。”
“Yes Yes Yes,Still Wang Maguity,Then listen to you,Let it go。”Zhang Kun joked in an instant,Say the conversation,Invite:
“We will not fight.,I have been admiring for Wang.,I don’t know if you have time at night.,I invite you to drink a cup.。”
“Idea,But I am busy recently.,Can’t take a time,Waiting for another day。”The king is not salty。
Zhang Kun flashed on a face,But can be with the king,This http://www.tai-cang.cn trip is also achieved.,No longer,Laugh:
“That line,Waiting for the next day, I have the opportunity, please ask you again.,You are busy first,I will not bother.。”
“I also left forever.,In the future, there is a matter of the king.,I am on call.。”Huang Wei followed,I’m walking with Zhang Kun.。
The middle-aged man is also compensated again with the king.,Then hurriedly。
Outside the door,Three people have long tone。
Zhang Kun said:“Is a person?,Aged,People are very old spicy,Just watching my eyes,I feel that he looks like I look around.,It is estimated that we are careful.,He has already seen it.。”
“I am very sure of that,Otherwise I can fight over.?”Huang Wei also has a little bit of affection,However, there is no time in Zhang Kun.,If you have something to see him:
“That is, your attitude is still good.,Wang is estimated to be lazy to follow you,Otherwise your end,I am afraid it is not much better than him.。”
Think about the Fang Shun, who has already jail,Zhang Kun suddenly played a snoring,He is also mixed,The size is also a character,But with a hundred,That’s a bad。
King can pull down him,Package,It is estimated that there is nothing difference with the ants on the dead.?
Zhang Kun wants to see Huang Wei,Seriously thank you:“This time, I thank my brother to remind it.,People remember,There is something you ordered in the future.,I am absolutely not frowning.。”
Huang Wei patted his shoulders,I flash in my eyes and gratifying and gratifying:Waiting for you this sentence,Don’t die, you have a white.。
Fang Baush,He completely got it.,No need to give people a gun in the future,Can start to fight for yourself。
Zhang Kun’s site is not as good as him,But it is also a small strength,Can take such a younger brother,Extension,This sale is not lost。
in the room。
Duan Qi is ackless:“boss,They actively invite you to drink,Obviously I want to show you,Why are you don’t agree??Can http://www.caipiaoer.cn open into casinos,It should be a bit power on the road.,Received him with Huang Wei,I will not walk in the province.?”
“Why promise?I received them now is very prestige.,But in the future, he will plant them.,The same headache,and……”
Wang is glanced at him,Faint:“I want to walk horizontally,Do you still need to rely on them??”
NS322chapter He is going to do it.
If you do not have a foundation,The king may still consider the relationship with him.,Borrow a force from them。

Dao Zun and Ghost Valley Choose Hidden World,And open up the road of Changsheng,It was because there was a powerful enemy.,Or powerful forces。

But two people are hard to imagine,I can’t understand。
More than two thousand years ago,The era of hundreds of homing Huang old school,What is the powerful enemy?。
Is Dao Zun Laozi not strong enough??
Is the ghost valley not strong enough??
What is the existence?,Let these two powerful characters choose hidden world,Open up the road of Changsheng。
Even the Ear Junhao also speculate,The ghost valley teaches so many disciples,Since the Qinhuang,Help him all the six countries。
Many of them are good at fighting,For example, many vertical,And soldiers, etc.。
But they all choose to help Qinhuang unified,Who wants to play。
Even for two thousand years,So far is still a mystery。
That so-called powerful enemy,Orgascent force,I have no slightness since I since I。
And the mysterious man’s words,Instantly let summer solve。
The earth is like a big room,Connect many small suite,Those small suite,A small world。
This is to play with the majority of the world.。
“Two thousand years,Your world has always been stable,in this case,Those hidden dangers are really solved by their teachers.。”
Mysterious man sighs,I don’t know if I am regret.,Still,“I will listen to it.,I am not the people of your world.,This small world in the Changsheng Road,Is my hometown。”
Even if you speculate,Summer heart is still awkward。
He asked,“You are chapsed?”
Mysterious man laughs up,Self-department and helpless,More is the tragicity of silk,“My hometown is broken,Many people died,I have led the ethnic group http://www.guanyinhong.cn to come to your world.,Ushered,Nature is a killing。”
He shook his head,“This is no wonder you,After all, we are outsiders.,We only want to live,And you are worried about the world’s pattern and turmoil,So I made a transaction with the ghost valley.。”
Summer vertical ear,Quiet, etc.。
Mysterious man,“Master of all gold tower above the hometown,All are killed by me personally,Ghost Valley and apprentice promised to find a perched on the rest of the people,And I am the only ivered realm.,Then need to give him the road to the Changsheng,Until death。”
Summer heart picking waves。
Lomé used to talk to him,After the sacred realm,Self-strength can’t be converted in realm。
It is divided into three kinds。
Gold tower、legend、Unique。
Golda master,As the name suggestion,It is a master standing at the http://www.chousx.cn top of the pyramid.。
Certainty,The so-called gold tower master is more inclined to the existence of one party,Can sit in the town。
As for the legendary master,It is stronger than the gold tower master,But the definition of the legendary-class itself is very blurred.。
Summer can be considered leid,Luomi、Ear family、Liuhe Mountain、Jun Lin、Even those half of the West,Belong to the legendary level。
Even the rush of the cave deficiency,Also belong to the legendary master。
Different,It is a rocking distance 凡 仅 仅 差。
So this kind of master has‘See God’Title。


It is necessary to start waiting for the report.,In order to further improve the relevant inspections and treatment programs。
NS23chapter Incidents of urination
This night,Zhou Ye’s first time because night shifts sleep in the duty room of the respiratory department。
The doctor’s duty room is a place to take a lunch break and night shift in the next day.。
When I http://www.3dzixun.cn am afraid of Wusian, I usually take a rest in the suite that I will rent it.。
It’s true here to come here.!
Doctor is very simple,Take four beds in a narrow room。
Most of the rest of this rest at noon is the main rule of the Rock。
Shu Dehe and Weekvel I don’t like to stay in the doctor’s duty room.,Because both male compatriots,Strange!
It’s also tired, but sleep in the nurse duty room.。
So the whole room has a breath of men’s stinky socks.!
Don’t let the aunt swept sweeping!
This taste is a Rouge!
Zhou Ye is in the heart of the heart.。
“sleep early,There is something wrong at night.,You get up。”Chen Riyuan lying on the bed opposite Zhou Ye, suddenly said。
Zhou Ye,Heart is seven on the top eight。
Let me handle?
I have not been tested in the qualification certificate of the practicing http://www.seatonhouse.cn physician.……Is this illegal practice??
This can be a bit virtual.!
What should I do?!
But he still nodded,“OK,director,Do you safely?。”
Chen Riyuan settled the heart to cultivate Zhou Ye。
I can’t let him down.!
And it is not in force……
wrong!Handling patients,Then contact Chen Riyuan is fine.!
What is easy?!
Zhou Jixu is so thinking,Gradually, it is not afraid.。
Chen Riyuan did not turn off the light。
This is his habit of duty,Because once the light is closed,He is very easy to fall asleep。
If you really get a rescue in the middle of the night,Will be mentally。
“If you can’t http://www.nygwwl.cn process,You will call me.,I will get up,Do not be afraid,Let go。”Chen Riyuan is not worried,Put all the powers to Yes Ye。
In this way, Chen Riyuan is ready to sleep in bed.。
It is23point00Minute!
Hope to be safe tonight!
Don’t let me do any rescue!
Zhou Ye prayed in my heart。
He sat on the bed and brush it for a while.,Tired,Slide to bed,I am also ready to sleep.。
Close your eyes2minute,Suddenly, the phone voice sounded.!

what,how so?

If this thing really turns this?,So next,Come and quite tricky。
Look at your eyes,Xueli said directly:“Shen Xuan,No matter what,You must help me,Give this person!”
When Xuous’s words,Shen Xuan is silent。
Chapter 237 That person,already dead
at this time,Look at these,Shen Xuan’s face is full of a touch of smile。
all of these,In fact, it has http://www.qdzncn.cn fallen in Shenxuan’s eyes.。
And these people have encountered,In fact, Shen Xuan is clear and clear.。
It’s here,When Shen Xuan is in front of him,Shen Xuan is a very simplicity。
“Look,You should not be particularly clear,What happened here。”
When Shen Xuan’s words finished,This is the snow,The whole person is somewhat curious。
what,what is happening?
For these,Xueli suddenly didn’t know,What should I say?。
But this time,Shenxuan in front of me,The more you look, the more you feel interesting.。
“Look,this problem,I think I should find someone to tell you.。”
Shen Xuan finished,look around。
quickly,Let Shen Xuan surprised,Su Yuhong actually here。
Originally Shen Xuan still thought,Su Yuhong packs some other work outside。
But it is because of this,So let the scene,It seems more interesting。
http://www.dlpaw.cn “Red sister,this matter,Trouble you。”
Shen Xuan finished,Others are curious,Look at this side。
Say here,what’s going on?
For this matter,How do people around those people?,How to feel very confused and intake。
Su Yuhong,It is standing out.。
“actually,This intelligence,I have just learned that I have just learned.。”
“After all, what is the accident,And us at intervals here,In fact, it is not a long time.。”
When Su Yuhong said on this,This is to let other people nodded.。
It seems to be true,After all, at that time,A lot of things happened。
So Su Yuhong said so,What yourself,It is not a slightly problem.。
But what else is no longer said。
It’s here,When Su Yuhong is in front of his eyes,At this moment,Su Yuhong is going on here.。
“Original,There have been a lot of things here.,http://www.518mo.cnFive poison door,It is also true that people in the dark night assassin have colluded。”
When Su Yuhong’s words finished,Snowy is a strong。
“Do not,How can this??”

“rest assured,All。”Yamamoto, smile。

“Imagine us too excited,Also born?See the ghost.,I don’t want to。”Qin Guangwang grinned and laughed。
“What are you discussing??”Just when Qin Guangwang sound fell,A body appears in the empty,Step in front of everyone。
This person is ragged,Radio,Float。
This person appears,Suddenly let the Yamamoto,Tolsmut and others have a drink。
NS1103chapter Don’t know
“Lin Feng?”White,Qin Guangwang,Fire cloud immortals and others looked at the earthquake。
“Owner?”Tolsmu,Cardik,Yamamoto’s heart is stunned.,But in front of the people don’t contact Lin Feng in anyway.。
Ragged,Just like,Radio,Beard very long,Even faces are unclear,If it is not in the wind,They still thought that it is going to go to the door.。
“it’s me。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“You haven’t seen you for a long time.。”Lin Fengyi head,Hair sharing a face。
“Owner,It’s you!”Tolsmu,Yamamoto,Cardik and others looked at the people who were excited.。
White,Sun Litian,Qin Guangwang,Fire cloud immortals and others have already stood up,Looking at Lin Feng’s figure is hard。
“Ha ha,Of course it is me!”Lin Feng Wen Haha smiled:“Give me a razor.。”
“Need not,Owner,Your image is good.。”Torsmun thumbs up:“There is a feeling like it is a sensibility http://www.hexiangly.cn of the world.。”
“Yes,Like a high person!”Yamamoto,Charlie Mann has laughed:“Just take a wooden stick again.。”
“You a few。”Lin Feng laughs:“I will wash your hands first.,Prepare more vegetables more。”Talking between Lin Feng turned to walk to the pool next to wash hands。
“Hey-hey,Very rich。”The fire cloud in the distance is laughing and walked.:“You have been too long this time.,Leave it for a year。”
“one Year?”When this is, Lin Feng is talking.:“Such a long time,not good,I have to go back.!”
This means that Tao Yao and Sichuan Luo Sakuo have been in more than two years.。
“Maple,No need to panic,Congratulations!”Sun Li was laughed and stopped Lin Feng’s figure.:“Sakura and Xiaoyao have already9Successfully produced before month!”
Lin Feng heard a shock。
His nose is fine acid,The heart is full of http://www.yihu520.cn embarrassment,Just, the joy of the heart, but it is difficult to suppress anyway.。
“real……of?”Lin Feng heard the excited trembling。
“Can still have false,These two little guys just cry forever.,Later, I didn’t cry anymore.,The two are extraordinary,Xuanwu Ge,Golden Brother,The Tiger King brother is guarded outside,I am fighting on the spot,For this reason, Jinlong Brother and Tiger King brother almost have no dry frame。”Sun Liusi laughed:“I asked why?They only have to pay attention to!”
“Matters,it is good,it is good!”Lin Feng sorrows,He understands the evil turtle,Tiger King,Bing of gold big python。
These three guys know very much,It can be said that people of the entire Bozi is better than this.。
Can be so compete for these three guys,These two little guys are definitely unfold。
“Do not worry。”Sun Liusi http://www.cchxsgc.cn laughed:“But according to a few big ladies,Three bodies,Must pass your consent。”
“Ha ha,it is good,it is good!”Lin Feng Wen Haha smiled。
“Don’t go back,Eat a meal first。”Sun Liusi laughed:“after eating,We also go back to a trip,Time to stand on the earth,By the way, see these two little guys.。”