Lu Hao Cheng:“”This stinky,Really wants to live。

“I have not jealous,You eat your chicken。”
Lu Hao Cheng also picked up a piece of eating。
Blue Xinmouwei,Small piece of small pieces of tearing to eat。
“what”Lu Haocheng also makes it over,Zhang mouth to eat。
Blue Xin looked at him laughing,Take a piece of chicken and feed it in his mouth.。
Lu Haocheng took a smile,“My wife is feeding is delicious.。”
“Ouch!True meat。”
Blue son can’t stand it。
Lu Haocheng smiled,“Waiting for you to grow up later,With a lover,You know this kind of feelings.。”
Blue and blue stars flashed:“dad,You said you,Waiting for my mother for so many years,How did you stick to it??”
Dad’s insistence,Let him feel very moving,A person,Worried about another person,Can you wait for so long?,Never give up,Can be written into one。
Lu Haocheng looked at Blue Xin,Think about waiting for these years,Everything is worth。
“Ran Ran,Waiting for a person, very happy,Also lonely。
I am still a person when I wake up at night.,very lonely,When you look at the sun from the east every morning from the east,I feel very happy,Maybe I am waiting for the person,Just by my side,It can be encountered by turning,I feel more than a day every day.。
I have encountered this with your mother like this.。
and,In a few days,Just find that your mother is what I have been waiting.,Because I have all my thoughts,All in her body,Even if only a little hope,I have never given up.。”
“I first saw your mother’s mom.,I feel very familiar with her eyes.,Just because this is familiarity,A little investigation,turn out to be,Your mother is really what I want, etc.。”
Blue Xin smiled at him.,“thank you,Always paying attention to me。”
Lu Haochi smiled:“After the blue blue, I will remember to love me.。”
“Cough”Blue son can’t stand it,He is waiting for Dad,Just like being robbed。
“dad,You are really a meat.,I still have one in the middle of you.。”
Blue sorrow refers to himself。
He wants to enjoy my mother today.,Don’t need Dad,Dad only meat。
Lu Hao Cheng:“Stinky boy,I want to date your mother.,Your mother is going to see you.,I am still not happy now.,You give me now a good eating now.,After you finish, send you back.,I and your mother will then date。”
Blue and blue:“”He suddenly reached out and holding his mother’s arm,Oath of a face,“do not want,My mother belongs to me today.,Don’t want to grab your mother with me.。”
“hehe”Blue Xin looked at their father and son.,Can’t help but laugh。
“All right,Today, I will stay with your father and son.,I want to eat anything.,This is okay.?”
Lu Haozheng is still a little or willing。
Blue sodes, but I have some points.,“Mother,We went to night tonight.,Golden splendid night city,Beautiful scenery,We can enjoy spectacular ancient buildings,Can eat snacks there,I listen to the assistant saying it is very beautiful.,I haven’t had a chance.。”
Blue Xinyi, no night city,Also excited to nod,“well,Where did I have a small time when I am small?,I haven’t been to it later.,Is there a very red net red snack street??
Go see,The scenery in the evening is very romantic。”
NS1023chapter:You are really stupid
Lu Haocheng saw she wanted to go,Also said:“Blue,Then let’s go for a while。”
“Uh-huh!”Blue Xin clear eyes looked at him smile,More laughing happiness。
Blue sneak looks at the mother’s happiness,For Dad, vertical thumb。
“dad,Can make my mother so happy,thank you!”Blueness is sincere,Mom like this happiness is before I have never seen it.。
Seven years,Mom is very busy,She is afraid of being free.,The family must be hungry。
Lu Haocheng listened to his son, thank you.,The bottom is very warm,“Dad will also make your brothers and sisters happily。”

If now,All this is really so true。

In fact, relative to them,These people’s hearts,More exciting than anyone。
After all, I will follow it.,Such a good opportunity,All of them,How can I miss this??
At this time, Shen Xuan,It is a little bit to look at it.。
That’s a little bit,Shenxuan’s mouth,It is also a smile that brought a sight.。
“But now,The more like this,In fact, these things,It’s not enough to come.。”
When Shen Xuan said with his eyes,The more like this,In fact, these。
Shen Xuan’s heart,It is more clear than anyone.。
But since now I want to play in this area.,In fact, they all,It is very clear。
“What to say,Next,It is also the time that the turn is coming.。”
“Yes,Say something wrong,In fact, let’s everyone.,I should do this very much.。”
“This is nature,if not,Let’s everyone,What is it now??”
The more like this,In fact, everyone is now,It is a brush to look at it.。
And now start,The more like this,In fact, here,Shen Xuan is very calm。
“but,nothing,Wujia is now,Do you think that we don’t dare to do what they do.。”
“As,Why not before,Bigns to choose this time,I think you all,In fact, it should be more clear than me.。”
When Shen Xuan looked at the eyes,It is faint to smile and don’t forget.。
And with Shen Xuan’s export,Surroundings,In fact, it has been completely settled.。
After all, I will follow it.,Such a thing,How to do it in the end。
In fact, their hearts are deep,It is better than anyone else.。
But the more you now,How to play this?,In fact, they all,How can it be unclear??
Just now,The more like this,In fact, it is to make them more harmonious.。
Start now,anyway,Such a thing,It is important to increase your strength.。
And just this,In fact, here,At this time, Shen Xuan is put a swing.。
“but,From now on,This look,What is not enough?。”
“Now,Everyone continues to prepare。”
As Shen Xuan said,At this moment,In the hearts of those people around,It is completely angry.。
Since it is now,,So for them,anyway,Such a thing,Have this necessary,Should be solved soon。
at this time,When I saw the people of other battle in Shen Xuan saw it here,It is not forgotten。
“Even so,But now,In fact, relative to us,Really good。”
“Say it too,Although this is the case,But next,I think this is,Let’s try it.。”
“In fact, it is in other words.,Since things have been here,Then this matter,anyway,Let’s don’t miss it.。”
slowly,With these people,You have said that I am in my words.,Don’t forget to say that you are excited about your eyes.。

Company staff architecture needs to be adjusted,The order of the lyrocket is also waiting for processing,Temporary can’t take this little thing。

When the boss is famous,It is inevitable that someone seeks to the head,Chen Linzhi really likes to take the back door,But there is no way to completely ban,In this kind of job, no matter whether Chinese or white people are,Roger also took two relatives who came out.,Finally, I went to the sales department.。
This is reminded Chen Linzhi.,It’s time to go to the company., For example, the procurement director Xu Wei mentioned three hundred sixty-one liters of capacity refrigerator,Or is itoBrand expansion progress, etc.,His big boss is unclear。
And private equity fund companies,Business suspension,A group of people,Chen Linzhi intends to turn some money,Try to explore investment futures,Not just relying on memory。
Leave from Chinatown,It’s hard to catch the company.,I saw the company closing to remember that today is Saturday.。
Chen Linzhi sagged back home,I finally thought I was tired.,Can’t let go of your own salty fish anymore。
Zhao Bai Lu, about Chen Linzhi,At that time he was vacation in New York。
University in winter vacation,There are still more than half months,The last time I met is Chen Linzhi moving at the time.,It has passed a few months.。
Sunday this morning,Chen Linzhi and friends bought some ingredients,Plan to go to Yosemite National Park,He took a fishing gear,Newman and others prepare the barbecue and charcoal。
Temporary calling Zhao Bai Lu,I know that she can play,Chen Linzhi went to take her before the start。
Zhao Bai Lu is still an old,After college, I learned to dress up.,Wearing clothes styles began to become mature,Wipe the mouth on your mouth,Light makeup is suitable for her age。
Touching Newman, who is running over,Then pass east through California Fertile Saint-Huaden Valley,After entering the inner Wada mountain,Road rugged。
Temporary resting in mining townships with more than 100 years of history,Then continue departure,Roadside views have become rich,Green tree alpine,River clear。
Watch the car on the side of the road,Zhao Bai Lu has been taking pictures,She is wearing warm white mountaineering suit,Tell:“I came last time or I was in elementary school.,I regretted the camera at the time.,It’s almost ten years.,Yosemite Park is still so beautiful,Today, the weather is really good.。
I remember that there is an oldest plant in the world.,The name seems to be called Olemiti,I can think about life in front of it.,A tree can live for thousands of years,It started growing from the BC.,And people’s life is too small。”
Chen Linzhi is a common person,Not so much touch,I only feel that the beautiful mother is beautiful.。
Laugh and ask Zhao Bai Lu:“College,How seems to start more feeling,Tree is tree,If you let me stand on a local station,It’s better to walk everywhere,But only 10 years。Into a university,How is your life?,Is it studying philosophy、Literary?”
“Yes,Philosophy can help me learn to think,I can only say that college life is okay.,I have a little confused recently.。”
NS445chapter Panic
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I found a station-free windshield,Outlook stage。
I can only see a big round ball in the distance.,Don’t say the guests on the stage.,Even the stage itself can’t see,It’s all the head of going to the dark.,Sound noisy,The driver of the road angry is still crazy.。
I know today’s road blockage,Also choose from this,Do not blame the road,Can only say that the driver is stupid,No who is willing to let the road。
Chen Linzhi’s leisure time,Don’t forget to take a quantity of girls with strict girls,In fact, he just talks with the Global Music Company.,Probability enters the guest background,Meet those who are soon to meet with those singers,But he thinks there is nothing necessary,Take more。
When you can’t get some circle,Ergently want to squeeze,After the strength is really enough,In fact, it’s just。
If Chen Linzhi is not successful,It is likely to choose to sing、Use script to earn money,But he has now found a more suitable fortune road.,Naturally, it will treat it as a hobby.,Even if you know that the concert can make money,Still not promised the broker’s invitation。
Not see the stage,Anna Atas is also very happy。
If you just want to listen to songs,It is better to watch TV in the hotel room.,It is mainly to feel the atmosphere of the New Year’s Eve.。
Standing next to the road,Hand into the pocket to keep warm,Chen Linzhi accidentally saw the glove packaging in the window,Write“o”Word,Read the excitement:
“This is like the product launched by our company.,This year, there are more than 2 million pairs of gloves this winter.,A pair of gloves like this can earn about 30 cents,Rely on quantity profit。
Huaxia’s factory is so much,Produced goods take out export,The goods in the Mainland have decreased,Mainly still consumption,There are too few factories,The people there are buy a pair of ordinary shoes,Maybe it will take over half a month salary,If you are interested in your father,You can let him visit the market in Huaxia,Now the preferential support for foreign companies is very strong.,Wal-Mart also,Maybe you will thank you for your supervisor.。”
“incredible,Since you lack goods,Why do you have to sell in the international market??Don’t you first meet your needs??”
“Because it is difficult to overcome,Earn foreign exchange opportunities too little,With foreign exchange, you can buy more advanced machines from other countries.,Learn more advanced production technology,This can increase productivity,Made more products。”
Chen Linzhi,His eyes are long enough,This is what I want to work with Anna Tasia.,Let Wal-Mart increased in Huaxia’s procurement,Grab the Southeast Asia、Market share in Central America and South America。

Three people are exclaimed。

Sound,That middle-aged,Same,“Grandeur……Stop him!”
The Western baldness suddenly felt nothing,I don’t want to pull my leg.。
But at the next moment,His body is like a sudden brake.,Gearing two eye beads,Summer looking at the door standing at the door of the coffee house。
He swallowed his mouth,Directly violent,The face is squeezed out of the grunge smile,Running towards the summer,“grown ups……Save me……”
Voice is just,Hong Tian, who was originally prepared to intercept, stopped his body。
Why,His heart gives an unknown sign。
“Big,grown ups……I didn’t expect to meet you here.。”
Western fathers come soon come to the summer,Wipe a sweating of a forehead,“grown ups,I,I really have no bad things.,Please,Please forgive me……”
Summer squint,Obliquely,“Then what do you come to China??”
Not finished,Summer waving,“Come in。”
Say,Turning into coffee house,And Western fathers are also careful,Squeeze the smile on your face,Just laughing is more ugly。
“Finish,How to meet this comet。”Fatty wants to cry without tears,Funeral test。
NS848chapter how much money you have
“Grandeur,Why don’t you stop him?。”
Just after the summer and Western fatigans entered the coffee house,The middle-aged middle-aged middle-aged year before.,Some angry look at Hong Tian。
During his question,There is a relationship between the left side of the street.。
These people are very fast,Short time,More than 20 people gathered behind the middle age。
Obvious,They are together with middle age,Just there is no middle-aged speed。
In other words,They are also three people。
In the face of the left-length old question,Hong Tian did not answer,But asked,“Left,What is the foreigner?,It turned out to make the left geldeo。”
“He is not foreigners。”
Left long face is gloomy,Although it is dissatisfied,But still smashing the sound says a sentence,“His called Sabr,Nun。”
Hong Tian is first,Carefully think,Antenitable,“The traitor in the allies?”
Hong Tian three years ago,But due to power,Have a few highlighted contributions,Finally, I became one of the elders of the three collars.。
so,He knew that the three teachings had an traitor,It is said that it has made a few pieces of evil spirits.,Later, I escaped.。
However, the three-education people have never given up the challenge to him.。
The left long man is the three law enforcement,Not long ago learned Sabr news,Take people secretly arrest。
This time, I’m easy to catch his tail.,Also arrested the most successful one。
“Grandeur,Trouble you brought a few people in the outside,This time you must grab him.。”
Say,Left long and one waved,Square meteor walking to the coffee house。
Just got two steps,Hong Tian’s voice came,Left long old brow,Turn around,Doubt。
I saw Hong Tian finger a coffee house.,“That person entered。”
“Yes,I saw it.。”Left long and old,Vision,“what happened?”
Hong Tian has a deep breath,Watch more than 20 people around,Pumping a lot of mouth,“Left,How much do you have now??”

But after calm down,Summer is a bit of a sense of affection。

no doubt,The strength under these five people is very strong.。 If it is not accidentally coincidental,Even if he also said that he will suffer。
The last one is incomparably huge sword,It’s too dangerous.。
“It seems that it is not safe to return to China.。”
Summer face is dignified。
Original plan,It is a quiet voice of Miaoi to China.,Until the production。
It can be seen now.,This plan is empty。
The appearance of the five elements,Bring him a great sense of crisis。
Does Miao I stay in Xiayiwei division,I have been committed?
This is not a way。
But,If you encounter your urgent matter,He had to leave it?。
Interrogate,Mobile phone rings。
See the above number,Summer picking your eyebrows,A bit of accident。
But he is still connected。
Coap,Summer clouds,“I get the secretary,Sight is ready to shoot you,He has sent a master,You remember,If you encounter five exactly the same person,Don’t succeed,Return away。”
Summer eyes flashed,Silver warm flow in your heart。
The more you know,The deeper the heart of the summer cloud。
I used to complain about each other before.,Can understand everything,But know,He has been protecting yourself。
“I have already met them.,They claim to be the child of the five elements。”
Opposite,Xia Qianyun was obviously frightened,Some of the sounds have changed,“Have already met?
How are you?? Have you injured?
Where are you now??”
“Me……fine……”Summer wants to say,Some hesitated should not tell the Miao Yi’s things。
Is it really nothing?,Great。”
Summer clouds call out one breath,Backward,“I tell you,The five lines of the child have a single,They have no one is your opponent,But the fifth person composed of array,Even if it is true, it is hard to win.,I may even be hit hard.,Then five are twin brothers,Teach from small,Especially the array,Very powerful……”“Um,I have already seen it.,Really strong。”
Summer calls out a breath,Also,“Unhappy。”
What happened?
You……Still injured??”
Summer cloud seems to realize what,The voice is again nervous。

One of them greeted,“I said to slaughter,You don’t mean,I invited you to join the Temple.,You are not willing,Now how to run to the Shenhai Chamber of Commerce as a dedicated?”

Another person also http://www.honghuibz.cnlaughed,“Old coat,When did I return?。”
Middle-aged man also accelerates footsteps,Smiling,Hold a punch,“Just returned to a few months,Brish brother,For a long time,Allocate,Slaughter。”
The other eight people also stood up,Polishing。
Just this scene,Suddenly let all people in the field。
Slaughter!They naturally heard,That is a four-product refiner master。
months ago,Imperial invitation by Shenhai Chamber of Commerce,It is said that it has reached the height of the peak of four products.。
Only one line is the legendary five-element refiner.。
Women who come to participate in the selection,Especially those who have ambition,Everything is desperate。
How is this!If it is a power,No regrets secret treasure can kill people。
If it is a speech,涂 这 四 大,Who can be better than!“Shameless!”
Some female repairs are in the heart。
certainly,Scream,Sisters still make a smile of sister sister on the surface,Many women took the initiative to welcome。
Summer is very happy。
Polyperbiting God listens to each other’s confrontation。
Near thousands of beautiful women……This is a true compassion of special code.。
But the summer can’t laugh very quickly.。
He was stared。
A body shape,The man wearing the best wraps suddenly came to the past。
He knocked on the table in the summer,Cold and cold,“Boy,I want to fight with you.。”
Summer looked up,Time,“Why choose me??”
Cold road,“ Last year’s list,Zhao Xiao female list,Wang Yuxin second place,I want to take the followers of Zhao Xiaowei.,I didn’t expect it to have no regrets.,I can’t play,I have to get you in first.,Boy,Couldn’t help but。”
Summer surprised laughter,“meaning is……You dare not find no regrets,Come look for me,This is the soft persimmon pinch.。”
“Be right,How is it?,Dare to accept my challenge!”
During his speech,A body,The beautiful woman has also left。
And sitting around Wang Yuxin,“Wang sister,Are you still so beautiful?。
I am envious of my sister.。”
“You are……”Wang Yuxin is a bit surprised,I don’t know each other。

“Dog day,The opponent has a grenade,American。”Dong Ruihua gritted his teeth。

“I ask you what’s the situation?”Zhou Tongwen in a hurry,Immediately squat down to check the injuries of your comrades。
“do not know,Broken leg。”
“Where’s the first aid kit?what?Tian Chou,Xiaodong,You two search each other’s body,As long as weapons and medical kits,be quick!”Zhou Tongwen commanded loudly。
Most of the poor ghosts,Nothing on my body,Weapons are also varied,Have everything,Few take advantage。Looking for a long time,I only picked up two semi-automatic rifles and three magazines,A few bags of jerky,The biggest gain is an American grenade,The medical kit does not。Li Tianchou is upset,Stripped off a few still-complete robes。
Forcing Dong Ruihua to eat a few slices of jerky,Drank saliva。Counting battle damage,Only six people left,Dong Ruihua seriously injured,Professor Xie is intact,But the old man looks a little sluggish。Pitiful with few weapons,Except for those captured,The micro-charged bullets are almost exhausted。
“time is limited,The other party will definitely come again。Tian Chou,Now you take everyone to protect Mr. Xie and escape from the canyon as soon as possible,That’s very close to the border。Old Dong and I are here to accompany Gong Bin。”Zhou Tongwen ordered。
“That won’t work,You are the team leader,You have to take everyone away,I accompany Gong Bin。”Li Tianchou is worried,Very clear what it means to stay,Arguing quickly。
“What are you talking about?,Excuting an order。This is overseas,If disobedience is treason,do you know?”Zhou Tongwen shouted。
“Rebel,Anyway i stay,You take everyone away。”Li Tianchou is also anxious。
Zhou Tongwen said nothing,Pulled the bolt to Li Tianchou viciously:“What to say?Play stubborn again,I jumped on you。Quick roll!”
Li Tianchou was stunned on the spot,Zhou Tongwen grabbed Li Tianchou by the collar and continued:“Just leave us more weapons。roll!”And said in a very low voice:“Pay attention。”
Li Tianchou suddenly understood,He looked at Zhou Tongwen with dismay,Turned and shouted:“*、Fang Jun come with me。”The two followed Li Tianchou and searched the other’s body again,Bring back a bunch of guns,Piled beside Dong Ruihua。Including the soldier Zhang Ziqiang,All four of them brought only pistols and daggers,Said“Take care!”He protected Xie Lao and ran in the other direction of the canyon。
The canyon is very long,Everyone takes turns carrying Xie Lao,Although tired and exhausted,But Li Tianchou didn’t dare to stay for a moment,he knows,Just sit down and rest,May never leave。
Don’t know how long it took,The distant sky is slightly white,Dawn,Finally going out of the canyon。Li Tianchou lifted his spirits,Encourage everyone to say,“Work harder,Taniguchi is in front。”at this time,Suddenly a very light“Buzzing”The sound of,Like the sound of a bee flapping its wings,very far,Intermittently。Li Tianchou motioned everyone to move on,I stopped and listened,slowly,His face changed,This sound is the engine sound of a car engine!
Has the other party caught up??The group leader……Li Tianchou’s nose is sore,Too late to think,Chase the team quickly。He runs and observes the terrain ahead,If found by the opponent,There is nowhere to hide in such an empty Gobi,The canyon is almost at its end,The slopes on both sides are extremely gentle and difficult to hide。The only way is to look for bunkers or rocks to hide behind the slope,No matter what, you can’t be exposed to the wilderness。
“Fang Jun,Stop。”Li Tianchou shouted。

Gu An’an’s emotion became excited,She hate,Hate why Lan Xin will appear。

If she does not appear,All things will happen,Lu Haozheng is also her。
Just when Gu An An Sheng,Lu Haocheng sat quietly to two not far away,The big bar blocks the sight of the two.,Lu Haocheng can listen to what two people say。
Blue Xin listened to her words,Not sympathy。
It is also a raising child for others.,She is very happy。
Mom will have this idea,Also I don’t want to give up the big tree of Lujia。
Blue Xin looked at her god pain,Come out:“But,They take you as your child,Can’t care from small to big,They also treat you as a family,Is this kind of kindness not worth your gratitude??
Also, I have to kill me.,Are you satisfied?,Aesthetic ambition,How can I like this??”
“hehe”Gu Anan looked at her laughing laugh.:“Correct,you are right,As a child of others,I am really better than you.,You have done a bitter from the snack,And I have everything you have,Live now。”
“But you don’t know that people are very greedy.,I want to get all a little love.,I know you come back.,Mother will all pour all your body to me.,Sure enough,Mom, my father, only you,without me。”
Gu Anan suddenly took a look at the table.,“These I can not be more,But you snatched my favorite man.。
Lu Haocheng, I can’t get you.,Gu Yi blue,If you think your family is living well,An An An quiet dead,Don’t let Lu Haozheng know。
You are very kind,I am happy to use my own life to change your family’s life.。”
Gu Anan ruthlessly finished,Get up。
“and many more。”
Blue Xin is soon。
Gu An’an,Looking at her cold smile:“how?
Do you want to die??”
Blue Xin cold eyes one inch lift,Icy looks at her proud of her eyes,“so,Grandma is your first goal,Yes?”
Gu An’an is lightweight,Laugh:“You want to think like this,You can also,But before telling this way,First take evidence to say。”
Gu An’an turned and left。
Blue Xinjing sits quietly,Low head,A painful,Holding the edge of the wheelchair tightly。
Grandma is still lying in the hospital now.,The murderer has not found it yet.。
After Gu An An Leave,Lu Hao Cheng also got up and left。
Lu Haocheng chased the elevator port of underground garage,Looking at Gu An’an,He pulled Gu Ai’an.。
When Gu An’an is not asked to see who the other person is,Lu Haozheng, a slap, squatting on her face。
“what”Gu Anan issued a miserable call。
Lu Hao Cheng’s big,Can’t prevent,Gu An An Instantaneous Turning。
“Really dirty!”
Lu Haocheng’s disgusting。

Open the door out of the room,Milk is making birds。

Xu Erju is squatting on the wall,Chicken tiger who raises the next neighbor。
“a few more days,After waiting,You can play tooth off。”
“The owner is really good。”
Military reminder:
“You can only play the idea of swing。”
“Chicken blood can also be solved;Tell the chicken blood is more powerful。”
Xu Ergou also demonstrated the water of the green blood for this time.;Pick up a stone hard to pinch the powder,There is no trace of shadow with the wind.。
Whether the water is not。
Linnong hears two stiff conversations,Meaning the deep eye Xu Er,Intimate:Xu Erju as a zombie should have a professional study on the effects of different species of blood.,Is it really effective??
Waiting for Kung Fu,Ask Xu Er Dog。
Come to the door,Open the door,Rickets come out,The watermouth followed him out of the yard.,Always delivered the forest sound disappears in it is within line,Only return to the yard and close the hospital door。
Seventieth chapter is expensive
Lin Zun stepped to the road to Yizhuang, and he saw the door of Daqing’s early novel.。
I thought that there were autopsy to send Yizhuang to touch the dead.。
but,He is not anxious。Unless there is a special body,Others are enough for them to pay attention to them.。
Waiting for him slowly went to Yizhuang Gate;sweating a lot,The unfortunate master is three steps and do two steps to come to him.,Say:
“Forest。I finally waited for you.。”
Lin rang did not expect that the master is specially waiting for himself.,I thought he was temporarily dying,New official to take three fires,Touching a corpse also wants to look at it.,Curious inquiry:
“Another special body wants me to touch?”
“no,no。I am here,Wuda County Government and,I will have so many dead people.?It is the Pingyang Government to give you a chicken letter letter.,I will send you it immediately after I received it.。”
“Chicken News?what is that?”
“The military is eligible for eight hundred miles,So I don’t dare to delay,I will send you immediately.。”
After the master handed the Chicken News, it seems that there is something important to do.,Hurry with the servant。
No wonder this person has a bare melon,smart,Intelligent,What is the mirror in his heart, should know what is nothing to know, a clear。
He has been confused after he took:
From Pingyang Government to Wuda County, there is no one hundred miles,What happened?As for the use of eight hundred miles to give him a small touch。
Put the feathers and throw it on the ground,Disassemble the wax seal,Remove the letter,There is only a short four words above:
in a hurry,Quick return。
Half fullness:
“grown ups。Nothing!”
“Pingyang Government’s volunteers make me speed。”
“When did you walk?”

When I finished Tang Wanxin silently swept a meeting。

Everyone is in a hurry,Know that this is letting them express,The heart is secretly called,The departmental director is at least 10,000 shares.,They are members of these boards,You must buy more。
And the company’s six listed companies,There are more than a dozen parts of the share price.,It is necessary to buy tens of thousands of shares.,Less to do hundreds of thousands,It is also very painful.。
But the boss sent a word,It is the pain of the pain, they also have to buy it.,Everyone has hard score,Have a state。
“I bought 100,000 shares。”
“I also buy 100,000。”
“I bought eight thousand shares。”
Tang Wan Xin Face Soothing,Faint:“It is to make money,Now let you pay attention to buy stocks,I know that this is a bit strong.。
But the company now knows everyone knows,The situation is very critical,We must work together to work hard to have a difficult relationship.。
Everyone has followed me.,I also know everyone.,I am placing here.,As long as the company can get this time,I will never have everyone in the future.。”
Everyone is determined,Get along so long,They are very understanding Tang Wanxin,Although many people have a pit,But for oneself,He has always been very good、Empress,Have him this sentence,The people have the end of the people.。
“What is the words of Tang,The company is also our common cause,You don’t say you don’t say,We will also work hard to help companies have passed this.。”
“Correct,You can rest assured,We must work together,Help the company’s difficulties。”
Everyone has。
Tang Wanxin nodded:“That’s good,The case of the guard is so fixed.,Let’s talk about another thing。
Now that the financial fake is being smashed out by Ming.,The company’s capital chain is not afraid that you can’t hold it.,Be the worst plan,Unintended the company and the creditors of all financial institutions,After listening to the news, collective to the company to pay debts,Redemption crisis,How should we deal with?”
The stock was sold, it is really critical,One response is not good,The stock price of six listed companies in the company is likely to collapse all lines.,The money they are in,The countless heart blood will also be treated with a black,The loss will be very huge。
But compared with the possible redemption crisis,That is not enough.。
Even if the stock price of six listed companies collapsed,They are just a lot of money.,But there is a redemption crisis,That is really a life.。
These years in order to expand,Industrial integration,They borrow too much debt,Too much money,http://www.zbxfgc.cnIf the creditor collects to find the door to debut,It’s still can’t afford him.。
And if you still can’t afford,He uses financial institutions that have been crazy throughout these years.、Division of the east window of misappropriation,More than so many companies will collapse for so many years.,He also has to go in。
And the bias is still very likely to appear,He must prepare in the rain,Carefully try to solve the policy in advance。
Everyone also knows the seriousness of the problem.,Pensive moment,Since the beginning of the prison。
“Don’t pay still,Otherwise, if you have a group event,That question is big。It is a matter of urgent to raise money as soon as possible.,I have to contact the bank.,Reproducing pen money to solve the crisis that may arise。”
“The company’s debt size is not small,Light against bank loans is not enough,I have to think about it from other aspects.,I recommend contacting the investment institution.,Some company shares,Introduce external investment,Use this money to block the remaining gap。”
NS520chapter Collapse
“You can’t make all debts,Otherwise it is raising to money,The pressure is too big.,For debts that have not expired,We must be in strict accordance with the contract,Come to ease the pressure to the company。
I suggest a comprehensive investigation of the company’s asset liabilities.,How many debts have been,What need to be as soon as possible?,Which can be temporarily delayed,We have to do it in your heart.。
in addition,The company’s industrial structure has also succeeded,If you really have to get it,Take the machine,Sell some of the assets,To relieve the company’s pressure。”
Tang Wanxin nodded,The company’s various industries have taken a lot of money.,Although it’s a pity,But it is really formous.,Also don’t care so much。
Thermist is broken,Get a strong man。