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And when the Ninja in the fog hidden village is not right,The label has been dead in the forest outside the village.。

Dead near the sauce,There is also a ten hidden,And the three ends of the four generations of water shadows are not true.。
Death of the four generations of water and shadow,Directly let the misty village that has been stable,Rethinking in turmoil again。
To say that the fog hidden village is also more difficult,Because of the reason for the night,The fog hidden village is over in advance.“Blood fog”period,But want steady development,It seems like a luxurious,Trouble and continuous。
Savage,The fog hidden village is naturally caught in a chaos,After all, this is a village.。
The same is true when the three generations of water is in the vortex.,The village flooded directly into a mess,Until the powerful streak, the powerful streak is suppressed,It’s just that it is a replay.。
As a lot of villages of the blood,Although there is a rich advantage,But the relative drawback is also very big.。
Because once you encounter this kind of thing,Those bloody families have become uneasy.。
There are all kinds of interest entanglement in the village.,The situation of the use of the rigid shadow of the wooden leaf is different.,Fog hidden village wants to be on the water,You must talk to strength by your wrist.。
That is to say, no matter what you are,Whether it is a big family、Small family and even civilians,As long as your fist is hard enough,You can serve as the place of the water。
And now there is such a chance,Those bloody family in the village,Naturally, I don’t want to give up this opportunity.。
As long as the family can be“Glow”,Then this family will undoubtedly become the first family in the foggy village.。
At this time, the water in the water is in the hall.,A long hair with black black,The beautiful woman is sitting in the top position,Face is full of impatient。
And her head position,It is full of two old ages.,At this time, the old family of hair is white.,Phase hard。
“Quiet,I know that your brothers have a good relationship with the four generations of water shadows.,But now the four generations of water are dead.。
It is a matter of urgent to select a new spray as soon as possible.,Stable situation in the village,Otherwise, the village will be chaotic at the morning and evening.。”
Beautiful woman sitting on the top position,Naturally, the sister of the night, the sister, no month, quiet。
At this time, she is impatient in her face.,Because these days of the old family, the ethnicity of the month,It hasn’t been mentioned more than once.。
At this time, the old guys sitting next,Part is the old man of the water,Part of the family of the forady of the fungus。
Obvious,The idea they at this time is also the same as the old man.,I hope that the water is not to fight for the position.。
Because the water is quiet, it feels this qualification with strength.,As long as she is willing to grab,Hope is not a general big。
In terms of strength,Water is not a month, but is known as the strongest generation“Tacklers seven people”,Plus her grasps of water without month,Whole misty village,Almost can’t find a few opponents。
As for the identity,Water is not a moon, quiet sister, as a third-generation spray disciple,This is exposed before the four generations of water,What is not secret in the village?。
Water is not a moonlight, the identity is the three generations of spots disciples,Strength is also a number of in the village.,Plus before“Blood fog”when,The night saved a lot of groups,Even finally let the four generations of water recovers normal,This also makes her a very high reputation in the village.。
In the long-term people who are in the water,As long as the water is quiet, there is the idea,Plus, the water of the water is helping,This location is completely ten tether。
But what is the place to be a sputum of others,The landscaping of the landscape of the water without the moonlight。
Water is a little bit a little bit,I didn’t know how many times before the water didn’t have a long night.,But the water is not a month.“Water shadow”No interest in the location。
Isn’t this a joke?,She didn’t want to do it.,It belongs completely to the rack of the duck,I still want her to go.“Water shadow”,There is no door!
Chapter 811 There is another genius in the no-life
“Four generations of water,We should not investigate who is dry,Think about how to revenge for him??
Now the water is just dead,You are anxious to think about how to compete for the right in the village.。
I don’t want to fall to such a day.,Anyway, the water shadow, I am not dry.,Who are you want to fight?,You can get yourself,Don’t pull me down。”
I heard the words of the night.,The people who are in the scene are also helpless.。
They want to fight for the place of the water.,But they have their own understanding,Whether it is strength or reputation in the village,It’s far away from the water in front of the water.。

Even now is now,He didn’t feel more in the summer.,At most, it is the same as yourself.。

The other party will force himself,But it is an advantage of the first hand.。
People have not arrived。
The air is like a sound of the general tear。
Summer mouth is unique。
He still does not have any complicated action,There is no flourishing move,Still a punch。
Two people exchange a punch,All bombarded the elbow above the opponent block。
But the result is different。
This chapter is not over,Please turn the page
Do not move,Youth retreat again。
Summer is like shaped,Second boxing。
Every punch,The youth is not only,Hourly overflowing blood。
When the third box falls,Catch a crisp,The youth’s right arm is soft and sloppy。
He sent a boring,Stomach,But how can he take him away?,The figure has a very amazing arc,Direct appearance on the left side of the youth,Another punch。
Squeaky,Youth only feels a series of harassing,The left arm is also interrupted by a punch.。
His face is white,But there is no shouting,But quickly moving the body,Want to retreat。
But the summer does not give him a chance,Sticky,Still,The sound sounds in the air again,Finally, picking to pick up the sputum。
Youth finally issued a scream,Hemorrhagic blood in the mouth。
When he quits five steps。
The body is like a scarecrow that lost support.,A planted land。
Body twitching,即 动 动 动,I don’t know if it is dead.。
Point in the eyes,I saw youth’s chest collapsed.,And his two legs,Also distorted in an anti-joint posture。
All this happens very fast。
More than ten seconds before and after。
People who are nearly have no time to avoid。

More don’t have to put words。

Just a glance,Whether standing still lying down,Everything is like a cold。
哒 哒 哒。
Go out。
Going to the wolf。
“Ah——Chinese people,I want to kill you.……You are dead!”
Torn pain, spread to the whole body,But the wolf brother is not in soft,Gaze,Remembrance staring at the summer,“I will never let you go.……”
Summer is not ignorant,Continue to walk。
However, at this time,A screaming behind the way,Turn it backwards,“Stand!Dare to move again,I killed her.!”
Summer stop。
Turn around。
I saw that Agong is full of fierce hiding behind Xu Mei.,The right hand is a pistol,Black hole’s muzzle to Xu Meizhen’s head。
Xu father Xu mother is awkward,The face is full of fear,I rush out of the store。
See this scene,A bravered scorpion,“Stand!Dare to move again,I will kill her.!”
Xu father stopped,Face is full of fear。
“Gong brother,Don’t impulsive……” “Shut up to Laozi!”
Ah is anger,And then stare at the summer,“Boy,Immediately,Otherwise, I killed her.!”
Summer solve,It’s just that the eyes are sewing into a gap.,Inside the cold light shot。
“Brother……Don’t,Don’t,Don’t worry about me……”
Xu Meizhen is white and bloody,The cold sweat is dropped.,But the little girl is struggling with the courage.。
“You special code, dare to mess,Laozi killed you!”
Anger,Promote the arm of Xu Meizhen,Summer,“Kneel!”
See this scene,Those who still stand the big man,Several people rushed to ran over and put the wolf,The rest of the people have exploded。
“Kneel!Holding his head to stand on the ground!”
“Hurry,Otherwise, your chick is dead.。”
These people seem to be fierce,In fact, bluff,No one dares to go to the summer。
But Xu father is more and more fearful.,Pray for the eyes of summer,“Small summer……”
Summer,Stop them。
Ren to look at the wolf brother who has been helped by two big people,Faint,“Let your people put her,I also put you again.。”
This kind of attitude is dangerous to the vomiting blood of the wolf brother,That is only a very cold, the eyes of the poisonous snake is generally cold.,Stare at the summer,Laugh,“Boy,Special, I still dare to force and I am.,Heard no,Give Laozi!”

Ouyang Hong on the side,Gently pulled Xia Jian,Whisper:“Ask you to be bothered,You will have enough”

Xia Jian scratched his head,Thought,What bother you,He didn’t provoke the secretary of the mayor,But the favor he owes others is true。
Mayor Li listened to Xia Jian’s introduction,He laughed:“Great,You are our pingdu people,More consideration should be given to the development of the hometown,Xiping Village did a good job,Has become a model in the city,You and Mayor Ouyang contributed,How about this!I will call the relevant department,Hurry up and set up Pingdu Expressway Company!”
Xia Jianyi listen,I almost jumped up happy,He didn’t expect,Mayor Lee is so efficient,If the leaders are like him,Can this flat city develop??
at this time,Deputy Mayor Chen came in with a stylishly dressed woman,Xia Jian was standing on the side,Didn’t see this woman’s face clearly,But he always feels,Where have you seen this woman。
“Mayor Lee,This is Mr. Zhu from Bucheon”Mayor Chen said to Mayor Li with a smile on his face。
“Mayor Lee!”Woman twisting her waist like a water snake,Greeted,Stretched out a slender hand。
Mayor Lee stood up,Smile,Shook the woman’s hand and said:“Hello, Mr. Zhu,Welcome to Pingdu to invest”
The moment this woman turned her face,Xia Jian almost called out in surprise,Isn’t she Feng Tianfu’s mistress Zhu Hui??Zhu Hui saw Xia Jian here,Same surprise。
Ouyang Hong just walked over,Asked softly:“Mayor Chen!”
“Oh!Mayor Ouyang,You are now directly looking to Mayor Li?”Although Deputy Mayor Chen has a smile on his face,But you can also hear the unhappiness in his heart。
Ouyang Hong hurriedly smiled:“No,President Xia from the Venture Group came to Mayor Li,I took a way by the way”
Mentioned him,Xia Jian was also embarrassed and didn’t say a word,He stood up,Mayor Chao Chen asked:“Mayor Chen!”
“Damn!I can’t figure it out,Are you the head of Xiping Village or the boss of the entrepreneurial group??Is this a bit inappropriate? Mayor Ouyang?”Vice Mayor Chen shook his head and asked。
Ouyang Hong is about to speak,Mayor Li frowned and said:“I’m sorry, Mr. Zhu,Xiping Village has signed a five-year cooperation agreement with Venture Group,Do you think about it,Adjust your investment thinking,After all, our Pingdu city is still a virgin land,There are many more investable projects”
“Ouyang Hong!When is this?”Deputy Mayor Chen,My face changed immediately,He asked sharply。
Ouyang Hong smiled and said:“Just yesterday afternoon,Zhao Hong, the legal person of the Xiping Village Agricultural Cooperative,Xia Jian, general manager of He Venture Group,Signed a five-year cooperation agreement in person”
“Do you think this agreement is effective?”Deputy Mayor Chen asked excitedly。

Refreshment,A half table。

Everything is not too much,But do the fine look,Like a picture in the white background。
枝 正 要 动 动,After listening to a slight exaggerated surprise:
“what!Is this not a teacher?!”
She looks back。
Warm derived at the stairway,The face with inexplicable smiles。
He stood in a never-expression,Both people have not held the sword,This is a bit unusual。
愣 愣 功,Wen Yan has already walked over:“coincidence,I don’t think two, I’m here.,Meet the meeting,Don’t enjoy Jiangcheng scenery together,Tasty!”
Branch:“……Did you??”
Her attention is on the warmth of Tiangua,Did not pay attention to her shout“Brother”when,Xiao Jie, who is moving the line of sight, looks at it.,Is an approximate conditional reflection response。
This scene has fallen in the eyes of the congratulatory。
Wen Yan with a super psychological quality,Hard is the second floor and branches in the empty table.。
When,Xiao Jie used his eyes to indicate that he is either for.。
Wen Yan’s spiritual sound:“What are you afraid?,All come。As long as I am not awkward,尴尬 is the other all people。”
Xiao Jo:“。”
I am really awkward now.。
Square is in the inn,Wen Yan silence,That kind of dead moon is stupid to fight against,Take Xiao Yao,The surface said it is going out,In fact, the two people know that they are going to go.“Stir up”。
Xiao Jo originally doesn’t want to go,Listening to Wen Yan“Lonely men widow who knows what happens?”“Anyway, we just turn,I accidentally encountered it. It is also God.”“Yan Shi sister is not too high,What should I do if I don’t have any insurance?”Wait,Hard is half-pushed, and it’s up.。
Take the second floor of Tea House,Just see the rim branch and the congratulatory seat on the window,Although there is no extra hot,But a word、I have to respond to the ground,There is a kind of poor harmony。
Wen Yan said that,But I know that the mixing is losing.,After the fall, I took the initiative and congratulatory.,Don’t let the scene。
He is quite polite,Active way:“My master is interested in cooperating with Guizong in the experience of this building.,This time, I sent me and said to the teacher.。”
“Oh,This is the case。”
Wen Yan makes a look,The heart says that this matter will come to the leader of the two sides to talk about,How to send you now,Still come to find branches,I am afraid that you have to get a touch.,By actually being used by the head, I will say a few words.。
Wen Yan’s communication is not bad,Talk to this topic,Several questions, let the words, some people can’t hold,Naturally there is no time to take care of 枝。
Yan Zhi is not annoyed,An An An Eat Refreshment,Have a few good,I can’t help but squat,Silent horn。
Look up,Positive pair of Xiao Joi means unknown sight。
枝 呛 呛:“Cough——!”
Xiao Jo will push the cup of tea to her before.。
When the branches did not distinguish when he couldn’t hurt himself.。

Wu Xiuxiu this,Still。

She has now many spectators now.,All is because of Xuan Ge。
If you still come to the audience at this time,Then I can’t say it.。
She wants to use Xuan brother to drainage,But absolutely can’t morality!
Finish,Turn off live broadcast,Follow Xue Qing to prepare for breakfast。
Waiting for Shen Xuan to wash,Xue Qing is busy a morning,Breakfast is also almost。
“These are what you did.?”
Shen Xuan is a surprised,Egg cookies on the table,Peanut rice,pickle,And a pot of porridge!
Xue Qing nodded,“Nothing else is nothing else at home.,Vegetables are still in place,I didn’t get it.,Cook a pot of porridge,hope you do not mind!”
“I have anything to eat.!”
Shen Xuan swayed,I shouted Lin Wei again.,Four people sat down together。
“Today, this meal is Xue Qing’s credit.,Croissant is really good!”
Shen Xuan said the initiative to praise。
“Pupil,Your cooking is really good!”
Lin Wei also praised it,“I will learn from you later.!”
“OK,As long as you don’t discard,I am willing to be willing.!”
Xue Qing is also a poor child.,Natural cooking, no problem,Lin Wei is a friend of Shen Xuan,In the future, it is a neighbor.,Teaching cooking nature is no problem。
“This relationship is with Xuan Ge,What we teach?!”
Wu Xiuxiu said a sense of consciousness。
Lin Wei’s face is stiff!
I suddenly didn’t know what to say.!
“Be right,Just get married,Please take us to eat sugar。”
Xue Qing’s beads turn,Suddenly I didn’t say one sentence.。
Lin Wei brows wrinkled,She faintly heard another story in Xue Qing.。
NS59Chapter there is an opportunity
As a woman,Lin Wei still can listen,Xue Qing seems to be a relationship between her and Shenxuan!
From that moment,She can look out,Xue Qing’s Shen Xuan,It is so point-to-point!
But you appear,She is also very clear。

China has three special sectors,Nine sections,Nine,Nine。

The three departments have also cooperated with each other.,But there is a certain change,Jiu Di off,Become now。
Among the three departments,In addition to the special personnel on the surface,Also have their own combat teams。
The identity of these group members is very mysterious,And the confidential level is very high。
Young people remember very clear,When he was become a shadow battle group,I have been to a mysterious place,Training for half a year。
That place,It is all the people who know the people.。
And the dragon step and the nine refining knife have been passed out later.,And becoming the killer of major battles。
And that year, the person taught,It’s a legendary……King!
At that time, he took a mask.,But the unique temperament of the other party is too special.,Even for so many years,Youth can’t forget。
Think about the move of the door to the wall of the valley just now,And the temperament of him……Youth’s expression gradually transform。
First confused,And then shocked,Turn over,Last……Excited and awesome。
Is he just all the members of the fighting group……King?
In many members of a member,The king is a living war,Country’s blade,It is the goal they catch up and yearn.。
“I think of it.。”
Summer is also playing your youth,The show is a sudden,“I said you have a bit more familiar.,You call……What egg?I remember that there is an egg in the name.。”
Youth mouth,But because this sentence has changed color。
He shocked the summer,Full face is not credible。
Really him。
Really that person!
The other five people next to it are also confused.。
Although they are members of the Shadow Battle,But did not go through the tiara,I haven’t seen the summer。
I heard him now.,The captain is so express……Is there a member of other combat group??
Mission conflict?
Even if so, don’t use this excitement.。
However, let them be more shocked.,Flaw,I saw the youth right foot,Waist is very straightforward,A sudden experience,“Head of the report……”
Summer interrupted him,Turn away,“Come with me。”
The remaining five members have grown up their eyes.,A ghost expression。
It is their body.,Calm,I can’t understand this scene。
The first battle team of the Dark Shadow Department is not saying,Now, if a guard is followed by the summer.,Halfway does not dare to pass over。
Can anyone tell me what happened??
“What are you doing?,Still not!”
Everyone is staying,But I saw a young tiger and a face called his head.,Footsteps,Fast more than a few sign language movements。

White mini knife sword,Wago,And a large water curtain intertwined,Actually, there is a scene like the end of the world.。

“Rumble”Unable to describe continuous succession。
Twisted waves,The transpirated white fog makes a transparent diaphragm to crack out a taracota-like crack,Rapid hea。
Winter Oste is smashed,Continuous sprint,Horn angle spilled blood。
Although he cared into his body,But the heart and spirit have suffered。
In addition, the two are not strong.。
Even with the most powerful abilities,Even if I finally collapsed the hidden sword,But let them wolf。
The clothes on the body become broken,And leave a wound。
“Summer!Small hybrid!I want to kill you.!”
Three people were shocked and angry,Red neck,Anger to the extreme。
They really didn’t think,This youth never placed in their eyes,It is so powerful。
Such difficult。
To know,The strength of them,Dot a half-level,Even already touched the edge of God。
But even if so,Three people have kill one person,It’s still not going to take the other side now.。
Instead, the wolf of the other party。
A moment of the crash sword rain screen,Fasbind and Pass will not take care of the front。
And Winteos is more concentrated and mental power,Control this space firmly,Increase the force of tearing。
But next second,The three people have changed the color at the same time.。
A striped long ellipse,Just slow rotation,Inside black and white two-color continuous flow,Set with stars。
Sudden down pressure!Two people come forward,And the rear Winter Os,All feel the danger of death。
No otherwise,Convenience,Red Waves and transparent water curtains,Go down。
Unfortunately, they underestimate the power of this hit.。
I don’t understand this is the top card used to be desperate in summer.。
Silent,Water from the sky and fire,Slowly collapse。
The down-pressed star map is like rushing everything,Crush all power。
Next second。
Short calm,Star map acceleration,Like the star fall。
“Rumble”Just a moment,Wente Os’ s space is broken。
But I didn’t stop。
The gorgeous light is like a huge waves of the sky.,A unable to describe the power of pounds broke out。
dust、Gravel、Flare、Water beads are mixed together,Inconstitution,Just like rolling the waves,Sizely swept around all sides。

Summer eyes catch up。

Chin,God means deep。
Who is summer?。
If you say it is welcome.,Eye eyelashes are empty。
What is going on?,What I have never seen。
This man named Guo Xing,No reason to run,Let him save the farm……This means of incoming flow,Too much。
He never meditation with the biggest malicious speculation.。
Just think,Can be reversed to launch dozens of recruitment。
His mouth hooked a curvature,Stare at each other,Do not speak。
The expression on Guo Xing face gradually solidified,Leaching a layer of fine cold sweat forehead。
The heart is not from accelerating。
He is sent to people。
Time,It is repeatedly in the dark.,Be sure to put the summer。
Many things don’t know,Guo Xing is a dog leg,It has fallen about some of them.。
Nothing to find someone to kick the farm,Let the summer are ugly。
“Xia Master,The coming people are the four-product Treatment of the Shenhai Chamber of Commerce.,Very arrogant,Just a few questions, Li Lao and Zhang are unable to live.,I can only ask you to take a look.……”Summer standing,Pick up the identification of the secret treasure,Walk to the left wall,Put the secret boar into the dark。
Push in the inside。
Grid close,Slimming light。
Summer voice came over,“It’s not my business。”
“Uh……”Guo Xingyi。
He rushed to show excitement,“Xia Master,The other party is challenged our Dongfeng Will no one.,On this moment,Extremely humiliated us,You are the five-product refinery masters of our Chamber of Commerce.,Also related to your dignity……”Summer is not awkward,Go to the other side,From an open lattice,Pick up a long knife。
Turn back。
Sound,Still repeat the previous sentence,“It’s not my business。”
Guo Xing God is wrong,“You are the masters of our respect,Another one of the Dongfeng Bank,Rate……”“Ah。”
Summer smiling,“When did I become a copy of the Dongfeng??
Who told you that?”
Guo Xing is big,“difficult,Isn’t it??”
Summary,Low eyebrows and long swords in their hands。
“I am just working with Dongfeng Darow.,You are challenged by people,Let me solve?
What is this。”
He waves hands,“go out,Don’t bother me。”
Guo Xing Zhang Zhangzhao,Speak without saying。
He has a deep breath,The fist is cleared and released.,Turn away。
“and many more。”
Just walk to the door,Summer sound。

Said that the girls like this are the names of the village.。

“Hey-hey,Scull,Xiaoya sister is not a big age than I,The sister should also be.,And I didn’t think of the young sister, I didn’t think young sister.?
If I call my nephew again,Do you say that there is a kind of forced people to recognize Xiaoya sister??
Those who know this,In the future, you don’t let me do it.。”
Li Hui’s meaning in this words, letting each other are also a glimpse,She knew that Li Hui Feng was changing and said that she made her less sinner.,I want to work on Li Hui’s hand.,She is also a little reluctant to go back.。
“You are smart,It is clear that you want to eat meat.。”
Facing each other mutter,Qin Su Ya is not more red。
Li Hui also heard this,If it is before, he will definitely have not heard it.。
But since the inheritance,What do he do is pay attention to。
“Scull,You can say something that you said this.,I just like Xiaoya sister, I think everyone is also opposed.?
And my little sister is so beautiful, I think many people like it.,I like it just how I want to eat meat in my mouth.?”
“alright, alright,Surrounded by you,Still quickly sag。”
Although she said like this,But my heart is very disdainful.。
Everyone in the scene also understands what the other party’s so-called meat is meaning.。
Especially in the scene, it is a woman who married.,The so-called meat, everyone, everyone knows the same thing.。
But I saw that Li Hui Feng did not understand.,Everyone has not broken。
Seeing the other party no longer arguing,Li Hui also started to make money immediately,Also let Qin Su Yaji account,As long as men have enough days, it is two hundred,The woman hesitated in the afternoon,Everyone is seventy-five。
There are a few of them to get more than 30 dollars.,If this is to get thirty dollars in weekdays, it will not laugh.。
But everything is afraid of a contrast,A comparison of people around them,The more than 30 dollars have become the least。
Women who have also chewing the tongue to see 30 dollars in their hands,Let’s see more than 70 people.,He is even more than chewing my tongue.,Go home directly to sleep early,Go to work early tomorrow。
After all people have left,Qin Su Yai is awkward, I just remember to pay for Li Hui。
“breeze,Your salary of your day is more than 3,000.,Do you have so much money like this??”
“Hey-hey,Little Ya,Do not worry,Forgot to have 100,000 yuan in my hand??”
Said that Li Hui took out two hundred pieces to Qin Su Ya Road:“Little Ya,This is your money,I am going to give you supervision from the work in the beginning of tomorrow.,What is the four hundred wages??”
It’s too much.,And you bought me so much clothes.,I can’t want your money.。”
“Hey-hey,You will hold it.,Buy some delicious,What is your weakness??
Not willing to eat,Don’t help but drink,If you really have sick, I don’t spend more money to treat you.?”
Qin Su is listening to Li Hui, which is unbelievable.。
Her pair has tears in the beautiful。
“breeze,Are you really sincere??”
“Yup,This is not a false?”