Month: October 2021

Continuous explosions of energy appeared,It spread to half of the forest in an instant。

Ju Douluo is also affected here,The guards all stopped the siege。
Rushed crazy towards the center of the explosion.
“The one who hurt the young master died.”
Five hundred guards are all crazy,Regardless of physical limits。
The captain’s eyes are blood red,Forcibly opened the seventh door。
If they can open the dead door,I believe no one will hesitate.
058 Fusion,Super huge tail beast jade!
“Die for me!”
The captain is already burning,Furiously attack Ghost Douluo。
Unfortunately at this time he is physically immune,The guards were all knocked out soon。
“Good old ghost,It hurts me to fight this bunch of fish,Bleeding inside.”
Ju Douluo grinned,Handsome face is a bit bluish,His whole body soreness makes him awkward to walk。
Like being rounded by a hundred big men,Pain.

“you,Could it be?”

He hasn’t finished speaking yet,I was interrupted by Mo Xiaosheng,
“Mr. Huang knows this too?”The reason why Mo Xiaosheng asked,I don’t want Mr. Huang to reveal his identity。
“Know a little,When walking north and south,Have been exposed to some things in this area。”Old Huang looked at Mo Xiaosheng,There is a look of worship in the eyes。
The conversation between the two veteran Liang is in sight,What’s in mind,Obviously he has seen something。
Mo Xiaosheng chatting with Huang Lao,Huang Laowan discusses issues with Mo Xiaosheng like a student,Mr. Liang listened aside,Not only knew a lot of things he had never heard before,I was even more shocked by the origin of Mo Xiaosheng,What family is it,Is to educate such a child。
He knew that Mo Xiaosheng was not from this city,Just because his wife is here,Although he doesn’t say that,But it’s almost there。
Along the way,Mo Xiaosheng and Huang Laotian chatted north and south,It seems to be talking about some weird and strange things,But what they say is true。Mr. Liang also believes those are true。But Liang Luo and Bai Xue didn’t believe it,Just listened to it as a story。
In their eyes,In their world,Science is the ultimate faith,What kind of monsters are all made of illusions,Otherwise why can’t people see。
I don’t know that people’s vision is too limited,Only the range above the spectrum is extremely small,and so,There are too many things that people can’t see,Is it because people can’t see,Just say those things don’t exist。if it is like this,The human vision is really too narrow。
Not long after,They have come to Baixue’s company。
Just got in,Mo Xiaosheng noticed something was wrong,A strong breath that didn’t exist before appeared here,Mr. Liang and they haven’t entered yet,Mo Xiaosheng stopped him outside,
“You just wait outside。”
“it is good。”Liang Lao nodded slightly,Liang Luo is curious,But I can only wait outside。
Huang Lao hesitated to speak but stopped,Obviously want to go in and solve the contents with Mo Xiaosheng。More importantly, he wanted to see Mo Xiaosheng’s profound techniques。
Mo Xiaosheng glanced at Huang Lao,“Since Mr. Huang understands this,Come in and help me。”
Huang Laoyi,Replied repeatedly,“it is good。”Saying that I missed Mr. Liang and went in。

The public smiled faintly,Honestly promised,Then did not wait for Mo Xiaosheng to ask,I took out a vial the size of my thumb from my arms,Hand it to Mo Xiaosheng with a smile:“Mr. Mo,This is the medicine my wife asked me to give you,Our wife said,Let you rinse this potion with warm water,Give it to Miss Luo,Less than half an hour,Miss Luo can speak!”

After listening to him,Mo Xiaosheng and Li Zhen、Li Qianying、Joey、Several people including Luo Yilin were also shocked,Looked a little surprised,Subconsciously glanced at the small medicine bottle in the public’s face,I feel very curious about this popular face,Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t see the symptoms of the problem,The lady of the public face family,Can cure?
“Your wife is?”
Mo Xiaosheng didn’t rush to answer,Looked at the public face with some caution,Fox questioned。
This public face knows Luo Yilin’s ward,And also know that Luo Yilin Unable to speak,It can be seen that he had touched the bottom before he came,Maybe have a special purpose,So Mo Xiaosheng had to guard against him。
“Mr. Mo,Our wife is visiting her friend in another inpatient building,Will be here soon,You see her,Naturally know!”
The public face smiled respectfully with Mo Xiaosheng,In no hurry to reveal to Mo Xiaosheng,While speaking, he handed the small medicine bottle forward,Whisper,“Mr. Mo,You can take the medicine for Miss Luo first!”
Mo Xiaosheng was sincere when he saw the public face,Some will reach out their hands suspiciously,Took the medicine bottle in Dazhong’s face,Open the lid and smell it,I found this medicine but smelled it from the smell,Really no problem,Are all medicinal herbs,But he still didn’t worry about pouring some medicine from the medicine bottle and applying it to his index finger,I saw that the liquid medicine was very viscous,Color black red,Some like caramel,Emits a big smell of Chinese medicine。
Mo Xiaosheng looked at the medicine in his eyes and fingers,Leaning over,Licked gently with his tongue,Found no problem,This is according to the public face,Found a clean cup,Pour all the liquid medicine in,Rinse with warm water,Then handed it to Luo Yilin。
Qiao Yiyi suddenly stood up and grabbed Mo Xiaosheng’s wrist,Some looked suspiciously at the public’s face,Chongmo Xiaosheng said with a solemn expression,“This person is unknown,We don’t even know who his wife is,Just drink his medicine,Will something go wrong?,Yelin is not better than you after all,Fragile……”
Feel in her,This public face is no different from the liar who suddenly popped out on the street to sell fake alcohol and medicine.,Even if Mo Xiaosheng tried it,Still untrustworthy。
Didn’t wait for Mo Xiaosheng to speak,The public said with a smile at Qiao Yiyi:“This beauty,do not worry,Just borrow me a hundred courage,I dare not hurt the people around Mr. Mo,If you don’t believe me,I will stay in the ward,If Miss Luo has any questions,You can hand me over to the police anytime!”
He turned his head and smiled at Mo Xiaosheng:“Say again,Mr. Mo’s traditional Chinese medicine is unparalleled in the world,I should be able to tell that the medicine is fine, right??”